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UTME Use of English - 60 Questions

COMPREHENSION: Read each passage carefully and answer the questions that follow It.


In 1962, a team of scientists produced a special radio station that had a range of fifteen miles. Even though communication was being accomplished in space at a range of more than a million times this distance, the new radio station caused much excitement among scientists. The reason: its power supply was a ‘battery’ made of bacteria. For the first time, practical amounts of electricity were being produced by a form of life and put to use. ‘Biocell’ the new power supply had a liquid fuel containing tiny forms of life that changed the fuel directly into electric energy.

This was far more than an interesting experiment. The biocell is being developed as producer of electricity for radios, for signals to guide ships, for lighting and for other uses. Though the working biocell is only a few years old, some scientists feel that it will one day produce power cheaply as is now being done by other methods, and that the biocell will use materials that would otherwise be considered a waste. Early biocells were powered with sugar, but a wide range of fuels can be used. Work is being done using sea water to feed the bacteria.

Electricity from living cells is no new idea. Man experienced the strange ‘shock’ produced by some fish even before electricity was really discovered. Then in time, there were other discoveries. Benjamin Franklin found that lightning in the sky was electricity. Lulgi Galvani found some electricity in the muscles and nerves of animals.

But the African catfish produces far more electricity than most other living creatures. And another fish, the electric eel, well named, for it has an even greater electric charge. Research works also discovered that even humans produce small amount of electricity in their bodies. Our hearts produce a very small amount that can be measured, so do our brains. The biocell is completely new in the field of power production and, as yet, no mass-produced models have begun to replace the older types of batteries. It might be wondered, then, what the excitement is all about

1. The writers posture, as conveyed in the statement Electricity from living cells is no new idea, can be described as ______

A. ineffectual B. contentious C. logical D. unguarded.

2. Which of the following is true according to the passage?

A. Scientists felt that biocells would produce very costly energy.
B. Biocells, at the beginning, derived their energy from sugar.
C. Sugar and fuel were initially used as sources of energy for biocells.
D. Biocells were forms of power used by the scientists.

3. The inventors of biocell justified the need for it by saying that it would

A. develop ways for changing biocelis into fuel for use
B. yield a source of energy without much spending
C. produce electricity for ad types of machines
D. produce signals to guide all ships and other vessels.

4. According to the passage, electricity was first discovered in ____

A. hearts and brains    B. muscles of animals    C. lightning    D. fish.

However, man’s ... 6... [A. knowledge of B. attitude to C. commitment to D. opinion of]

promoting and defending change in a deliberate effort to establish ...7... [A. customs B. companies C. trade-zones D. variations]

that stimulate advancement for man’s concern is proving unfavourable to the climate with threatening . . . 8. . [A. repercussions    B. clouds    C. pressure    D. implication].

Human-induced climate change has awakened widespread concern across the globe. As a matter of fact, climate change is now ...9... [A. an acceptable B. aforemost C. the only D. the last] global issue.

It is a major test of Africa’s ...10... [A. popularity B. energy C. ingenuity D. incapability].

The fourth Assessment Report (AR4) of the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) confirmed that human actions are changing the earth’s climate and creating major disturbances in human . . . 11. . . [A. geography B. societies C. systems D. life] and ecosystems.

The IPCC reports that the world has warmed by an average of 0.76°C since pre-industrial times. The rising global ..12... [A. command B. demand C. warning D. supply] for energy and the adverse changes in the climate put the earth and its inhabitants in a catch situation.

Again, if the effects of climate change on each were commensurate with the level of greenhouse  ...... .13........ [A. structure B. paints C. emulsion D. emissions] it spews out, perhaps Africa would have been spared and would probably be just an amused spectator.

But as it is, this is not the case. Here again, we see well-meaning global citizens appealing for the rest of the world to take responsibility for the problems of Africa, a strategy that cannot, thus far, be termed .. .14... [A. notable B. liable C. credible D. flexible].

In each of questions below, select the option that best explains the information conveyed in the sentence.

15. If he were here, it could be more fun.

A. He was expected but did not show up to make the occasion lively.
B. There was no fun because he was not present
C. He did not show up and so the occasion lacked much fun.
D. He was being expected to supply more fun.

16. The secretary said that the postponement of the meeting was due to unforeseen circumstances.

A. The date of the meeting was shifted as a result of unexpected reasons.
B. The meeting’s date was put off for strange reasons.
C. The meeting was called as a result of obstacles hitherto unknown.
D. The meeting broke off as a result of unusual difficulties.

17. The hunter has a bird’s-eye view of the animals.

A. He views animals from a high position
B. He views the bird’s eye
C. He views the birds on tree with one eye.
D. He watches animals and birds closely.

18. Even though Susan was the last in the examination, her result wasn’t too different from what had been expected.

A. Her result was poor.
B. Her result was a disappointment
C. Her result was as expected
D. She had not been serious with her studies.

19. Mrs. Adasu does all her work with more haste, less speed.

A. She accepts whatever she does with more haste and speed.
B. She approaches whatever she does hurriedly.
C. She addresses everything she does very quickly to avoid mistakes
D. She does everything carefully to avoid mistakes.

In each of questions below, choose the option nearest in meaning to the word or phrases in italics.

