UTME CBT FREE Practice Test – The Life Changer By Khadija Abubakar Jalli (Reading Text)

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Tomiwa don't like politicians because ______

A. they are honourable people
B. they use best of cars
C. they tell lies
D. they resides in Legislative Quarters

60. Omar was given admission to study aw at ABU at the the age of ______

A. 18     B. 17     C. 16     D. 19

Salma was expelled from the Ahmadu Bello University in _______

A. 100 level     B. 200 level     C. 300 level     D. 400 level

How many policemen came to arrest Tella in the palace of Hakimi of Lafayette?

A. 3     B. 2     C. 1     D. none

“No, sir. With all due respect, that is not what my parents sent me here to do.
In fact, you should be ashamed of yourself asking me out.
You are old enough to be my father.
So what kind of morality are you guys inculcating in your students when you cannot see a beautiful girl pass by without you making advances at her?

The statement above was made to _______

A. Ummi B. Omar C. Dr. Dabo D. Salma

JAMB Reading Text - The Life Changer By Khadija Abubakar Jalli

51. Talle served as a driver in _____

A. the bank     B. the hospital     C. the Local Government Office     D. Lafayette Office

According to Ummi, one of the students' favorite meal on campus is _______

A. Snail meal     B. Jollof rice     C. Indomie jollof     D. Garri

One of the students that signed as a witness to examination malpractices committed by Salma is ______

A. Ada     B. Ngozi     C. Tomiwa     D. Kolawole Abdul

55. What is the name of Bint's Social Studies teacher?

A. Mr. Omar    B. Mrs. Jamila     C. Mallam Salihu    D. Mrs. Ummi

59. A scarified face according to Ummi's husband means ______

A. smooth face
B. a face with sunshades
C. a face with tribal marks
D. a face with decent make ups

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