The West African Senior School Certificate Examination for Private Candidates (WASSCE — P), as the name implies, is simply for private, out-of-school candidates. Prospective candidates enroll for the examination after the float of entries, either during the normal entry period or through the walk-in-candidates option.

The normal entry period lasts very close to the beginning of the examination. The close of normal entries is supposed to end access to the examination, in which case, no prospective candidate can register for the examination any more after the close of the normal entry period.

However, in an attempt to assist prospective candidates who missed out of the normal registration exercise due to one reason or the other, the walk-in-candidate option was devised and introduced to the pre-examination (registration) process. Thus, it enables prospective candidates to participate in
the examination without necessarily having to wait till the next year diet.

1, It obtains only In the Private Candidates Examination; it is not obtainable in the School Candidates Examination.

2. There is only one central centre per state. The walk-ln-candidates are not mixed up with the normal candidates. The centre is to be sited close to where the WAEC Office is located.

3. A prospective candidate reports in person to the zonal or Branch Office of residence for registration. Enrolment can only be done in the WAEC Branch or Zonal Office.

4. A prospective candidate Is enrolled on the spot. His/her photograph and biometric features are captured on the spot. His/her photo card is printed and presented to him or her instantly.

5. No registration by proxy. Nobody can register on behalf of the candidate.

6. A prospective candidate can only enroll for and take the subjects that had not been taken at the time he/she wants to enroll for the examination.

7. Enrolment can be done a day or even hours to the commencement of the subject(s) a prospective candidate wishes to sit provided the process is completed and the candidate gets to the Examination Hall before the commencement of the examination.

8. As a corollary of the above, the normal entry period ends close to the commencement of the examination. The walk-in-candidates entry can only commence after the close of normal entries, either a day or hour(s) to the commencement at the subject a candidate wishes to sit. It does not take place simultaneously with the normal entries.

9. There is no difference between the candidature of the candidate that enrolled through normal entries and the walk-in-candidate. Both of them write the same examination and the scripts are given the same treatment. The results are processed and released together.

10. While the normal entry fee is 13, 950.00 (Thirteen Thousand, Nine Hundred and Fifty Naira) only, the walk-in-candidates entry fee is N30, 500.00 (Thirty Thousand Five Hundred Naira) only. It is a bit higher
because of the logistics involved.

The walk-in-candidates option is primarily meant for candidates who missed the normal entry period. It enables them to move on with their academic pursuit without having to waste an extra year at home for the reason of not taking advantage of the normal entry window. It affords candidates the ample opportunity to correct their deficiencies In their ‘just-released’ results and quickly move on to access the next level of their academic pursuit

November 2020


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