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A body is released from rest and allowed to fall freely from a given height under gravity. The kinetic energy at its half-way point is ______

A. a little above half of ifs initial energy
B. a little below half of its initial energy
C. a half of its initial energy
D. a little above its initial energy

What are the values of p and q respectively in the equation above?

A. 10 and 20    B. 12 and 24    C. 20 and 20   D. 24 and 12

What optical instrument can best be constructed with converging lenses of focal lengths 50 cm and 5 cm?

A. Compound microscope    B. Terrestrial telescope     C. Astronomical telescope D.    Galileo’s telescope

A man standing between two parallel mirrors in a barber’s shop will see the following number of his own image _______

A. Eight     B. Two     C. Four     D. Infinite

A given quantity of heat increases the temperature of 150 grams of water from 9°C to 15°C and increases the temperature of an equal volume of oil weighing 100 grams from 9°C to 25°C. The ratio of the specific heat of oil to that of water is ______ 

A. 0.36       B. 0.46      C. 0.56       D. 0.76

In copper plating, a current of 0.5 A is allowed for cathode area of 100 cm2. If this current is maintained constant for 100 minutes, the thickness of the copper deposited will be approximately ______. (the electrochemical equivalent of copper = 0.0003 g/oC, density of copper = 104 g/cm3)  

A. 10-2 mm    B. 10-3 mm    C. 10-4 mm   D. 10-5 mm

Lenz’s law of electromagnetic induction states that

A. a force is exerted on a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field
B. electromotive force is induced in a circuit whenever there is a change in the magnetic flux linked with the circuit
C. the magnitude of the induced electromotive force in a circuit is proportional to the rate of change of flux linking the circuit.
D. the induced current in a coil is in such a direction that it sets up a magnetic field which opposes the change producing it.

A resistance R is connected across the terminal of an electric cell of internal resistance 2 Ω and voltage was reduced to of its nominal value. The value of R is

A. 3 Ω    B. 2 Ω   C. 1 Ω   D. 6 Ω

In pure semiconductor, the number of electrons in the conduction band is ___

A. equal to the number holes in the valence band
B. greater than the number of holes in the valence band
C. less than the number of holes in the valence band
D. twice the number of holes in the valence band

Gamma rays are produced when _______

A. high velocity electrons are abruptly stopped in metals.
B. energy changes occur within the nucleus of atoms.
C. energy changes occur within the electronic structure of atoms.
D. electrons are deflected in very strong magnetic fields.

A process by which two light atoms join to form a new atom of higher atomic mass is

A. natural radioactivity    B. nuclear fission    C. nuclear fusion   D. chain reaction

In the process of electrification by induction, the amount of induced charge in relation to the inducing charge is the ______ 

A. same in sign and quantity
B. same in sign but greater
C. opposite in sign but greater
D. opposite in sign and equal

The particle emitted when decays to is _____

A. gamma    B. beta    C. electron    D. alpha

Radio waves travel in air at 3.0 x 108ms-1. If the waves enter water of refractive index 4/3, calculate the speed of radio waves in water

A. 4.33 x 108 ms-1      B. 4.00 x 108 ms-1     C. 2.25 x 108 ms-1     D. 1.33 x 108 ms-1

The echo of a sounder from the bottom of an ocean ¡s heard 2.5 seconds later. If the speed of sound in water is 1,400 ms-1, the depth of the ocean is _____  

A. 1,750 m    B. 3,500 m    C. 1,400 m    D. 2,800 m

A catapult used to hold a stone of mass 500 g is extended by 20 cm with an applied force F. If the stone leaves with a velocity of 40 ms-1, the value of F is

A. 4.0 x 104 N    B. 4.0 x 103 N    C. 2.0 x 103 N    D. 4.0 x 102 N

An electric generator with a power output of 3.0 kW at a voltage of 1.5 kV distributes power along cables of total resistance 20.0 Ω . The power loss in the cable is _______

A. 0.1W    B. 10.0W    C. 40.0W   D. 80.0W

A wheel and axle of radii 800 mm and 200 mm respectively is used to raise a body of weight 800 N by the application of 250 N. Calculate the efficiency of the machine.

A. 85%     B. 80%     C. 60%     D. 20%

The image of an object formed by a convex mirror is

A. real, erect and enlarged
B. real, inverted and enlarged
C. virtual, erect and diminished
D. virtual, erect and enlarged

The diagram shows a maximum and minimum thermometer divided into three portions P, Q and R. Which of the following is true about the respective contents of P, Q and R?

