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The main aim of constructing the railway systems in West Africa was to

A. make the coastal ports more effective
B. make it easy for farmers to travel from the interior
C. evacuate raw materials and minerals for export
D. link all areas of the region together

Which of the following towns are not lntervisible?

A. Epe and Karaga   B. Oziza and Pkeku   C. Kera and Kosi   D. Tere and Olefl

The location of Sabe town has been influenced mostly by the _____

A mineral workings and agriculture
B. rivers that pass through the town
C. latitude of the area
D. mineral workings and transportation.

The port at the Lower Niger Valley that once served as a major gateway to Nigeria's export—import trade was ______

A. Aboh   B. Asaba   C. Forcados   D. Warri

The two most important factors influencing the evolution of a climax vegetation are _______

A. soil and topography   B. soil and time   C. climate and time   D. climate and topography

Accelerated soil erosion results from a combination of _______

A. bad farming practices and mulching
B. intensive cultivation and cover crops
C. bad farming practices and fertilizers
D. intensive cultivation and overgrazing

Which of the following areas in the world has the highest population density?

A. Singapore Island   B. The Amazon Basin   C. inland Niger Delta   D. The Nile Valley

A situation in which the bulk of the urban population in a country is concentrated in one town is best described as ______

A. urban primacy   B. urbanization   C. conurbation   D. urban explosion

The bearing of Olefi from Kosi is ______

A. 035°   B. 085°   C. 127°   D. 305°

The storm which occurs over the China Sea between latitudes 8° and 15° N and S of the equator is a ____

A. tropical thunderstorm   B. tornado   C. typhoon   D. temperate thunderstorm

A feature produced as a result of glacial deposition is ______

A. a cirque   B. a moraine   C. an arete   D. a hanging valley

The two major plantation crops in West and East Africa respectively are _______

A. cocoa and coffee   B. cotton and coffee    C. cocoa and groundnut   D. rubber and cotton

Which of the following is mainly associated with tourism?

A. Rural settlement   B. Commercial settlement   C. Holiday resort   D. Confluence town

The distribution of settlements in the a area is mostly influenced by ____

A. roads   B. minerals   C. gradient   D. vegetation

The most sparsely populated areas of the world include ______

A. Canada and Eurasia    B. China and Japan   C. Japan and Indonesia   D. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

The climate that is noted for its summer dryness is the _____

A. Equatorial climate   B. Tropical monsoon climate   C. Cool temperate climate   D. Mediterranean climate

The Horn of Africa is relatively dry owing to ______

A. the presence of warm ocean currents in the region
B. its distance from the belt of tropical cyclones
C. the dominance of cold ocean currents in the region
D. its proximity to the high ranges of East Africa

The rock type formed through the deposits compression of elastic particles is _______

A. anthracite   B. sandstone   C. limestone   D. mudstone

Which of the following is a warm current?

A. East Australian current    B. California current   C. Peruvian current   D. Antarctic drift

A seif is a landform associated with ______

A. river deposition   B. wind erosion   C. marine erosion   D. wind deposition.

The degree of relationship between two sets of data on population is expressed by _______

A. projected curves   B. frequency graphs   C. smooth curves   D. scatter diagrams

The most densely population river delta in Africa is the _______

A. Niger   B. Chari-Lagone   C. Nile   D. Zambezi

Petroleum is extracted in, Nigeria by _____

A. drilling   B. refining   C. mining   D. dredging

The elevation of the point marked Z is approximately _______

A. 500 m   B. 525 m   C. 550 m   D. 575 m.

Zuma rock, Zaria and Kano inselbergs in Nigeria are within the confines of the ______

A. Western uplands   B. Eastern highlands   C. North central highlands   D. North—east highlands.

The process of mountain-building by either folding or block faulting is known as ______

A. warping   B. orogenesis   C. weathering   D. orocline

The low level of economic development in the Chad Basin of Nigeria is owing to its ______

A. rugged topography    B. overpopulation   C. altitude   D. harsh climate.

The phenomenon of change in direction of wave fronts as they approach the sea shore is known as ____

A. wave refraction   B. tidal wave movement   C. wave drifting   D. retrogradation

Open traverse method is most suitable for ______

A. boundary lines   B. rugged terrains   C. steep slopes   D. marshy areas.

The landform marked X is a ______

A. gap   B. valley   C. saddle   D. trough

Which of the following is a product of volcanicity?

A. Plug dome   B. Ocean trench  C. Fold mountain   D. Rift valley lake.

An important characteristic of the B-horizon in tropical ferruginous soils is the

A. eluviation of oxides   
B. concentration of organic matter   
C. accumulation of oxides   
D. predominance of parent material.

Which of the following sources of power supply is renewable?

A. Solar    B. Coal   C. Gas   D. Nuclear.

The coral deposits marked M are called _____

A. barrier lakes   B. barrier reefs   C. barrier shelves   D. barrier islands

Which of the following minerals is likely to be absent in a region consisting mainly of igneous and metamorphic rocks?

A. Tin    B. Coal    C. Gold   D. Diamond

Industrial location can be influenced by _______

A. transportation, raw materials and migration
B. capital, raw materials and population growth
C. raw materials, energy and market
D. market, emigration and labour.

The slope identified as X is ______

A. a rising limb   B. an escarpment    C. a fault scarp    D. a fault-line scarp

Unemployment is at a high level in West African cities because ______

A. there is a large youthful population
B. many of the dwellers are skilled
C. many of the dwellers are unskilled
D. industrialization is at a slow pace.

The total length of river Yalen from the boundary at ljer to its confluence with river Ayila is approximately _____

A. 8.8 km   B. 7.8 km   C. 5.7 km   D. 3.3 km.

The feature marked N is the _____

A. down-faulted block   B. lagoon   C. continental shelf.   D. deep sea

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