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The colour of phenolphthalein in an alkaline medium is

(a) yellow    (b) colourless    (c) pink    (d) orange

An organic compound has an empirical formula CH2O and vapour density of 45. What is its molecular formula? [C=12, H=1, 0=16]

A. C3H7OH    B. C2H5OH    C. C3H5O3    D. C2H4O2

The radioactive radiation used in studying the arrangement of particles in giant organic molecules is ______

A. γ -rays.    B. α-particles.   C. X-rays.   D. β-particles.

The common ore of iron is ______

(a) bauxite    (b) galena    (c) cassiterite    (d) magnetite

Calculate the quantity of electricity in coulombs required to liberate 10g of copper from copper compound. [Cu=64, F=96500 Cmol-1]

A. 32395.5.   B. 30156.3.    C. 60784.5.   D. 15196.5.

Z in diagram above represents

A. heat of reaction.   B. activation energy.   C. free energy.   D. entropy of reaction.

A piece of filter paper moistened with lead (Il) ethanoate solution turns black when the paper is dropped into a gas jar containing an unknown gas. The gas is likely to be _______

A. sulphur (IV) oxide    B. hydrogen chloride    C. sulphur(V) oxide    D. hydrogen sulphide.

In the reaction above, high pressure will favour the forward reaction because _______

A. high pressure favours gas formation
B. the reaction s in dynamic equilibrium
C. the reaction is exothermic
D. the process occurs with a decrease in volume.

Oxygen in air can he removed using

(a) lime water   (b) caustic soda solution    (c) pyrogallol solution   (d) slaked lime

The highest rate of production of carbon(IV) oxide can be achieved using _______

A. 0.05 moI dm-3 HCI and 5g powdered CaCO3
B. 0.05 mol dm-3 HCl and 5g lump CaCO3
C. 0.10 moI dm-3 HCl and 5g powdered CaCO3 .
D. 0.025 mol dm-3 HCI and 5g powdered CaCO3.

The preference in the usage of asbestos support to platinum block as a catalyst can be attributed to its _______

(a) increased surface area
(b) high concentration
(c) low concentration
(d) decreased surface area

Calculate the mass of magnesium that would be deposited by 8 faradays of electricity? [Mg = 24]

(a) 96g   (b) 48g   (c) 72g   (d) 120g

The bond-breaking energies in an endothermic reaction is usually

(a) equal to the bond-forming energies
(b) more than the bond-forming energies
(c) less than the bond- forming energies
(d) double the bond- forming energies

In the extraction of sodium from fused sodium chloride, the anode is made of platinum because

A. sodium is formed at the anode.
B. chlorine is formed at the anode.
C. sodium does not react with platinum.
D. chlorine does not react with platinum.

The general formula of haloalkanes where X represents the halide is

A. CnH2n-1X.     B. CnH2nX.       C. CnH2n+2X.     D. CnH2n+1X.

Which of the following gases has a characteristic pungent smell, turns red litmus paper blue and forms dense white fumes with hydrogen chloride gas?

A. N2   B.N2O    C. Cl2    D. NH3

A few drops of NaOH solution was added to an unknown salt forming a white precipitate which is insoluble in excess solution. The cation likely present is

A. Zn2+.    B. Pb2+.   C. Ca2+.   D. Al3+.

2-methyl propan -2- ol is an example of a ______

A. primary alkano    B. secondary alkanol    C. tertiary alkanol    D. quaternary alkanol.

How many cations will be produced from a solution of potassium aluminium tetraoxosulphate (VI)?

A. 3    B. 4   C. 1   D. 2

The mass of copper deposited when a current of 2.0 A is passed through a solution of a copper salt for 60 minutes is [Cu=64, F= 96500 C mol-1]

(a) 4.78g   (b) 0.04g   (c) 2.39g   (d) 9.55g

What type of bond exists between an element X with atomic number 12 and Y with atomic
number 17?

