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When viewed straight down, a fish in a pond is

A. farther below than it appears to be
B. nearer than it appears to be
C. found at exactly the same point it is seen
D. seen beside its image

A uniform beam HK of length 10 m and weighing 200 N is supported at both ends as shown above. A man weighing 1000 N stands at a point P on the beam. If the reactions at H and K are respectively 800 N and 400 N, then the distance HP is  ______

A. 4 m     B. 3\frac{1}{3} m     C. 3 m     D. 6\frac{2}{3} m

A body of mass m has a specific heat capacity s, and a heat capacity, c. If the temperature of the body changes by θoC, which of the following equations is correct?

A. msθ = mc-1      B. ms = c     C. ms = sθ     D. ms = cθ

In the diagram below, determine the r.m.s current.

A. 31 A    B. 48 A    C. 60 A    D. 80 A

The height at which the atmosphere ceases to exist is about 80 km. If the atmospheric pressure on the ground level is 760 mmHg, the pressure at a height of 20 km above the ground level is

A. 380 mmHg    B. 570 mmHg    C. 190 mmHg    D. 480 mmHg

Which of the following radiations cannot be deflected by a magnetic field?  

A. α     B. β       C. γ       D.  β and γ

The water manometer ¡n the figure above is measuring the pressure of the gas supply. If the specific gravity of mercury ¡s 13.6 and the atmospheric pressure is 70cm of mercury, what is the total pressure of the gas supply in cm of water?  

A. 67 cm    B. 73 cm   C. 949 cm   D. 952 cm    E. 955 cm

Nuclear fission is preferred to nuclear fusion in the generation of energy because

A. very high temperatures are required for fusion
B. the raw materials for fusion are easily obtained
C. energy obtained from fusion is relatively smaller
D. the bye products of fusion are very dangerous

A conductor of length 2 m carries a current of 0.8 A while kept in magnetic field of magnetic flux density 0.5 T. The maximum force acting on it is ___

A. 8.0 N   B. 3.2 N    C. 0.8 N    D. 0.2 N

Heat is supplied to a block of ice at 0o until half of it has melted. Which of the following statement ¡s true?

A. The temperature rises and the ice expands
B. The temperature remains constant and the volume of ice decreases
C. The ice gives out heat as it melts
D. The mass remains constant and the temperature increases

Water falls through a height of 50m. Determine the temperature rise of the water at the bottom of the fall. [Neglect energy losses]. Specific heat capacity of water = 4200jkg-1k-1, g = 10ms-2

A. 0.119°C     B. 0.840°C     C. 1.190°C     D. 8.400°C

The water at the bottom of a waterfall is slightly warmer than that at the top because part of the _____

A. potential energy raises the, water temperature
B. water absorbs latent heat from the atmosphere
C. kinetic energy is changed into internal energy
D. dropping mass of water increases the heat capacity

A radio operated by eight cells each of e.m.f 2.0 V connected in series. If two of the cells are wrongly connected, the net e.m.f of the radio is ____

A. 16 V    B. 12 V    C. 10 V    D. 8 V

The diagram shows the prism arrangement in a _____

A. binocular    B. spectrometer    C. periscope    D. projector.

The force responsible for holding the moon in its orbit around the earth against the gravitational pull of the earth is _____  

A. centrifugal    B. rotational   C. reaction    D. centripeta

A 2H inductor has a negligible resistance and is connected to a 50π Hz a.c. supply. The reactance of the inductor is _____

Which of the following is/are in random motion?

I. Pollen grains in water
II. The molecules of hydrogen gas
III. Fine chalk particles floating in air

A. I and II only    B. I and III only    C. II and III only    D. I, II and III

A calorimeter of thermal capacity 80 J contains 20 g of water at 25°C. Water at 100°C ¡s added so that the final temperature of the set-up is 50°C. The amount of water added is _____  (Heat capacity of water = 4.18J/g/°C)

A. 20 g    B. 25 g    C. 45 g    D. 50 g

A ball is dropped and it hits the floor at a point A. It rebounds upwards to a point B. While moving from A to B its

A. kinetic energy is increasing
B. potential energy is increasing
C. potential energy is decreasing
D. kinetic energy remains constant

Which of the following statements is not a reason for using soft iron n making the core of a transformer? It

A. retains its magnetism for a long time
B. is easily magnetised
C. reduces energy loss due to hysteresis
D. is easily demagnetised

The diagram shows a lift pump with valves at P and Q. During a downward stroke of the piston,

A. Both valves are open     B. P is open while Q is closed     C. P is closed while Q is open     D. Both valves are closed.

