UTME CBT FREE Practice Test – Use of English (Set 7)

Hello and Welcome to UTME CBT FREE Practice Test - Use of English (Set 7)

  1. You are to attempt 60 Objectives Questions ONLY.
  2. Time Allowed is 45 minutes (JAMB Standard)
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  4. You can attempt as many times as possible

In the following passages, the numbered gaps indicate missing words. Against each number in the list below each passage, four options are offered in columns lettered A to D. Choose the word that is the most suitable to fill the numbered gap in the passages


Oil is perhaps the most sought after of all -----1----- (A. products   B. commodities   C. liquids   D.  natural resources).

However, a major difficulty in its ----2----- (A. manufacture   B. exploitation   C. research  D. investigation)

is that oil -----3------  (A. heads    B. plants   C. mines   D. holes )

are very often below the sea ----4----- (A. surface   B. shelf   C. shore   D. bed).

As a result, the search for oil is very expensive, and unless oil is found there in ----5----- (A. usable   B. saleable   C. commercial   D. practical) quantities the companies or governments involved are liable to lose heavily.

Publishing is a fast growing business and there are therefore many publishing houses all over the country. When -----6----- (A. an article   B. an essay   C. a book   D. a manuscript)

is submitted by an author, the publisher sends it to ---7---- (A. an assessor   B. an evaluator   C. a checker  D. an examiner) to know if it is actually publishable.

This step is important because the publisher wants to make sure that the book catches the ---8---- (A. market   B. audience  C. students   D. shop ) when it is actually published.

In a good publishing house, there is ---9--- (A. an error-proof   B. an editorial   C. lithographic  D. an evaluation)

section which is concerned with ---10---- (A. proof-reading   B. reading over   C. scanning   D. skimming) the manuscript and correcting both the spelling and typing errors.

  1. Anytime my mind told me to reconsider my decision and go back I would look at her half naked pictures and the devil would win.
Who made this statement?

  1. Who sent a friend request to Salim on facebook?
A. Ada   B. Natasha   C. Lawal  D. Tomiwa

  1. According to Salim, a car that uses an automatic transmission gear will not start when ________
A. it is descending a hill
B. if the gear is engaged
C. it is ascending a hill
D. it is packed without the hand-brake

  1. ‘l followed the description till I came to a place where there was very little illumination and she asked me to stop there. I turned on my full light on and saw that the place was actually a cul-dc-sac.

The word cul-dc-sac as used in the passage above means _______

A. a beautiful street
B. a crescent
C. a ring road
D. a street with only one way in or out

  1. According to Salim, he always packed his car in a military style fashion. This means that ______
A. he packed his car in the middle of the road
B. he packed his car in a ready to go direction
C. he packed his car in designated garage
D. he packed his car with military weapons

  1. What is the full meaning of SUV?
A. Sport United Vehicle
B. Sound Utility Vehicle
C. Sport Used Vehicle
D. Sport Utility Vehicle

  1. Anytime my mind told me to reconsider my decision and go back I would look at her half naked pictures and the devil would win.

Whose pictures is being referred to as half naked in the statement above?

A. Salma   B. Natasha   C. Lawal  D. Salim

Lexis and Structure (Synonyms) Questions 21 - 30
From the words or group of words lettered A to D below each of the following sentences, choose the word or group of words that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word or group of words as it is used in the sentence.

  1. The government has approved a new salary structure as an incentive for workers
A. a reward B. an encouragement C. a package D. an advance

22. The accident victim was bleeding profusely

A. slowly
B. excessively
C. extremely
D. abundantly

23. They have tried to circumvent the restriction on the importation of scarce commodities

A. bypass
B. confront
C. oppose
D. challenge

24. The company had satisfied itself that the project was feasible before embarking on it.

A. easy
B. attractive
C. capable
D. practicable.

25. Though there is no riot on the campus, the students are restive.

A. quiet
B. chaotic
C. restless
D. busy

26. The prosecutor was accused of obstructing justice.

A. hindering
B. retarding
C. stopping
D. interrupting

27. The man preaches humility without matching it with action.

A. salvation
B. honesty
C. kindness
D. modesty

28. Mr. Haruna plays the piano with great dexterity.

A. wisdom
B. pride
C. force
D. skill

29. The college officer insisted that show him my credentials before I could be registered.

A. books
B. qualifications
C. statements
D. identity

30. Amina said that she marriage a doting man.

A. loving
B. uncaring
C. funny
D. nagging

Lexis and Structure (Antonyms)
In each of the questions 31-35, there is one word or group of words underlined and one gap. From the list of words or group of words lettered A to D, choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word or group of words and that will, at the same time, correctly fill the gap in the sentence.

