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A major factor that influenced the formation of Nigeria foreign policy in the First Republic was _____

A. geographical location
B. the colonial legacy
C. economic consideration
D. the parliamentary system

The independent National Electoral Commission has the power to prepare and maintain the register of

A. political parties    B. constituencies    C. voters   D. electoral candidate

The Nigerian electoral system gives voting rights to _______

A. aliens
B. Africans above the age of twenty one
C. children over twelve years old
D. Nigerian citizens who are 18 years old and above

The Clifford Constitution _____

A. provided for universal adult suffrage
B. made Governor dependent on the Executive Council
C. provided for an unofficial majority membership of the Legislature Council
D. introduced the elective principle into Nigerian politics

Nigeria’s Non-Alignment Policy is constrained by her _______

A. strong ties with Western powers
B. membership of the ECOWAS
C. Afrocentric posture
D. membership of the UNO

An election conducted to fill a vacant post in a legislature is known as _______

A. a primary election    B. a general election    C. a by-election    D. a referendum

The first Governor-General of colonial Nigeria was ______

A. Sir Hugh Clifford     B. Sir James Robertson     C. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe      D. Lord Lugard

Under the constitution of the Second Federal Republic of Nigeria, statutory allocation of revenue to local government councils is the responsibility of the _____

A. President    B. Governor    C. National Assembly    D. House of Assembly

The land Use Decree of 1978 vested the ownership of land in Nigeria in the ____

A. local Chiefs    B. local Government    C. State Government    D. Federal Government

The Lyttleton Constitution is important because it _______

A. confirmed that Nigeria would be independent in 1960
B. confirmed Nigeria’s federal structure
C. introduced franchise into Nigeria n politics
D. made Nigeria sovereign

In pre-colonial Igbo society, decisions on public issues were reached mainly through _____

A. majority votes   B. imposition   C. consensus   D. the oracles

The emirate system of administration can be likened to a ______

A unitary system of government
B. federal system of government
C. constitutional monarchy
D. confederal system of government

When a bill passed by the legislature is vetoed by the executive, the action underscores the principle of

A. probity and accountability
B. separation of powers
C. collective responsibility
D. checks and balances

Which of the following is true of parliamentary system of government?

A. Clear separation of government organs
B. Strict operation of bicameral legislature
C. Removal of government by impeachment
D. Adherence to majority rule.

In order to qualify for membership of the House of Representatives in Nigeria, a citizen must have attained the age of ______

A. 21    B. 18    C. 30    D. 45

The supreme organ of the U.N.O. is the _____

A. General Assembly    B. Security Council    C. Secretary General    D. World Court

A major way of maintaining confidence in the electoral process is by ensuring that ______

A. elections are conducted as and when due
B. unlimited franchise is observed
C. electoral officers are regularly trained
D. elections are, conducted in a free and fair atmosphere

The tenure of the President of the UN Security Council is ______

A. two years   B. one month     C. six months     D. one year

Delegated legislation becomes unavoidable when ______

A. issues under consideration are technical
B. legislators have to proceed on a recess
C. legislators cannot reach a consensus
D. issues under consideration are personal

The Economic Commission for Africa is an organ of _______

A. O.A.U.   
C. U.N.O.   
D. E.E.C.

Under the 1979 Nigeria Constitution, the supreme court judges were appointed by the _____

A. judicial services commission    B. President    C. honourable chief justice    D. senate

One major disadvantage of public opinion is that _____

A. leaders are unnecessarily criticized
B. gossip and rumours thrive
C. a vocal minority claims to represent the majority
D. the critics of government policies are always harassed

One of the legacies of pre-colonial Nigeria destroyed by the British was the _____

A. peace and harmony in the land.
B. indigenous cultures of the people
C. education of the local people
D. nation’s farmlands

The Native Authority system was most effective and successful in _____

A. Eastern Nigeria.   B. Northern Nigeria   C. Mid-Western Nigeria   D. Western Nigeria

Delegated legislation is the power to make laws by ______

A. local councils when parliament is recess
B. bodies other than parliament
C. the International Law Commission
D. military rulers

Which of these constitutions recognized local government as a third tier of government in Nigeria?

A. 1946 Constitution   B. 1960 Constitution   C. 1963 Constitution   D. 1979 Constitution

The Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP) of the pre-independence era ______

A. dominated the political scene in Lagos
B. was formed to replace the Action Group as the ruling party in the Western Region
C. had branches all over the country
D. was warmly supported by traditional rulers

With the adoption of the presidential system of government, Nigeria ceased to ____

A. have a representative government
B. be a member of the Commonwealth
C. have different persons as Head of State and Government
D. operate a bicameral legislature

Before Nigeria became a Republic, the highest body charged with the administration of justice was the

A. Privy Council   B. High Court   C. Supreme Court   D. Court of Appeal

The impact of the Commonwealth of Nations is felt most in the area of ______

A. cultural cooperation   B. military cooperation   C. economic cooperation   D. diplomatic cooperation

The first franchise in the history of the democratic process is _____

A. property franchise.   B. universal franchise   C. male franchise   D. female franchise

The first Pan-African Conference took place in _____

A. 1920     B. 1945     C. 1958     D. 1960

The rule of law implies _____

A. the rule by lawyers
B. that only the Head of State is above the law
C. the absence of a military government
D. that no one is above the law

The non-British colony which is a member of the Common Wealth is ______

A. Rwanda   B. Guinea-Bissau   C. Mozambique   D. Eritrea

The first general election in Nigeria was held in _____

A. 1933    B. 1952    C. 1955    D. 1959

The unrestrained power of the state over its citizens is underlined by _______

A. sovereignty   B. nationalism   C. self-determination    D. patriotism

Which of these is NOT a member of the Judiciary?

A. The chief justice    B. A high court judge    C. A magistrate    D. A lawyer

A person who is disenfranchised is ______

A. allowed to be voted for
B. allowed to exercise his voting right
C. not permitted to vote
D. allowed to nominate a candidate

Public opinion becomes politically relevant when it _____

A. criticizes people in power
B. influences the decisions of government
C. aggregates views and interests
D. is in support of government

The first political party in Nigeria was formed after the introduction of the _______

A. Richards Constitution
B. Clifford Constitution
C. Bourdillon constitution
D. Macpherson Constitution

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