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Fundamental Human Rights can be defined as _______

A. freedoms enshrined in the constitution
B. the provisions of the constitution of the ruling political party
C. the provisions of the local government constitution
D. regulations about workers welfare

The first franchise in the history of the democratic process is _____

A. property franchise.   B. universal franchise   C. male franchise   D. female franchise

Which of the following countries does NOT operate a Federal constitution.

A. U.S.A.    B. Canada    C. Nigeria    D. France

One of the features of a sovereign state is that it ______

A. practices the presidential system of government
B. has the capacity to defend itself from external aggression
C. is not indebted to other countries
D. has a large number of soldiers

The major advantage of the secret ballot is that _____

A. it is faster than other systems
B. nobody can be prevented from voting
C. it ensures the anonymity of each voter
D. losers can ask for another secret vote

The idea of making the civil service permanent, neutral and anonymous is to ____

A. enhance efficiency is administration
B. ensure loyalty and support
C. prevent opposition to government
D. make civil servants a functional elite

Nigeria’s Non-Alignment Policy is constrained by her _______

A. strong ties with Western powers
B. membership of the ECOWAS
C. Afrocentric posture
D. membership of the UNO

The Economic Commission for Africa is an organ of _______

A. O.A.U.       B. ECOWAS       C. U.N.O.      D. E.E.C.

Which of the following is not a function of a political party _____

A. Educating the government
B. Interest articulation
C. Aggregation of opinions
D. Selection of persons for government

Which pair of West African countries influenced each other’s post-independence political development most?

A. Nigeria and Gambia     B. Ghana and Sierra Leone      C. Togo and Liberia     D. Nigeria and Ghana

One of the legacies of pre-colonial Nigeria destroyed by the British was the _____

A. peace and harmony in the land.
B. indigenous cultures of the people
C. education of the local people
D. nation’s farmlands

In which of the following political systems is rule of law most enhanced?

A. Cabinet system     B. Feudal system      C. Fascist system     D. Communist system

Government can be defined as the study of _____

A. constitutions
B. cabinet system of government only.
C. how people rule themselves.
D. presidential system of government only.

The major innovation of the Republican constitution of 1963 was that ______

A. the Prime Minister ceased to be Head of State
B. the Governor’s office as the representative of the Queen was abolished
C. the Cabinet was no longer responsible to the legislature
D. it introduced the Executive Presidential System

A collegial executive is a government in which power is vested with the _______

A. president    B. monarch    C. committee    D. parliament

Nigeria demonstrated her commitment to the policy of non-alignment during the regime of _____

A. Ibrahim Babangida.   B. Muhammed Buhari   C. Johnson Aguiyi-lronsi   D. Murtala Muhammed

The dispute between Nigeria and Cameroun is over ______

A. trade   B. exploration rights   C. territory   D. fishing rights

The first military coup d’etat in West Africa was staged in ______

A. Niger    B. Guinea     C. Togo     D. Ghana

Financial allocation to local governments by the federal or the state government to supplement the cost of a project is called ______

A. revenue allocation    B. reimbursement    C. statutory allocation    D. matching grant

Which of the following is not a characteristic of confederation?

A. The right to secede is allowed
B. Sovereignty resides in the centre
C. The centre and units agree before taking decisions
D. Autonomous units are more powerful than the centre

The pre-colonial Yoruba political system as a whole can best be described as a ______

A. federation of chiefdoms and localities
B. confederation of chiefdoms and localities.
C. confederation of monarchies and chiefdoms
D. highly centralized kingdom

A person who is disenfranchised is ______

A. allowed to be voted for
B. allowed to exercise his voting right
C. not permitted to vote
D. allowed to nominate a candidate

ECOWAS is _______

A. an international military/defence organization
B. a regional economic organization
C. a trans-national religious group
D. a West African English-speaking organization

The Commonwealth ¡s an organization _______

A. of all states formerly in the British Empire
B. of most of the states in the defunct British Empire
C. of all English-speaking countries of the world
D. of only Asian and African countries
E. which effectively coordinates the policies of its members

The countries in which Nigeria participated in the ECOMOG peace-keeping operations were ____

A. Sierra Leone and Cote d’ Ivoire
B. Liberia and Sierra Leone,
C. Liberia and Guinea
D. Senegal and Cote d’ Ivoire

Under the presidential system of government in Nigeria _______

A. there is no formal opposition in the national legislature
B. the Majority Leader exercises power which is equal to that of the President
C. State governments do not have any powers except those allowed by the Central Government
D. the President has absolute power

The manipulation of boundaries of constituencies in order to win more seats is called ______

A. devolution   B. rigging   C. gerrymandering   D. delimitation

The standing committee of a legislature is one ______

A. whose members stand while deliberating
B. that has statutory responsibilities
C. that performs ad hoc function
D. that has all legislators as members.

The Organization of African Unity (OAU) was set up in ______

A. Accra.     B. Harare.     C. Cairo.     D. Addis Ababa

The organ of the United Nations Organisation that co-ordinates the activities of its specialized agencies is the _______

A. General Assembly
B. International Court of Justice
C. Economic and Social Council
D. Trusteeship Council

One feature of a Unitary State is _____

A. the large size of the country
B. high level of economic development
C. absence of constitutional division of power to the units
D. presence of heterogeneous groups.

Which of the following is not within the scope of a constitution?

A. Fundamental Human Rights     B. Organs of government     C. Coup d’état     D. Preamble.

One of the duties of the legislature is to ______

A implement laws    B. adjudicate disputes   C. promulgate decrees    D. exercise oversight

The ability to command obedience is called ______

A. authority.     B. influence.      C. legitimacy.     D. mobilization

One argument against a multi-party system is the ______

A. encouragement of opposition and instability
B. banning of interest groups
C. inability to attract foreign assistance
D. high cost of conducting elections

The structure of the civil service is based on _____

A. hierarchical organization   B. lateral organization   C. merit system   D. patronage system

Which of these international finance agencies is Nigeria a member?

A. The Paris Club
B. The London Club
C. The International Monetary Fund
D. The Infrastructure Development Fund

According to Marxist theory, those who own and control the means of production in a capitalist society are ______

A. exploiters     B. colonialists    C. workers    D. bourgeoisie

Which of the following is a good example of a confederal state?

A. Nigeria    B. Switzerland    C. U.S.A.    D. ECOWAS

A distinguishing feature of the 1979 Constitution was the _______

A. introduction of a federal structure.
B. introduction of unicameralism into Nigeria
C. departure from the parliamentary to the presidential system
D. preservation and entrenchment of republicanism

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