UTME/SSCE Commerce – Legal Aspect of Business

UTME/SSCE Commerce – Legal Aspect of Business

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The main difference between nationalization and indigenization is in terms of _____ 

A. efficiency     B. profit     C. technology    D. shareholding

The label on a product such as ‘pampers’ is a type of _____ 

A. trademark     B. branding     C. packaging     D. patent right

The activities of consumers’ association in Nigeria have not been effective because _______ 

A. the consumers are many
B. the government is not favourably disposed towards consumerism
C. there is poor enlightenment about consumer rights
D. the consumers have no medium for expressing their feelings

In a hire purchase agreement between Argungu ltd and Maikudi, Ärgungu ltd inserted the provision that it can enter Maikudi’s premises at any time and remove the hired vehicle for any breach. This provision is ______ 

A. lawful to both        B. unlawful to both         C. beneficial to both     D. detrimental to both

A common element in all contracts is ______ 

A. consideration     B. agreement     C. offer     D. acceptance

Mr. Amusa says to Mr. Bello ‘I will sell you this hat for N 330. And Mr. Bello replied, ‘I will pay 29’. The contract is ______

A. an offer and acceptance
B. an implied contract
C. a complete simple contract
D. an offer but no acceptance

Musa rented a room to Adamu for N 1,500 part payment was made. Adam u brought Audu and Jacob his friends to stay in the room. The two friends later paid the balance of N 500 to Musa. Who are the parties to the contract of renting the room?  

A. Musa and Jacob      B. Musa and Audu          C. Adamu and Musa       D. Audu and Jacob

Which of the following must be present in an agency by agreement?

A. Intentions   B. Will    C. Consent.    D. Authority

After registration, a certificate of trading is usually issued to a _____ 

A. partnership     B. private company     C. public company    D. sole proprietorship

An opportunity to reject a binding contract at will by a third party is said to be a ______ 

A. valid contract     B. quasi contract    C. voidable contract     D. conditional contract

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