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UTME Use of English - 60 Questions

Passage 1

In order to approach the problem of anxiety in play, let us consider the problem of anxiety in play, let us consider the activity of building and destroying a tower. Many a mother thinks that her little son is in a 'destructive stage' or even has a 'destructive personality' because after building a big, big tower, the boy cannot follow her advice to leave the tower for Daddy to see, but instead must kick it and make it collapse.

The almost manic pleasure with which children watch the collapse in a second of the product of long play-labour has puzzled many, especially since the child does not appreciate it at all if his tower falls by accident or by a helpful uncle’s hand. He, the builder, must destroy it himself. This game, I should think, arises from the not so distant experience of sudden falls at the very time when standing upright on wobbly legs afforded a new and fascinating perspective on existence.

The child who consequently learns to make a tower 'stand up' enjoys causing the same tower to waver and collapse; in addition to the active mastery over a previously passive event, it makes one feel stronger to know that there is somebody weaker ----and towers, unlike little sister, can't cry and call, 'Mummy!'

1. According to this passage, it gives the child great pleasure  _____

A. for Daddy to see the tower he has built
B. to destroy the tower himself
C. to see his tower accidentally destroyed
D. to be helped to destroy the tower

2. What other feeling does the child derive from the fall of his tower apart from pleasure?

A. Strength    B. Anxiety    C. Pity    D. Depression

3. How does the author try to explain this ‘destructive stage'?

A. It is the last stage in child development
B. The child wants to displease his parents
C. It grows out of the child's recent experiences of sudden falls
D. The child is just going through a destructive stage

4. The expression 'must kick it and make it collapse' in this context means _____

A. is forced to kick it and demolish it
B. is obliged to kick it and make it collapse
C. cannot resist the urge to demolish it
D. ought to kick it and make it collapse

5. In the passage 'manic pleasure' means _____

A. pleasure     B. childish pleasure    C. unlimited pleasure    D. human pleasure

Choose the option that best completes the gap.

6. I'll find time for my _________ when I get _________with this difficult assignment.

A. past-time/over     B. pass-time/over     C. passtime/through     D. pastime/through

7. After so many trials, the experiment __________

A. paid up    B. paid for    C. paid out    D. paid off

8. The chairman refused to shake __________ with the secretary

A. hand     B. his hand     C. hands     D. his hands

9. Wherever the leader went people struggled to catch a __________ of him

A. glimpse     B. look     C. view     D. picture

10.  Mrs. Okoro __________ in this school since 1975

A. taught    B. has been teaching    C. was teaching    D. is teaching

11. I was seriously disappointed when the __________ between the two teams ended in a goalless draw

A. march    B. marsh    C. match    D. martch

12. The young man looked carefully at the long document, but he couldn't make __________ what it meant

A. up    B. out    C. off    D. through

13. While the worshippers closed their eyes in prayer, a thief made __________ with the collection

A. away    B. up    C. by    D. through

14. If you keep playing with this door handle, it will get __________

A. loose    B. lose    C. loosed    D. loosing

Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined.

15. For all he cared: the game was as good as lost

A. He did not care if the game as lost
B. He could not care less if the game was lost
C. He was almost certain that the game would be lost
D. He was afraid the game would be lost

16. The meeting was cancelled because of the convocation

A. brought up     B. called off     C. broke off     D. phased out

17. Ayodeji is an ardent supporter of education for the child

A. cogent     B. a passionate     C. an ignorant     D. an optimistic

18. The exhibition was an eye opener to all

A. style     B. examination     C. dispatch     D. display

19. As a Journalist, Bola has always had a nose for stories

A. an instinct     B. a command     C. soft comment     D. cynical statement

20. Nwankwo was on the verge of signing a two-year contract with the club

A. brink    B. summit    C. height    D. shore

21. The Governor told the chief that he was only on a routine tour

A. normal and regular visit
B. unplanned encounter
C. surprise and impromptu check
D. working, visit and homage

22. The new ruler is big-hearted in his dealing with the people

A. proud    B. cruel    C. soft    D. generous

23. The essay topic is nebulous

A. distinct    B. incorrect    C. vague    D. clear

Choose the option that best explains the information conveyed in the sentence.

24. The events of last Friday show that there is no love lost between the Principal and the Vice-principal

A. They like each other
B. They work independently
C. They couldn't part company
D. They dislike each other

25. If he were here, it could be more fun

A. He did not show up and so the occasion lacked much fun
B. He was being expected to supply more fun
C. There was no fun because he was not present
D. He was expected but did not show up to liven up the occasion

26. Adawo is an Imp

A. Adawo behaves queenly
B. Adawo behaves differently
C. Adawo behaves decently
D. Adawo behaves badly

27. The man reasoned that there ought to be a limit to sycophancy

A. there can be no favour beyond a reasonable point
B. sycophants need not talk all the time
C. people should know when not to use flattery
D. sycophants should know when to grant people requests

28. The organization is constantly in a state of flux

A. There are periodic changes in the organization
B. The organization is facing a difficult period
C. The organization is experiencing; good times
D. The organization is moribund

Choose the option opposite in meaning to the word(s) or phrase in italics.

