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UTME Use of English - 60 Questions

Passage 1

Theatre in the recent past used to be a very popular art in traditional African society. It used to be a point of intersection where members of the community not only come to entertain themselves, 'but join heads together'. In the traditional context of African drama, therefore, theatre was popular and respectable institution which preserved the people's culture and tradition. Theatre was popular with the people because it emphasized community participation, peace and progress.

The presentations focused on the people's lives, their aspirations, fears, and hopes. But today, the situation is different. Theatre is becoming very unpopular. Africa of the present age is pre-occupied with many problems yearning for immediate solutions. The continent is facing hydra-head challenges - challenges on the political, social, and economic scenes. In a world where Science and Technology are seen as the solutions to these problems, little attention is paid to the arts. Literature generally, and drama in particular is often rated very low on the utility-scale. Many Africa today look at drama and theatre as a mere thing of fun, a joke so to say. Elitism is another barrier that militates against the appreciation of theatre as a communal art. Folk theatre is appreciated by a negligible number of people, contemporary focus is on literary theatre.

Unfortunately, literary theatre only pretends to serve the interest of its society while in reality, it has a foreign audience in mind. The use of European and American theatrical conventions by our academic playwrights can bear witness to this anomaly. The popularity of the literary African theatre is further marred by the medium of communication as most literary dramas in Africa are written in foreign languages which are not understood by many Africans. The question often asked is whether the artist should climb down to the level of his community of stay at his exalted height and wait for the community to gradually move up to him.

1. Theatre was popular in Africa because__________

A. was traditional and simple in nature
B. dealt with the political, social, and economic problems of the society
C. was a source of fun
D. was communal and reflected the common concerns of the people

2. One of the reasons why theatre is unpopular in modern Africa is that it_________

A. is regarded as not being of much use
B. only deals with culture and tradition
C. lacks scientific and academic bases
D. is always funny and looked down upon

3. In the passage, the term "theatre" and "drama" are used _______

A. differently    B. concurrently    C. interchangeably    D. sparingly

4. One of the arguments in the passage is that academic playwrights_______

A. express themselves only in foreign languages
B. serve as a catalyst in the society's appreciation of theatre
C. work against the common man's appreciation of theatre
D. make theatre popular in traditional societies

5. By the expression "climb down", the author implies that modern playwrights should _______

A. be simplistic in the use of language
B. not move up
C. use language that is most appreciated by the people
D. wait for the community to catch up with them

In the following options lettered A to D, all the words except one have the same stress pattern. Choose the one with the different stress pattern.

6. A. commit     B. compare     C. complete     D. column

7.     A. apparent    B. attractive    C. devastate    D. infections

8.      A. physique     B. menace     C. challenge     D. reckless

In each of the following questions, the main or primary stress is indicated by writing the syllable on which it occurs in capital letters. From the words lettered A to D, choose the one that has the correct stress

9. Calculator    

A. CAL-cu-la-tor      B. cal-CU-la-tor     C. cal-cu-LA-tor     D. cal-cu-la-TOR

10. Criticism

A. cri-ti-ci-SM      B. cri-ti-CI-sm      C. cri-TI-ci-sm      D. CRI-ti-ci-sm

11. Expenditure

A. EX-pen-di-ture     B. ex-PEN-di-ture     C. ex-pen-DI-ture     D. ex-pen-di-TURE

From the words lettered A to D, choose the word or group of words that best completes each of the following sentences.

12. The man, as well as the woman ________ arrested

A. have been     B. has been     C. is been     D. are being

13. Many a ____________ to understand me

A. man fail     B. man fails     C. men fail     D. men fails

14. It is you that __________ to write the letter

A. is suppose     B. is supposed     C. are suppose     D. are supposed

15. My father _______ on the floor

A. has lied     B. have lied     C. have laid     D. has lain

16. This class __________students and teachers

A. comprise     B. comprises     C. comprise of     D. comprises of

17. Before I arrived, the choir _______ the hymn

A. have sing    B. has sing    C. had sung    D. have sang

18. The soldier _________ his gun on the wall after the armed robber______

A. hang/has been hung
B. hung/had been hanged
C. hanged/has been hanged
D. hung/ has been hunged

19. Thank you for the __________ of presenting my paper.

A. privelege     B. priviledge     C. privilege     D. preveledge

20. My brother graduated from university last year; he will soon_________

A. convocate     B. convoke     C. convoce     D. matriculate

21. You need to __________your points

A. expanciate    B. expaciate    C. expatiate    D. expantiate

22. All the people in the bus died in that _________ accident

A. serious     B. reckless     C. fatal     D. dangerous

23. All the ________ were stolen by the thieves

A. arm and ammunition
B. arms and ammunition
C. arm and ammunitions
D. arms and ammunitions

What a ________! the more you look, the less you see

A. wonder     B. miracle     C. challenge     D. paradox

25. The soldiers pledge their ________ loyalty to the new government

A. enduring    B. tireless    C. complete    D. questionable

26. After interrogation, the police ______ the information from the suspect.

A. exposed     B. wrung     C. received     D. obtained

27. Mr Cham will never tell you everything, he is very ________

A. secretive     B. quiet     C. reserved     D. realistic

28. Many countries no longer have _______ punishment as the penalty for murder

A. mortal     B. corporal     C. capital     D. fatal

29. __________ packages should always be handled with care

A. Insecure    B. Fragile    C. Weak    D. Boxed

30. Because of the hard times, workers live in ___________ poverty

A. repulsive     B. ridiculous     C. abject     D. unpardonable

From the words lettered A to D, choose the word or group of words that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word as it is used in the sentence

