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Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Curiosity is as clear and definite as any of our urges. We wonder what is in a sealed telegram or in a letter which someone else is absorbed or what is being said in the telephone booth or in low conversation. This inquisitiveness is vastly stimulated by jealousy suspicion, or any hint that we ourselves are directly or indirectly involved in. But there appears to be a fair amount of personal interest in other people’s affairs even when they do not concern us except as a mystery to be unravelled or a tale to be told. The reports of a divorce suit will have ‘news value’ for many weeks. They constitute a story like a novel, a play or a moving picture. This is not an example of pure curiosity. However, since readily, identify ourselves with others’ their joys and despair then become our own concern.

Adapted from Harris, W. and L.G Wilson (1963) The University Handbook New York Holt Rineht and Winston

1. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage?

A. Suspicion often stimulates inquisitiveness.
B. Every human conduct often gives rise to curiosity.
C. Our environment always inhibits curiosity.
D. Curiosity is effective where there is no room for it.

2. According to the passage1 people wonder what is in a sealed telegram because.

A. it has taken long for the telegram to arrive.
B they are naturally curious about things.
C. the information is vital to them.
D. it is their responsibility to know.

3. The word absorbed, as used in the passage, means

A. disturbed   B. engrossed    C. covered    D. entailed

4. From the passage it can be deduced that curiosity thrives

A. through conducts that are inimical to our activities
B. if we are able to probe into what others are thinking
C. only if we become suspicious of people’s Motives
D. if the subject of discussion is of interest to us

5. The author seems to suggest that curiosity is

A. misleading    B. inborn    C. lamed    D. acquired

6. The fact that the bees landed on the blue paper showed that they

A. responded to sugary water
B. responded to the intensity of light
C. could not see a difference
D. responded to colours

7. Which of the following is true about the fireflies?

A. They see red as black
B. They see black as other colours
C. They see all colours as the same
D. They see red as different from other colours.

8. When bees are trained continually, they

A. condition themselves to feed on bowls
B. respond to sugary water in all colours
C land on blue and grey colours
D. respond to different coloured papers

9. From the passage, we learn that some insects notably

A. can distinguish between black and red
B. cannot see red but other colours
C. cannot distinguish between red and black
D. can see red but not black

10. The word intensity, as used in the passage, means

A. scheme     B. flare     C. instinct     D. force

The passage below has gaps, immediately following each gap, four options are provided. Choose the most appropriate option for each gap.

Boxing is sometimes called ‘the noble art of self defence’. According to some people, boxing appeals to the lowest instincts in the ....11... [A. agitators B. witnesses C. congregations D. spectators]

who have conic to watch blood flow and their fellow human suffer. Boxers who are medically fit appear in the ....12... [A. stage B. circle C. track D. ring]
The referee sometimes allows the ….13... [A. bout B. match C. performance D. contest]
to go on for long so that one of the ... 14... [A. assailants B. disputant C. contestant D. brawlers] is reduced to a human punch bag.
It may happen that the boxers are not well ... 15... [A. levelled B. groomed C. sparred D. staged]
one being much stronger than the other, as a result of which he so much .....16... [A. underrates B. overrates C. outclasses D. outfits]
his opponent that he wins ... 17... [A. by knock-out B. by a knock-down C. by a punch up D. by a punch down]
Many boxers having suffered permanent brain ...18... [A drain B. fatigue C damage P. sprain]
in the ……19... [A. barrage B. clutter C. rattle P. racket] of punches
that have been thrown at them during their ...20... [A. career B. calling C. vacation D. routine]
Adapted from Ogunsanwo. O. Duruaku, A. B. C., Ezechukwu J and Nwachukwu U.I (2003) Countdown to WASSCE/SSCE, NECO, JME English Language: Evans Brothers Ltd.

For these questions, select the option that best explains the information conveyed in the question.

21. Mr. Rufus bore the brunt in the last promotion examination.

. Mr Rufus failed the examination woefully.
B. Mr. Rufus excelled in the examination.
C. Mr. Rufus was excited about the examination.
D. Mr. Rufus toyed with the examination.

22. My friend is well on nowadays

. My friend is financially sound.
B My friend is well known to people.
C. My friend is now well.
D. My friend has lost focus.

23. The retired army officer did a yeoman’s service to the nation.

A. His activity brought disrepute to the nation
B. His service to the nation was not exemplary.
C. He was showered with the responsibility of the yeoman.
D. He was very loyal to the nation.

24. He suddenly found himself in the thick of the situation.
A. He did not agree with the situation.
B. He used his experience Lo settle the situation.
C. He saved himself that of the situation.
D. He found himself deeply involved in the situation.

25. Olu and Ado are about to come to blows.

A. They are about to agree with each other.
B. They are about to accept other people’s opinion.
C They are about to hit each other
D. They are about to disagree with other people’s opinion.