A. Alcohol, mecury and alcohol
B. Air, alcohol and mercury
C. Mecury, alcohol and mecury
D. Air, mecury and alcohol

The combination of sound waves with different frequencies is known as _______ 

A. interference    B. diffraction   C. superposition    D. forced vibrations

A uniform beam PQ of mass 20kg and length 5m is balanced as shown above. A man of weight 800 N stands at M such that QM = 2m. The reactions at P and Q respectively are _____ (take g = 10 ms-2).

A. 300 N and 500 N      B. 420 N and 580 N      C. 220 N and 380 N      D.580 N and 420 N

The diagram above represents the displacement-time graph of the motion of an object thrown upwards. The velocity of the object at the point P is

A. maximum     B. uniform     C. zero     D. terminal.

A transverse wave is applied to a string whose mass per unit length is 3 x 10-2 kgm-1 .If the string is under a tension of 12 N, the speed of propagation of the wave is ______

A. 40 ms-1    B. 30 ms-1    C. 20 ms-1    D. 5 ms-1

A boy observed a piece of stone at the bottom of a river 6.0 m deep. If he looks from the surface of the river, what is the apparent distance of the stone from him?

A. 4.5 m   B. 5.0 m   C. 5.5 m    D. 8.0 m

A thin wire with heavy weights attached to both ends hung over a block of ice resting on two supports. If the wire cuts through the ice block while the block remains solid behind the wire, the process is called ______

A. fusion    B. sublimation    C. condensation    D. regelation

Two capacitors of capacitances 0.4 μF and 0.5 μF are connected in parallel and charged to a p.d. of 50V. Determine the total charge acquired.

A. 45μC     B. 25μC     C. 20μC     D. 10μC

The ratio of the linear expansivity of copper to that of iron is approximately 1.5. A specimen of iron and a specimen of copper expand by the same amount per unit rise in temperature. The ratio of their lengths is ______ 

A. 3    B. 1.5    C. 1.32    D. 0.67

The height at which the atmosphere ceases to exist is about 80 km. If the atmospheric pressure on the ground level is 760 mmHg, the pressure at a height of 20 km above the ground level is

A. 380 mmHg    B. 570 mmHg    C. 190 mmHg    D. 480 mmHg

The correct position for a fuse in the diagram above is

A. S       B. Q        C. P        D. between P and Q

The heights of the mercury thread in a mercury-in-glass thermometer when in melting ice and then in steam are 3cm and 18cm respectively. At a temperature of 60°C the height would be ______

A. 7.5 cm    B. 9 cm    C. 10.8 cm    D. 12 cm

Four cells each of emf 1.5 V and internal resistance of 4 Ω are connected in parallel. What is the effective e.m.f and internal resistance of the combination?

A. 6.0 V, 16 Ω    B. 6.0 V, 1 Ω    C. 1.5 V, 4 Ω    D. 1.5 V, 1 Ω

An electrical circuit is connected up as shown; which of the following is the correct value of the current through the 1 ohm resistance?

A. \frac{12}{13} A      B. \frac{13}{12} A      C. \frac{1}{3} A     D. 3A

A cell of internal resistance r supplies current to a 6.0 Ω resistor and its efficiency is 75%. Find the value of r.

A. 4.5 Ω    B. 1.0 Ω    C. 8.0 Ω   D. 2.0 Ω

Which one of the following types of waves cannot travel through a vacuum?

A. sound waves     B. light waves     C. infra-red waves     D. x-radiation

A galvanometer has a resistance of 5 Ω By using a shunt wire of resistance 0.05 Ω , the galvanometer could be converted to an ammeter capable of reading 2 A. What is the current through the galvanometer?

A. 2 mA   B. 10 mA   C. 20 mA   D. 25 mA

If the wavelength of a wave travelling with a velocity of 360 ms-1 is 60 cm, the period of the wave is ____

A. 6s    B. 3.6s    C. 017s    D. 0.61s

In the circuit above, the ammeter reads a current of 5.0 A when R = 8 Ω and reads 7.0 when R = 5 Ω. The value of the unknown resistance X is ___

A. 10.0 Ω    B. 7.5 Ω    C. 5.0 Ω    D. 2.5 Ω

Which of the following sources of energy is renewable?

A. Sun    B. Petroleum    C. Coal    D. Uranium

The diagram above shows the lens arrangement in ______

A. a compound microscope      B. an astronomical telescope      C. a binocular      D. a periscope

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