  1. The man refused to accept the offer of a job in the rural area; he preferred one in the _____ area.
A. local
B. urban
C. township
D. municipal

  1. He is quite an outspoken young man but his father is _____
A. humorous
B. sober
C. taciturn
D. silent

  1. One of the twins was as daring as the other was ______
A. morose
B. timid
C. secretive
D. rational

  1. A gully, which is a natural phenomenon should not be mistaken for a tunnel, which is _______
A. supernatural
B. false
C. artificial
D. modern

  1. He intentionally hid the document but his secretary _____ burnt them.
A. carelessly
B. willingly
C. accidentally
D. foolishly.

  1. It is curious how Bayo can be so carefree in his ways while his younger brother is so _______
A. meticulous
B. eccentric
C. indifferent
D. active

  1. Personally, I give in rather easily when it comes to arguments, but Emeka will always _________ to his opinion.
A. hold In
B. old on
C. hold up
D. hold back

  1. He didn‘t lose the fight because of his bravery but for his ________
A. ignorance
B. strength
C. cowardice
D. rashness

  1. If you do not drive with care you may be charged for ______
A. recklessness
B. drunkenness
C. over speeding
D. ignorance

  1. I should be as ________ as Kofi if l were so rejected by a close friend.
A. conscious
B. timid
C. aggrieved
D. courteous

  1. The press will no longer be free when the new government starts to _____ the newspapers.
A. censure
B. edit
C. publish
D. censor

  1. Everyone was disappointed to see the pastor doing those things that were ______ with the morals he preached.
A. complacent
B. inconsistent
C. conducive
D. incompetent

  1. That boy is mentally unbalanced, so you should be _______ of his behaviour.
A. tolerant
B. tolerable
C. apologetic
D. careful.

  1. The president complained that too many doctors have ______ for better remuneration.
A. repatriated
B. exiled
C. emigrated
D. immigrated.

  1. The doctor listened to my heart-beat with a _______
A. microscope
B. scalpel
C. chronometer
D. stethoscope

  1. She was ________ and it was not clear to me what she meant.
A. unknown
B. unintelligible.
C. indefinite
D. illegible

  1. Clara, your writing is difficult to read; you must try to make it _____
A. easier
B. legible
C. large
D. eligible

  1. A loyal citizen ought not to abstain _____ voting.
A. in
B. against
C. from
D. by

  1. She was set ______ preparing lunch when I came.
A. on
B. at
C. about
D. for

  1. The _____ engineer designed a new machine.
A. brilliant Nigerian young
B. Nigerian brilliant young  
C. young Nigerian brilliant
D. brilliant young Nigerian

  1. _______ were asked to represent the school at the quiz competition.
A. I and Ngozi
B. Ngozi and me
C. Ngozi and I
D. Myself and Ngozi

Oral Forms
In each of questions 55 - 56, identify the word that has a different stress pattern from the others.


A. ability
B. registration
C. quadruplicate
D. revivalist

A. competent
B. represent
C. syllabus
D. quality

In each of questions 57 - 59, choose from the options the word that has the same constant sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.

57. thatch

A. clothing    
B. mother    
C. then    
D. method

58. chateau

A. chart   
B. church   
C. champagne   
D. chemical

  1. Thank
A. though
B. thought
C. Thames
D. Thomas

In the question below, the word in capital letters has an emphatic stress. Choose the option that best fits the expression in the sentence.

  1. They FLEW to Abuja.
A. Did they go to Abuja by road?
B. Did they fly to Jos?
C. How will they get to Abuja?
D. Where did they fly to?



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