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UTME Use of English - 60 Objective Questions


Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

Returning home after a decade and half abroad, our Geography master remained incurably addicted to foreign ways and ideas for years after landing here. He would forever stick to his theory of Africans suffering from a curse inflicted on them by the Almighty God for some heinous sins committed centuries ago. He would, in support of this theory, ask listeners: "Why would our mosquito inflict deadly malaria on us whereas the British mosquito does not bite? Why aren't there poisonous snakes in Britain whereas here most snakes are deadly? Why should the deadly sickle cell disease be peculiar to the black race?"

Of course, he hardly waits for answers to these and similar questions before jumping to the same inevitable conclusion. However, he met his match one day when a new student joined the class and heard the litany we were used to. The new boy calmly said, "Sir, I happen to know a few white men who suffer from the sickle cell disease; some are Italians and some are Spanish. The mosquito is equally deadly in India, South-east Asian Countries and South America. The United States and some other South American 5 Countries have their deadly snakes. And, Sir, I know many white men, some of them British, who would prefer our brilliant sunshine to their horribly cold winter." And he sat down.

I had never, before that day, seen our master so consumed with anger. He directed a burning look at the poor boy, who had no answer to this new battle. Without as much as saying a single word, the master stalked out of the classroom. Needless to say, our anger was turned on the new boy, who had decided to rock the boat without taking the time to sound the water. A delegation was sent to the master to apologise to him. He was appeased. But we all noticed something rather unusual thereafter never again did he dwell on the issue of Africans being the cursed People.

1. What point of view is the Geography master fond of advancing?

A. Africans are infested with all kinds of problem
B. Only the white men are free from deadly diseases
C. The Almighty God is punishing Africans for sins they committed long ago.
D. God did not curse the white people.

2. Which of the following arguments did he not use to support his vies?

A. In Africa, the mosquito causes deadly malaria whereas in Britain, it doesn't bite or cause malaria
B. There is malaria both in Britain and in African Countries
C. The snakes in Africa are deadly but those in Britain are harmless
D. The sickle cell disease is peculiar to the black race.

3. "...rock the boat" What figure of speech is this expression?

A. Simile    B. Metaphor    C. Personification    D. Hyperbole

4. What extra argument (lid the new boy offer after countering each of vie master's points?

A. There are problems especially in Africa
B. There are deadly snakes be the in America and Africa
C. There are harmless snakes in Britain
D. Many white men prefer the African climate to their own.

5. Why do you think the master fought back with his look rather than with further argument?

A. He knew that the boy's points were valid
B. He had answers to the boy's argument
C. He went out to sort for the boy's argument
D. He already made up his mind on his points.

6. "...who had no answer to this new battle".

What grammatical name is given to the above passage expression as it is used in the passage?

A. (non-defining) relative clause   B. Adverbial clause   C. Subordinate clause   D. Main clause

Passage B

The passage below has gaps immediately following each gap, four options are provided. Choose the most appropriate option for each gap.

Mankind has been ravaged by many virus and .....7......[A. germ     B. bacterial     C. dirty     D. mosquito]

.......diseases such as measles, but tuberculosis, diarrhoea and many others including ... 8.......[A. catarrh     B. runny-nose     C. headache     D. influenza]

known also as the ... 9... cold. [A. common     B. sporadic     C. universal     D. regular].

Outbreaks of many of these diseases have been brought under control in the last fifty years. Some ..........10........ [A. pains    B. fevers     C. infection     D. traces]

.........like measles and whooping cough still pose a great danger to younger children. The ...11.... [A. symptoms    B. appearance    C. feels     D. signs]

of measles are more easily ... 12... [A. diagnosed B. treated C. dealt with a handled] than those of whooping cough.

Unlike that of many others, the virus of measles more easily remain ...13... [A. unchanged B. constant C. undiscovered D. erratic] for hundreds of years.

However, once you have had an ...14...[A. epidemic B. encounter C. attack D. indisposition] of this dreadful disease,

you develop an ... 15... [ A. impurity    B. armour    C. immunity    D. ability] which is almost complete and long lasting.

Modern science has made available ...... 16 .....[A. injections B. medicine C. tablets D. vaccines] to prevent many childhood diseases

and this is the only guarantee of ... 17... [A. freedom    B. discharge    C. cure    D. protection] from these scourges.

More effective treatment of complication arising from these childhood diseases using penicillin and other ...18... [A. relievers B. treatments C. antibiotics D. Pills] has also helped to reduce the mortality rate among children.

After each of the following sentences, a list of possible interpretations of the sentence is given. Choose the interpretation that you consider appropriate for each sentence.

19. When asked to state her side of the story, Bunmi started by beating about the bush. This means that Bunmi

A. went straight to the point
B. was lost in great thought
C. followed a bush path
D. approached the subject without coming to the point.

20. The amount he donated was small. He said it was his widow's mite. This means that

A. he was a widow
B. he was misery.
C. it was all he could honestly afford
D. he could have given more.

21. The friendship between Segun and Shehu has turned sour. This means that Segun and Shehu are

A. no longer friends
B. stilt friends
C. better friends now
D. getting to understand each other.

22. The driver smelled a rat when the policemen asked him to stop. It means that the driver was

A. reckless   B. auspicious   C. careful   D. offensive.

23. The students were as Wised to face their studies and let the sleeping dog lie. This means that the students shout

A. obey the authorities
B. organise them properly
C. leave matters as they are now
D. be as watchful as sleeping dogs.

From these questions, choose the options opposite in meaning to the words or phrases in italics.

