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When the vapour of a substance is in equilibrium with its own liquid, it is said to be _______

A. gaseous     B. unsaturated     C. saturated     D. diffused

The resultant of two forces acting on an object is maximum if the angle between them is ______

A. 45o    B. 0o    C. 90o    D. 180o

The diagram shows three capacitors C1, C2 and C3 of capacitances , and respectively. The potential difference across C1, C2 and C3 respectively are

A. 4 V, 6 V and 2 V   B. 2 V, 6 V and 4 V    C. 6 V, 4 V and 2 V   D. 6 V, 2 V and 4 V

In the Rutherford scattering experiment, a beam of alpha particles was fired at a thin gold film with some of the particles being considerably deflected. This shows that ______

A. A gold nucleus contains protons, neutrons and electrons uniformly distributed in a tiny volume.
B. The gold nucleus is positively charged and is concentrated in a tiny volume
C. The gold nucleus emitted alpha particles
D. The gold nucleus is concentrated in a tiny volume and contains alpha particles

PQR is an equilateral glass prism of refractive index 1.5. Light incident normally on face PQ as shown in the figure above will _____

A. undergo total internal reflection at face PR and then emerge normal to the face QR
B. emerge on face PR
C. undergo total internal reflection at face PR and emerge deflected away from the normal on face QR
D. be completely reflected back along its path.

A weight of 1000 grams hangs from a lever 20 cm to the right of the fulcrum. At the left is a 500- gram weight 20 cm from the fulcrum; and a 200-gram weight x cm away from the fulcrum. What is the value of x that will make the lever balanced?

A. 50 cm    B. 20 cm    C. 10 cm    D. 30 cm

The velocities of light in air and glass are 3.0 x 108 ms-1 and 2.0 x 108 ms-1 respectively. If the angle of refraction is 30o, the sine of angle of incidence is __

A. 0.33     B. 0.50     C. 0.67     D. 0.75

Consider a thick glass tumbler and a thin glass tumbler which are made of the same kind of glass. Some hot liquid is poured into them. Which of the following statements is correct?

A. The thick tumbler is less likely to crack because it is stronger
B. The thick tumbler is less likely to crack because it insulates the heat better, glass being a poor conductor of heat.
C. Both tumblers are equally likely to crack because they are made of the same kind of glass.
D. The thick tumbler is more likely to crack because uneven expansion persists for a longer time within the thicker glass

The terrestrial telescope has one extra lens more than the astronomical telescope. The extra lens is for ____

A. improving the sharpness
B. creating an inverted image
C. magnification of the image
D. erection of the image

I. A liquid boils when its saturated vapour pressure is equal to the external pressure
II. Dissolved substances in pure water lead to increase in the boiling point.
III. When the external pressure is increased, the boiling point increases.
IV. Dissolved substances in pure water decreases the boiling point.

Which combination of the above are peculiarities of the boiling point of a liquid?

A. I, II and III
B. I, II, III and IV
C. I, II, IV
D. II, III and IV

A catapult used to hold a stone of mass 500 g is extended by 20 cm with an applied force F. If the stone leaves with a velocity of 40 ms-1, the value of F is

A. 4.0 x 104 N    B. 4.0 x 103 N    C. 2.0 x 103 N    D. 4.0 x 102 N

In Fleming’s right-hand rule, the thumb, the forefinger and the middle finger if held mutually at right angles represent respectively, the

A. motion, the field and the induced current
B. induced current, the motion and the field
C. field, the induced current and the motion
D. induced current, the field and the motion.

At a fixed point below a liquid surface, the pressure downward is P1 and the pressure upward is P2. It can be deduced that ______

A. P1 = P2    B. P1 > P2    C. P1 < P2     D. P1 > P2

Which of the following statements defines correctly the efficiency of a machine?

A. The load carried by the machine divided by effort required in carrying the load
B. The distance moved by the load divided by the distance moved by the effort
C. The useful work done by the machine divided by the total work put into it.
D. The movement of the load divided by the movement of the effort about the same point

Which of the following metals will provide the greatest shield against ionization radiation?

A. Iron    B. Manganese    C. Aluminium    D. Lead

A man stands 4 m in front of a plane mirror. If the mirror is moved 1m towards the man, the distance between him and his new image is ______

A. 3 m     B. 5 m     C. 6 m     D. 10 m

Which one of the following types of waves cannot travel through a vacuum?

A. sound waves     B. light waves     C. infra-red waves     D. x-radiation

In the diagram above, the internal resistance of the cells is zero, the ratio of the powers P1 and P2 dissipated by R1 and R2 respectively is ____

In an electrolysis experiment, a cathode of mass 5g is found to weigh 5.01 g after a current of 5 A flows for 50 seconds. What is the electrochemical equivalent of the deposited substance?

