Physics Practice Test – Projectiles (Questions with Answers and Explanations)

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A ball X is projected from the platform RS with a horizontal velocity of 14 ms-1. If it takes 0.5s for the ball to fall freely from R to P, (see the diagram), the distance PQ is _____

A. 28.0 m  B. 14.5 m   C. 9.5 m   D. 7.0 m


Why the horizontal component of the velocity of a projectile remains the same at every point of its flight? (WASSCE 2015)

A. Because the time taken on both components is the same
B. Because the velocity varies along the path of the projected object
C. Because the vertical component of the velocity is the higher.
D. because the acceleration due to free fall (g) does not act in the horizontal direction.


A stone is projected at an angle of 30o with an initial velocity of 10 ms-1. Determine its time of flight. [g = 10 ms-2] (NECO 2016)

A. 0.5 s      B. 0.9 s      C. 1.0s      D. 1.7 s


A ball is projected horizontally from the top of a tower. Neglecting air resistance, which of the following statements about its motion is/are correct? (WASSCE 2017)

I. Vertical acceleration on the ball decreases as it falls
II. The vertical force on the ball remains constant
III. The vertical speed of the ball increases as it falls

A. I only    B. II only.     C. I and II only     D. II and III only


A stone is thrown horizontally with initial velocity 15 ms-1 from a tower 20 m high. How long does it take to reach the ground? [g = 10 ms-2] (WASSCE 2021)

A. 2 s     B. 4 s     C. 5 s     D. 1 s



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