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The moving head of a machine tool requires a force of 1.2 N to bring it to rest in 0.8 s from a cutting speed of 30 m/min. Find the mass of the moving head.

A. 192 kg     B. 1.92 kg      C. 19.2 kg      D. 192.0 kg

When taking a penalty kick, a footballer applies a force of 30.0 N for a period of 0.05 s. If the mass of the ball is 0.075 kg, calculate the speed with which the ball moves off. (JAMB 1989) 

A. 4.50 ms-1       B. 11.25 ms-1       C. 20.0 ms-1       D. 45.00 ms-1

A force of 100 N is used to kick a football of mass 0.8kg. Find the velocity with which the ball moves if it takes 0.8s to be kicked. (JAMB 2003) 

A. 32 ms-1       B. 50 ms-1      C. 64 ms-1       D. 100 ms-1

A force of 15 N acts on a body of mass 4 kg for 0.2 s. Determine the change in velocity.

A. 0.75 m/s   B. 75 m/s    C. 750 m/s    D. 7500 m/s

A constant force of magnitude F acts on an object of mass 0.04kg initially at rest at a point O. If the speed of the object when it has moved 50 m from point O is 500ms-1, what is the value of F? (JAMB 1986) 

A. 0.4 N       B. 100. 0 N        C. 250.0 N        D. 1000.0 N

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