31. Our chief is very intelligent but he could be parochial in his judgements

A. deep     B. broad     C. narrow-minded     D. kind-hearted

32. I went through his work; it was gibberish

A. meaningless     B. meaningful     C. brutal     D. too simple

33. Coming late to work, according to Leonard, is inimical to the progress of the company

A. harmful     B. predominat     C. unavoidable     D. inevitable

34. If he declines the offer, it will be better for him.

A. ignores     B. denies     C. snubs     D. rejects

After each of the following sentences, a list of possible interpretations of all or part of the sentences is given. Choose the interpretation that you consider most appropriate for each sentence.

35. The appearance which the famous actor made last month was his swan song. This meant that_________

A. the actor sang beautifully during the play
B. the play was postponed because of the actor's non-appearance
C. the play was the actor's last appearance before he died
D. the last play was the actors best performance

36. Muiz does not let the grass grow under his feet. This means that Muiz _________

A. does not waste time in doing things
B. is a very wicked man
C. cuts the grass in his field regularly
D. cares about himself

From the list of words or group of words lettered A to D, choose the one that is most nearest opposite in meaning to the underlined word or group of words and that will, at the same time correctly fill in the gap in the sentence.

37. The Major demanded an unalloyed and not a __________ loyalty from his soldiers

A. strict     B. wavering     C. clumsy     D. alterable

38. The economist argued that the apparently inconsequential rise in the price of petrol had a _________ effect on the cost of living

A. capricious     B. frivolous     C. dangerous     D. bright

39. The exotic bird looked resplendent; its bright plumage contrasted with the rather _________ undergrowth

A. immobile     B. foreign     C. bright     D. drab

40. I thought that the comments made by the Manager were quite innocuous but the chairman considered them __________

A. polite    B. inappropriate     C. antagonistic     D. harmful

41. My uncle is a prosperous businessman, my aunt, unfortunately, is quite ________

A. unskillful     B. domestic     C. unsuccessful     D. unqualified

42. The University has a large intake, very few ________ take place

A. turnouts     B. rejections     C. explusions     D. obstructions

43. Rather than make derogatory remarks about the host, a guest should make ________ ones

A. polite     B. complimentary     C. interesting     D. honest

44. Our mechanised services contrast sharply with the _________ operative we had before

A. electrical     B. controlled     C. original    D. manual

45. After Ade had listened to some advice, his rigid ideas became more ______________

A. friendly     B. compromising     C. flexible     D. democratic

46. The policies of this government favour the elite rather than the _______________

A. masses    B. oppressed     C. public     D. unemployed

47. God opposes the proud and rewards the _________

A. poor     B. honest     C. humble     D. faithful

48. The pilot says that it is easier to take off from the airport than to ___________ on the tarmac

A. land     B. come down     C. alight     D. drop

49. Although Chide's manners are quite refined , his colleagues are rather ___________

A. bold     B. crude     C. hostile     D. rash

50. I am quite outspoken but my brother is __________

A. dumb     B. indolent     C. taciturn     D. modest

JAMB Reading Text - The Life Changer By Khadija Abubakar Jalli

51. What is the full meaning of HOD?

A. Head of Desk
B. Hand of Demand
C. Head of Department
D. Heard of Data

52. What was Ummi’s matric number?

A. UG001     B. UG01     C. UG1     D. UG0001.

53. Why did Ummi visit the HOD's office shortly after her registration?

A. to look out for Dr. Samuel Johnson
B. to file her papers
C. to obtain her matric number
D. to resume classes

54. Ummi stood up brifely while narrating her story to her children because _______

A. she is tired of sitting
B. she needed fresh air
C. she needed to allow blood to circulate to her lower limbs
D. she is experiencing pains in her waist

55. Never judge a book by its cover literary means ______

A. never judge a book by the design
B. never judge a book by the number of pages
C. never judge a book by the number of chapters
D. never judge people on the face value

56. The District Head of Lafayette is known as _________

A. the Hakimi    B. the Chiefs    C. the Obas    D. the kanuris

57. In Lafayette, no stranger was hosted or given accommodation without the knowledge and approval of _________

A. the Hakimi    B. the Chiefs    C. the Obas    D. the kanuris

58. In Lafayette, traditional medicine practitioners are known as _____

A. traditionalist     B. juju people     C. boka    D. magicians

59. In Lafayette, the child whose mother died shortly after birth is named ______

A. Iyabo     B. Chukwudi     C. Salam     D. Talle

60. Talle lost both his father and step-mother in a car accident at the age of ______

A. 15     B. 18     C. 20     D. 22

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