20. Since its inception in 1983, the newspaper has attracted thousands of readers.

A. renaissance    B. coming    C. commencement    D. publication.

21. Mrs. Asio wanted her sister to stop being so detached.

A. friendly    B. careless    C. indifferent    D. passionate

22. Lantana dwelt in a ruined cottage on the hillside.

A. sat    B. worked    C. slept    D. lived.

23. The mistake brought the show to an ignominious end.

A. a good    B. a palatable    C. a disgraceful    D. a satisfactory.

24. He compliments me on my way of doing things.

A. complements    B. imitates    C. disgusts    D. praises.

25. The girl is angry with her friend who had ensnared her into this relationship.

A. tricked    B. encouraged    C. forced    D. enslaved.

26. Their new house was roofed with corrugated sheets.

A. folded    B. iron    C. aluminium    D. corrupted.

27. The stockbroker said it was an astute move to sell the shares then.

A. a bad    B. a shrewd    C. an unprofitable    D. an insincere.

28. The principal described Oche as the most tactful person he had ever worked with.

A. passionate    B. discreet    C. hard-working    D. innovative.

29. The old woman is suffering from dementia.

A. lucidity    B. senility    C. insanity    D. sagacity.

In each of questions below, choose the word that is opposite in meaning to the word or phrase in italics.

30. The warring communities were coerced into negotiating a settlement.

A. driven    B. compelled    C. persuaded    D. pressured.

31. His father served as a mercenary in the army.

A. preacher    B. regular    C. recruit    D. officer.

32. Jummai is cruel to her husband.

A. harsh    B. brutal    C. passionate    D. ferocious.

33. The teacher who beat the student was treated with mercy.

A. disrespect    B. contempt    C. vengeance    D. kindness.

34. His wife hates his garrulous attitude.

A. outspoken    B. unfriendly    C. reticent    D. thoughtful.

35. Agoshito is a callow youth’, said the teacher.

A. an ignorant    B. an experienced    C. an idle    D. an organized.

36. What you are asking me to do is a herculean task.

A. a strenuous    B. a demanding    C. a lovely    D. an easy.

37. Nkechi was a novice when she was first employed.

A. manager    B. clerk    C. supervisor    D. professional.

38. ‘I do not trust him’, he said, in a rare moment of candour.

A. reproach    B. dishonesty    C. frankness    D. fairness.

39. Mrs Akunilo looks anaemic today.

A. strange    B. sick    C. weak    D. strong.

In each of questions 66 to 85 choose the option that best completes the gap.

40. When his car tyre …….... on the way, he did not know what to do.

A. has burst     B. had burst     C. bursted     D. burst.

41. Lami’s father ... as a gardener when he was young, but now he is a driver.

A. had been working    B. use to work C. has worked D. used to work.

43. It is important that you clear the refuse in front of your house every .........

A. fourtnight     B. fortnight     C. fourthnight     D. forthnight.

44. The policemen became suspicious as the hoodlums ......... in their office.

A. ferreted     B. ferretted     C. ferreted about     D. ferretted about.

45. Suara needn’t come with us, ...? .

A. does she     B. will she     C. can she     D. need she.

In each of questions below, choose the option that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.

46. bubble

A. guy     B. bull     C. bumper     D. gurgle

47. weight

A. whale     B. white     C. whet     D. wrythe

48. leach

A. gear    B. cedar    C. cheer    D. death

50. meditative

A. meDItative    B. mediTAtive    C. MEditative    D. meditaTIVE.

JAMB Reading Text - The Life Changer By Khadija Abubakar Jalli

51. How do you say that’s very good in French, Aunty?” Bint asked reverentially.

Question: Which other word can replace reverentially as used in the passage?

A. stylishly    B. Respectfully    C. soberly    D. hurriedly

52. “Meanwhile, do you know the implication of this admission in your life?” “Sure. It means I have arrived, it means I am at one with members of the intelligentsia.”

Another word for intelligentsia as used in the passage is ________

A. clerisy     B. rich     C. poor     D. lawyers

53. According to the book The Life Changer, students are advised to _______

A. pray always
B. wait for WAEC result before registering for UTME
C. write both WAEC and UTME same year
D. play always

54. One of the conditions given to Ummi by her father is that ________

A. she must be married before his death
B. she must be a graduate
C. she must married before her graduation
D. she must have four children

55. Ummi married her husband _______

A. while in the University
B. before her admission into the University
C. after her graduation from the University
D. during her Service Year (NYSC)

56. Students in the University are not to wear uniforms to class except those in the faculty of ______

A. Health Sciences     B. Administration     C. Sciences     D. Law

57. According to Ummi, most girls in the University dress ______

A. wonderfully    B. corporately    C. traditionally    D. nakedly

58. According to Bint, wearing the wrong coloured sandals to school attract _______

A. 2 stroke of cane
B. half day labour work
C. full day labour work
D. dismissal from class for the day

59. 'She had on very dark sunshades which accentuated her formidable appearance'

Another word for accentuated as used in the passage is _______

A. single out    B. block    C. shades    D. black

60.   ...The young men around were openly ogling her while the few of us ladies belonging to the old school even then, pretended not to notice her....

Another word for ogling as used in the passage is ______

A. Looking at her with amorous intentions
B. laughing at her
C. singing praises at her
D. struggling to make friend with her

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