A. Electrovalent.    B. Metallic.    C. Covalent.    D. Dative.

A few drops of concentrated HNO3 is added to an unknown solution and boiled for a while. If this
produces a brown solution; the cation present is likely to be _______

A. Pb2+    B. Cu2+    C. Fe3+    D. Fe2+

50 cm3 of a gas was collected over water at 10oC and 765 mm Hg. Calculate the volume of the gas at s.t.p. if the saturated vapour pressure of water at10oC is 5mm Hg.

A. 49.19 cm3    B. 48.87 cm3    C. 48.55 cm3   D. 48.23 cm3

The monomer of natural rubber is _______

(a) 2methylbuta-1 ,3-diene    (b) 1 -buten-3-yne    (c) buta- 1,3 -diene    (d) 2-chlorobuta-1,3-diene

In the electrolytic extraction of calcium from calcium chloride, the cathode is _____

A. zinc.   B. graphite.   C. platinum.   D. iron.

The functional groups present in the compound above are

A. alkene and halo-group
B. hydroxyl and chloro-group
C. alkene and chloro-group
D. hydroxyl and halo-group.

The alkyne that will give a white precipitate silver trioxonitrate (V) is ______

A. CH3 CH2 C = C CH2 CH3
B. CH3 C = C CH2 CH2 CH3
C. CH3 CH2 CH2 CH2 C = CH
D. CH3 CH2 CH2 C = C CH2 CH3.

Which of the following questions is correct about the periodic table?

A. The non-metallic properties of the elements tend to decrease across each period.
B. The valence electrons of the elements increase progressively across the period.
C. Elements in the same group have the same number of electron shells.
D. Elements in the same period have the same number of valence electrons.

A silicon - containing ore has 92% 28Si,  5% 29Si  and  3% 30Si. Calculate the relative atomic mass of the silicon.

A. 14.00.    B. 29.00.    C. 28.11.    D. 28.00.

The number of isomers that can be obtained from C4H10 is _________
A. 3   B. 4 .  C. 1    D. 2.

Which of the following compounds will burn with a brick-red colour in a non-luminous Bunsen flame?

A. LiCI    B. NaCl    C. CaCI2   D. MgCl2

16.55g of lead (ll) trioxonitrate(V) was dissolved in 100 g of distilled water at 20°C, calculate the solubility of the solute in mol dm-3 [Pb = 207, N = 14, O = 16] 

A. 0.05 mol dm-3    B. 2.00 mol dm-3   C. 1.00 mol dm-3   D. 0.5 mol dm-3

The dispersion of a liquid in a liquid medium will give ________

A. an emulsion.    B. a fog.    C. a gel.    D. an aerosol.

Calculate the molecular formula of a compound with empirical formula CH2O and relative molecular mass 120 [C = 12, O = 16, H = 1]

(a) C2H4O2   (b) C4H8O4   (c) C8H16O8   (d) C3H6O3

The IUPAC nomenclature of the compound above is ______

A. 2-bromo-3-chlorobutanol.
B. 3-bromo-2-chlorobutanol.
C. 3-chloro-2-bromobutanol.
D. 2-chloro-3-bromobutanol.

If the elements X and Y have atomic numbers 11 and 17 respectively, what type of bond can they form?

A. Dative.   B. Covalent.    C. Ionic.   D. Metallic.

The electronic configuration of Mg2+ is ______

A. 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p2   
B. 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2   
C. 1s2 2s2 2p6   
D. 1s2 2s2 2p4

In the illustration above, x and y respectively represent

(a) hydration and fermentation
(b) hydrolysis and condensation
(c) condensation and hydrolysis
(d) fermentation and hydration

The presence of impurities in a solid will make the melting point to

(a) decrease    (b) increase    (c) remain unchanged    (d) be zero

The separation technique that is based on the principle of solubility of a solid in two miscible liquids is ______

(a) fractional distillation    (b) distillation    (c) precipitation    (d) filtration

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