29. The witness averred that she had seen Dosun at the scene of the crime

A. argued     B. confirmed     C. denied     D. affirmed

30. The governor's visit is an unprecedented event in the history of the social club

A. a perfect    B. momentous    C. an insignificant    D. an unnecessary

31. Our principal took exception to the ignoble role the teacher played in the matter

A. embarrassing    B. honourable    C. extraordinary    D. dishonourable

32. He is notorious for his drunkenness

A. popular     B. known     C. well known     D. renowned

33. The severity of the harmattan helped me to complete my writing assignment in record time because i had no choice but to lock myself indoors

A. warmth    B. mildness    C. moderation    D. leniency

34. This card entitles you to attend the film show

A. disqualifies     B. discourages    C. disenchants    D. satisfies

35. He is loved for his altruism

A. benevolence     B. sincerity     C. selfishness     D. selflessness

36. The Journalist said he was working freelance

A. tireless     B. without pay     C. satisfactory     D. dependently

37. The Flying Eagles put up a plucky defence against their opponents

A. strong     B. weak     C. careless     D. tactful

38. We found a shady place for the display

A. an open     B. an unsafe     C. a stuffy     D. an enclosure

Choose the word(s) or phrase(s) which best fill(s) the gap.

39. The sea wave continue to ____________ the cliff on the west coast constantly

A. impair    B. rub    C. knock    D. erode

40. I would have been surprised if you ____________ the orange

A. plucked     B. have plucked     C. had plucked     D. did pluck

41. By the time the plane reaches Harare, it __________in the air for twelve hours

A. has been    B. would be    C. would have been    D. should be

42. The patient is suffering from ____________

A. reumatism      B. rheumantism      C. rhuematism      D. rheumatism

43. We saw Ifueko ____________ an egg on the wall

A. smashed    B. smash    C. smashing    D. smashes

44. Knowledge of figures of speech as well as of idiom and lexical items ____________ in this section

A. is tested    B. have been tested    C. are tested    D. were tested

45. The answers to the questions were discussed ____________ the students

A. between    B. by    C. for    D. to

46. The shipping company advertised for ____________ accountants

A. two young but highly competent Nigerian
B. young but highly competent two Nigerian
C. two Nigerian, young, but highly competent
D. highly competent, but young, two Nigerian

Choose the option that has a different stress pattern from the others.

47.     A. ability      B. registration      C. quadruplicate      D. revivalist

48. A. competent      B. represent      C. syllabus      D. quality

Choose the option that has the same consonant sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.

49. thatch

A. clothing     B. mother     C. then     D. method

50. chateau

A. chart    B. church    C. champagne    D. chemical

JAMB Reading Text - The Life Changer By Khadija Abubakar Jalli

51. Talle served as a driver in _____

A. the bank     B. the hospital     C. the Local Government Office     D. Lafayette Office

52. When Talle was summoned, he gave himself away by his very in ability to answer the simple questions put forward by the Hakimi, the District Head.

(gave himself away) is an example of______

A. simile      B. idiomatic expression     C. personification    D. metaphor

53. When Talle was summoned, he gave himself away by his very in ability to answer the simple questions put forward by the Hakimi, the District Head.

(gave himself away) as used in the passage simply means _____________

A. allow to be arrested easily
B. allow to be taken away
C. reveal oneself unintentionally
D. keep quite intentionally

54. Who was referred to as an archaeologist?

A. Dr. Samuel Johnson     B. Hakimi     C. Ummi     D. Tella

55. How many police van stopped at the entrance of the District Head of Lafayette?

A. 1     B. 2     C. 3     D. 4

56. 'On hearing the siren from outside, Talle sprang up and bolted into the Hakimi’s house. The courtiers pursued him and brought him back.'

According to the passage above, the courtiers are referred to as _______

A. policemen    B. palace guards    C. court attendants    D. Special security forces

57. What is the full meaning of IPO

A. Independent Police Officer
B. Indigenous Police Office
C. Interrogative Police Officer
D. Investigating Police Officer

58. According to Ummi, EMAL means ________

A. electronic email    B. electronic parcel    C. ema library    D. Exams malpractices

60. 'I was impressed. “Clap for my Bint”....The others clapped half-heartedly.

Another word for half-heartedly as used in the sentence above is ______

A. joyfully     B. happily     C. lukewarmly    D. cheerfully

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