In an electrolysis experiment, a cathode of mass 5g is found to weigh 5.01 g after a current of 5 A flows for 50 seconds. What is the electrochemical equivalent of the deposited substance?

A. 0.00004 g/C     B. 0.00002 g/C     C. 0.02500 g/C     D. 0.05000 g/C

Which of the following statements is correct?

A. The density of a liquid decreases when it expands
B. The densities of liquids increase when the liquids are heated
C. The real expansivity of a liquid is less than its apparent expansivity
D. A liquid changes to solid when heated to a sufficiently high temperature.

A quantity of water at 0oC is heated to about 30oC. At each degree rise in temperature, its density will ______

A. rise steadily    B. rise then fall    C. fall steadily    D. fall then rise

A string is fastened tightly between two walls 24 cm apart. The wavelength of the second overtone is __

A. 24 cm    B. 16 cm    C. 12 cm    D. 8 cm

A hand bag containing some load weighing 162 N is carried by two students each holding the handle of the bag next to him. If each handle is pulled 60o to the vertical, find the force on each student’s arm.

A. 324 N    B. 162 N    C. 121 N    D. 81 N

In the diagram above, which of the simple pendula will resonate with P when set into oscillation?

A. T     B. U       C. R and T        D. Q and R

One of the following readings represents the measurement of the length of a metal rod using vernier callipers. Taking the reading accuracy into consideration, the most likely one is _____ 

A. 5.16 cm     B. 5.165 cm    C. 5.0 cm    D. 51160 cm

If a given mass of gas at constant pressure obeys the relation.. .volume is proportional to the absolute temperature..the gas is said to obey ____

A. Hooke’s law    B. Boyle’s law    C. Dalton’s law    D. Charles’ law

The diagram above illustrates a bar magnet near a coil connected to a galvanometer. When the magnet is rapidly moved towards the coil

I. an e.m.f. is induced in the coil.
II. the galvanometer needle deflects.
III. the magnet is attracted by the coil.

Which of the statements above are correct?

A. I and II only    B. II and III only    C. I and III only    D. I, II and III

A transistor functions mainly as a ___

A. switch and an amplifier
B. rectifier and an amplifier
C. charge storer and an amplifier
D. charge storer and a switch

A piece of substance of specific heat capacity 450J kg-1k-1 falls through a vertical distance of 20 m from rest. Calculate the rise in temperature of the substance on hitting the ground when all its energies are converted into heat. [g = 10 ms-2]

Lenz’s law of electromagnetic induction states that

A. a force is exerted on a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field
B. electromotive force is induced in a circuit whenever there is a change in the magnetic flux linked with the circuit
C. the magnitude of the induced electromotive force in a circuit is proportional to the rate of change of flux linking the circuit.
D. the induced current in a coil is in such a direction that it sets up a magnetic field which opposes the change producing it.

I. The earth is not spherical but elliptical in shape
II. Variation in latitude and longitude
III. Rotation of the earth on its axis
IV. Variation in the density of the earth.

On which combination of the above does the weight of an object vary on the earth’s surface?

A. I, II III and IV   B. II, III and IV only   C. I, II and III only   D. I and II only

Which of the following sets of quantities is fundamental?

A. Length, mass and time
B. Speed, length and time
C. Speed, mass and distance
D. Distance, speed and time

In the circuit, the potential difference across each capacitor is 100 V. The total energy stored in the two capacitors is ___

A. 3.0 x 104 J    B. 3.0 x 102 J    C. 2.5 x 10-2 J    D. 6.0 x 10-3 J

The diagram is a block-and-tackle pulley system in which an effort of 80 N is used to lift a load of 240 N. The efficiency of the machine is ____

A. 60%   B. 50%   C. 40%   D. 33%

A bread toaster uses a current of 4 A when plugged in a 240 volts line. It takes one minute to toast slices of bread. What is the energy consumed by the toaster?

A. 5.76 x 104 J   B. 1.60 x 104 J    C. 3.60 x 103 J   D. 5.76 x 103 J

Which of the following statements about a spring balance and/or a chemical balance is not correct?

A The chemical balance operates on the principle of moments
B. The spring balance operates on Hooke’s  law
C. Either may be used to measure the weight of a substance
D. The reading of a spring balance changes over the surface of the earth, while that of the chemical balance remains constant.

A bar magnet is placed near and lying along the axis of a solenoid connected to a galvanometer. The pointer of the galvanometer shows no deflection when

A. the magnet is moved away from the stationary solenoid
B. the solenoid is moved away from the stationary magnet
C. the magnet is moved towards the stationary solenoid
D. there is no relative motion between the magnet and the solenoid.

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