26. By refusing the offer, he has just cut down his own throat

. He has made a big mistake.
B. He has made the right decision.
C. He has given up on his idea.
D. He has used the knife on his throat.

27. These job cuts are just the thin end of the wedge.

A. Job cuts are very rampant.
B. Job cuts are inconclusive.
C. Job cuts are the beginning of unpleasant situations.
D. Job cuts are the beginning of healthy rivalries.

28. Jumai will do well if he was given a fair crack of the whip.

A. She would do well if she was given a fair whip.
B. She would excel if she used the whip well.
C. She would do well if she was given equal opportunity.
D. She would do well if she was made to cry.

29. Her death was a bolt from the blue to us.

A. Her death bolted us together.
B. Her death caused confusion.
C Her death sealed our hopes.
D. Her death was unexpected.

30. The students were nosing around.

A. They were roaming about.
B. They were searching for information.
C. They were playing around.
D. They were disseminating information.

For these questions, choose the option opposite in meaning to the word or phrase in italics

31. It is important not to let mistakes blight your life

A. damage    B. impart    C. improve    D. ruin

32. The film was shot in decrepit police station.

. an improved    B. a damaged    C. an impoverished    D. a dilapidated.

33. Jumoke is fond of carping her sister.

. praising    B. joking With    C. complaining about    D. faulting.

34. A cup of coffee invigorated him.

A. destroyed    B. energized    C. angered    D. debilitated.

35. It is ludicrous to suggest that she was a government agent.

. odd    B. exciting    C. farcical    D. sensible.

36. The idea makes me cringe.

A. quiver    B. tremble    C. resolute    D. writhe.

37. His book was one of those books that galvanised democracy.

A. stimulated    B. encouraged    C. dissuaded    D. promoted

38. He walks in a gawky way.

A. suitable    B. clumsy    C. lumbering    D. graceful

39. The nation is in a period of economic flux

. modification    B. change    C. fluidity    D. stability

40. Our son was highly active and exuberant.

. subdued     B. fulsome    C. lively    D. bright

For these questions choose the options that best complete the gap(s).

41. The book will sell in ……………

A. hundreds of thousands    B. a hundred thousand    C. hundreds of thousand    D. hundred thousands.

42. We must he ready to cater for

A. the poors and needy    B. poor and needs   C. the poor and needy   D. poors and needs.

43. After a three-day meeting, two presidents issued a ....... calling for peace.

A. bulletin    B. memorandum    C. communiqué    D. directive.

44. Timi has gone to Lagos and he will be back in _____ time.

A. two’s week    B. two week’s   C. two weeks   D. two weeks’.

45. The students have not come back from the school farm, ………….?

A. hadn’t they    B. have they    C. didn’t they    D. isn’t it

46. ‘Do not forget to reply…………. ‘ said the teacher.

. my letter    B. for my letter    C. of my letter    D. to my letter

47. You will need…………... to help the investigations.

. this information    B. this informations    C. these information    D. these informations.

For these questions, choose the option nearest in meaning the word or phrase in italics

48. Mr. Ojo has a fickle character.

. a genuine    B. a stable    C. an imperfect    D. an unpredictable

49. He picked up the phone expecting to hear the chairman’s gruff voice.

A. gracious    B. musical    C. husky    D. polite.

50. It has been a fraught day.

. difficult    B. pleasant    C. wonderful    D. solemn.

51. She scowled furiously at his back as he walked away.

A. whispered    B. grimaced    C. screeched    D. screamed.

52. The use of this equipment should obviate the problem

. prevent    B. improve    C. promote    D. worsen.

For these questions, choose the options that have the same vowel sound as the ones represented by the letter(s) underlined.

53. reprieve

A. rich    B. police    C. queer    D. probity

54. door

A. food    B. cough    C. sure    D. board

55. famous

A. soup    B. cook    C. pilot   D. colonel

For these questions, choose the most appropriate stress pattern from the options. The stressed syllables are written in capital letter(s).

56. inoffensive

A. inOffensive    B. inoffenSIVE    C. inoffensive    D. Inoffensive

57. obligation

A. obliGAtion    B. OBligation    C. obligaTiON    D. obligation

58. disagreement

A. disAgreement    B. disaGREEment    C. DiSagreement    D. disagreement

In each of questions below, the words in capital letters have the emphatic stress. Choose the option to which the given sentence relates.

59. The car CRUSHED him.

A. Who did the car crush?
B. Did a car crush him?
C. What crushed him?
D. Did the car injure him?

60. Lamide is VERY hostile?

A. Is Lamide so hostile?
B. Is Lamide friendly?
C. Was Lamide very hostile?
D. Who is hostile?

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