A. 0.00004 g/C     B. 0.00002 g/C     C. 0.02500 g/C     D. 0.05000 g/C

One end of a long wire is fixed while a vibrator attached to the other end. When the vibrator is energized, the types of waves generated in the wire are ______

A. stationary and transverse
B. progressive and transverse
C. stationary and longitudinal
D. progressive and longitudinal

The efficiency of a machine is always less than 100% because the ___

A. work output is always greater than the work input.
B. load lifted is always greater than the effort applied
C. effort applied is always greater than the load lifted
D. velocity ratio is always greater than the mechanical advantage.

In the diagram above, which of the simple pendula will resonate with P when set into oscillation?

A. T    B. U    C. R and T    D. Q and R

A ray of light strikes a plane mirror at an angle of incidence of 35o. If the mirror is rotated through 10o, through what angle is the reflected ray rotated?

A. 70o   B. 45o   C. 25o   D. 20o

The speed of light in air is 3 x 108 ms-1. If the refractive index of light from air-to-water is \frac{4}{3}, then which of the following is the correct value of the speed of light in water?

A. 4 x 108 ms-1     B. 2.25 x 108 ms-1     C. \frac{4}{9} X 108 ms-1     D. 2.25 x 108 ms-2

The magnetic flux in a coil having 200 turns changes at the time rate of 0.08 Wbs-1. The induced e.m.f in the coil is _____

A. 1.6 V    B. 16.0 V    C. 25.0 V    D. 250.0 V

The diagram shows a maximum and minimum thermometer divided into three portions P, Q and R. Which of the following is true about the respective contents of P, Q and R?

A. Alcohol, mecury and alcohol
B. Air, alcohol and mercury
C. Mecury, alcohol and mecury
D. Air, mecury and alcohol

I. Its velocity is constant
II. No work is done on the body.
III. It has constant acceleration directed away from the center
IV. The centripetal force is directed towards the center.

Which combination of the above is true of a body moving with constant speed in a circular track?

A. I and III    B. I and IV    C. II and III    D. II and IV

The diagram shows a solid figure with base PQ and center of gravity G on an inclined plane. Which of the following statement is correct?

A. The solid will fall over if the vertical line through G lies outside the base.
B. The solid will fall over if the vertical line through G lies inside the base.
C. The solid will not fall over if the vertical line through G lies outside the base.
D. The solid can never fall over.

If is the uncertainty in the measurement of the position of a particle along the x-axis and is the uncertainly in the measurement of the linear momentum along the x-axis, then the uncertainty principle relation is given as ______

A. Δx ΔPx ≥ h
B. Δx ΔPx = 0
C. Δx ΔPx < 0
D. Δx ΔPx = ∞

An astronomical telescope is said to be normal adjustment when the ________

A. eye is accommodated
B. focal length of objective lens is longer than that of eye piece.
C. final image is at the near point of eye
D. final image is at infinity.

When a ship sails from salt water into fresh water, the fraction of its volume above the water surface will _____

A. remain the same    B. increase    C. decrease    D. increase then decrease

The figure above represents a frictionless pulley system in which a weight, W is in equilibrium with a weight of 40N. Find the value of W

A. 13.3 N    B. 20.0 N    C. 40.0 N    D. 80.0 N

In the diagram below, determine the r.m.s current.

A. 31 A    B. 48 A    C. 60 A    D. 80 A

It is known that a neutron exists in a light atomic nucleus, Which of the following also exists in the nucleus?

A. an electron     B. a β-particle     C. an α particle     D. a proton

A stone of mass 1 kg is dropped from a height of 10 m above the ground and falls freely under gravity. Its kinetic energy 5m above the ground is then equal to

A. its kinetic energy on the ground
B. twice its initial potential energy
C. its initial potential energy
D. half its initial potential energy

What are the units of thermal conductivity?

A. kg.m.sec2     B. Joule sec-1 m-1 K-1     C. kg.m     D. Newton sec-1 m-1 K-1

Which of the following statements is correct? The reading of pressure on a mercury barometer is independent of ______

A. the cross-sectional area of the tube
B. the atmospheric pressure
C. the density of mercury
D. the temperature of mercury

Which of the following statements about radioactivity are true?

(i) Alpha particle is positively charged
(ii) Beta particle is negatively charged
(iii) Gamma ray is neutral
(iv) Beta particle has the same mass as helium atom
(v) Gamma ray is charged.

A. i, ii, iii, iv only     B. iv and v only     C. i, ii and iii only     D. i, ii and v only

An electric generator with a power output of 3.0 kW at a voltage of 1.5 kV distributes power along cables of total resistance 20.0 Ω . The power loss in the cable is _______

A. 0.1W    B. 10.0W    C. 40.0W   D. 80.0W

A man standing between two parallel mirrors in a barber’s shop will see the following number of his own image _______

A. Eight     B. Two     C. Four     D. Infinite

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