24. I am happy to inform you that your boys are conscientious

A. industrious    B. carefree      C. careful      D. corrupt

25. My father is a very prosperous businessman.

A. ungrateful   B. unscrupulous   C. unskilled   D. unsuccessful

26. My hostess greeted her guest in a very relaxed manner

A. energetic   B. athletic   C. stiff   D. perplexed

27. Ayo takes his studies rather lightly

A. humorously   B. tediously   C. carefully   D. seriously

28. The doctor was very gentle with his patients in the examining room

A. harsh   B. rude   C. rough   D. unkind

29. The President took exception to the ignoble role the young man played in the matter

A. honourable    B. embarrassing   C dishonourable   D. extraordinary

30. The man who had been seriously ill was convalescing at a seaside resort.

A. regaining health   B. deteriorating in health   C. recuperating   D. relaxing

31. For millions of years, the world resources have remained boundless

A. unlimited   B. scarce   C. indomitable   D. limited

32. The difference between the experimental procedures was imperceptible to me

A. negligible   B. significant   C. obvious   D. obscure

33. His anti-apathy to religion ideas makes him unpopular

A. remedy   B. Consciousness   C. hostility   D. receptiveness

For the questions, choose the options that best complete the gap(s).

34. He was _____  by the trickster.

A. assisted    B. duped    C. enjoined     D. encouraged

35. When the soldiers saw that resistance was _______, they stopped fighting

A. inadequate     B. inefficient     C. futile     D. successful

36. You should read all the _______ carefully before you decide where to go on holiday.

A. brochures     B. prospectus     C. tickets    D. handouts

37. The Emir and Conqueror of the enemy territories _______ next week.

A. arrives     B. are to arrive     C. arrive     D. are arriving

38. We ought to have visited the Governor, _______ ?

A. isn't it    B. oughtn't we    C. shouldn't we    D. haven't

39. He didn't sense Obi's presence in the room, did he? ________

A. yes, he did     B. No, he did     C. Yes, he didn't     D. No, he didn't

40. You can stay here __________  as you are quiet.

A. as long     B. so long     C. in a much     D. for as long

In each of these questions, choose the option nearest in meaning to the word(s) or phrase in italics.

41. The witness averred that she had seen Dosun at the scene of the crime

A. argued     B. confirmed     C. denied     D. affirmed

42. The high cost of living these days calls for a lot of frugality

A. extravagance    B. economy    C. recklessness    D. prudence.

43. Tunde's reaction underscores the points I was making.

A. justifies     B. summarizes     C. emphasizes     D. clarifies

44. Everyone admired the manager's adroit handling of the crisis in the company

A. emphasised    B. skillful    C. tactless    D. clumsy

45. The principal took exception to the ignoble role the teacher play in the matter

A. embarrassing    B. honourable    C. extraordinary D. dishonourable

In each of these questions, choose the option that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.

46. key

A. sit     B. bet    C. seat    D. tread

47. taught

A. law     B. aunt     C. count    D. plateau

In each of these questions, choose the appropriate stress Item from the options. The syllables are written in capital letters.

48. comfortable

A. COMfortable    B. comFORtable    C. comfortaBLE    D. comforTABLE

49. incapacitate

A. inCApacitate     B. incaPAcitate     C. INcapacitate     D. incapaciTATE.

50. encouragement

A. Encouragement     B. enCOUragement     C. encouRAgement     D. encouragement

JAMB Reading Text - The Life Changer

51. What is the full name of the author of the Life Changer?

A. William Shakespeare     B. Wole Soyinka     C. Niyi Osundare     D. Khadija Abubakar Jalli

52. “What?” The teacher jerked his head off as if stung by a bee.

The figure of speech represented by the words in italics is ______

A. metaphor     B. simile     C. hyperbole     D. personification

53. How do you say that’s very good in French?

A. Bonjour     B. au reviour     C. C’est tres bien     D. le frances

54. Who is Jamila?

A. Bint's friend
B. Bint's immediate younger sister
C. Bint's immediate senior sister
D. Bint's immediate senior brother

55. What is the name of Bint's Social Studies teacher?

A. Mr. Omar    B. Mrs. Jamila     C. Mallam Salihu    D. Mrs. Ummi

56. ‘goodbye until we meet again’ in French is ______

A. Bonjour    B. au reviour     C. C’est tres bien     D. le frances

57. What is the name of the second child of Ummi?

A. Omar    B. Jamila    C. Bint    D. Teemah

58. ‘They screamed and shouted and ululated. Another word for ululated is ______

A. danced     B. singed     C. roared     D. talked

59. Omar was given admission to study _______.

A. Mechanical Engineering     B. Medicine and Surgery     C. Chemistry     D. Law

60. Omar was given admission to study aw at ABU at the the age of ______

A. 18     B. 17     C. 16     D. 19

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