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Special words that are said to have magical effects are referred to as ______

A. heaving     B. whistling     C. recitative     D. incantation

Rock The Party is a hit song by _____

A. Danny Young     B. Big Bamo     C. Dijnee     D. D'banj

When transposed up a tone, the passage will be in the key of ______

A. D major
B. F major
C. G major
D. A major.

Sing ye choirs of angels
Sing to God on high

The text above is best represented in ____

A. m:m|m:f|s:-|m:-|f:f|r:t|d:-|-:-||
B. m.m:-.m|m:f|s:s.f|m:s|f:f|r:t|d:-II
C. m:m.m|m:f:s|s:-:|m:-:-|f:f:f|r:-:t|d:-:-||
D. m:m.m|m:f|s:-.s|m:-m|f:f:f|r:t:r:t|d:-|-:-||

Allemande is a dance in _____ time

A,. \frac{3}{4}     B. \frac{4}{4}     C. \frac{3}{2}     D. \frac{6}{4}

The quality of the triad above is _____

A. augmented     B. minor     C. diminished     D. major

Which of the following musicians contributed greatly to the development of ______

A. Manu Dibango     B. Awilo Logomba     C. Kofi Olomide    D. Lucky Dube

The combination of a string quartet is _______

A. 2 violins, 1 cello and 1 double bass
B. 2 violins, 1 viola and 1 cello
C. 2 violins, 1 viola and 1 double bass
D. 1 violins, 2 violas and 1 cello

The pitch in the stave above sounds the same as ______

A. E flat
B. E
C. D flat
D. D

Mamman Shata is associated with ______

A. duma music    B. tandu music     C. goge music     D. kalangu music

The correct barring of the rhythm above is

A. i     B. ii.     C. iii     D. iv

The diatonic interval in the score above is ______

A. an augmented 6th     B. diminished 6th     C. a major 6th     D. a minor 6th

Missa Brevis was composed by ______

A. Palestina     B. G.F Handel     C. Monteverdi     D. J.S Bach

The song entitled Swing Low, Swing Chariot is an example of a _____

A. cha-cha-cha     B. bolero     C. tango     D. negro spiritual

The song entiled Adara was composed by _____

A. Weird MC     B. Olu Maintain     C. Sasha     D. Alex

Which of the following wrote compositions using the atonal style?

A. Stravinsky    B. Schoenberg    C. Schubert    D. Smetana

The passage, when transposed 3½ tones up, will be in the key of _____

A. C major
B. B major
C. G major
D. F major

Note B in the key of D major is the ______

A. submediant     B. mediant     C. dominant     D. subdominant

The classical blues usually consist of ______

A. 32 bars     B. 8 bars     C. 16 bars     D. 12 bars

The Romantic period is between _____

A. 1820 and 1890     B. 1820 and 1895     C. 1780 and 1898     D. 1820 and 1875

Umoja is a traditional dance group from _____

A. South Africa     B. Ivory coast     C. Togo     D. Nigeria

The triad above is in its ______

A. third inversion     B. second inversion     C. first inversion     D. root position

The Ars Nova and Ars Antiqua belong to the _____

A. Romantic Period     B. Baroque period     C. Classical period     D. Medieval period

  is equivalent to ______

A. 16 demisemiquavers
B. 14 demisemiquavers
C. 15 demisemiquavers
D. 13 demisemiquavers

The passage above, the treble and the alto are moving in ______

A. contrary motion     B. parallel motion     C. similar motion     D. oblique motion

The time signature for the tune above is _______

A. \frac{3}{2}     B. \frac{2}{2}     C. \frac{3}{4}     D. \frac{2}{4}

The melody in the score above is in the key of _____

A. d minor    B. g minor     C. D major     D. A major

The musical form of the Nigerian National Anthem is _____

A. responsorial    B. stanzaic     C. ternary     D. stanzaic

kwaa Mensah was the leader of the _____

A. Fanti Trio     B. Accra Orchestra     C. Ghana Combo    D. Jazz Kings

The Eki-gene is a cultural dance among the people of ______

A. Bayelsa     B. Delta State    C. River State     D. Edo State

The Griots of Senegambia are examples of _____

A. palace musicians     B. wandering musicians     C. cult musicians     D. village musicians

The Ekpo masquerade is common among the ______

A. Eggon     B. Urhobo     C. Agatu    D. Ibibio

The song entitled can we chill? was composed by _____

A. Usher     B. Dr.Dre    C. Ne - yo    D. 50 Cents

Which of the following instruments are aerophones?

A. Molo, Komo Kukuma
B. Bata, bembe and shantu
C. Kaho, popolo and ekutu
D. Ogene, oyo and ekpili

Martellato means ______

A. pinched    B. hammered    C. blasted    D. punched

The English word for vivac is _____

A. slow     B. sustained     C. slow and steady     D. fast and lively

The cadence in the chord progression above is _____

A. perfect     B. deceptive     C. imperfect     D. plagal

The folk symphony is a nationalistic work by _____

A. Akin Euba     B. Fela Sowande     C. Bode Omojola     D. Ayo Bankole

Gulum is an example of ______

A. an indiophone    B. a chordophone     C. an aerophone     D. a membranophone

The italian term pizzicato means ______

A. pointed    B. plucked    C. pushed    D. painted

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