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The head of the Judiciary in every state of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is called _______

A. Honourable Chief Justice
B. Head of Judicial Service
C. Grand Khadi
D. President Customary Court of Appeal

The rule of law implies _____

A. the rule by lawyers
B. that only the Head of State is above the law
C. the absence of a military government
D. that no one is above the law

In a simple majority electoral system, the candidate that wins is the one who _____

A. obtains the greatest number of votes cast
B. has spent the most amount of money
C. has travelled most widely in the country
D. is endorsed by the traditional rulers

Public opinion is a view that is _____

A. held by the majority
B. active in the public realm
C. widely publicized
D. no longer a secret

In a democracy, sovereign authority is exercised by the ______

A. legislature   B. people   C. executive   D. electorate

One major disadvantage of public opinion is that _____

A. leaders are unnecessarily criticized
B. gossip and rumours thrive
C. a vocal minority claims to represent the majority
D. the critics of government policies are always harassed

The Economic Commission for Africa is an organ of _______

A. O.A.U.       B. ECOWAS       C. U.N.O.      D. E.E.C.

Legitimacy is determined mainly by ______

A. charisma.     B. influence.     C. acceptance.     D. desire

Which Public Commission was not established by the 1979 constitution?

A. Udoji Commission
B. Federal Electoral Commission
C. Public Service Commission
D. Public Complaint Commission

The members of the Nigerian Constituent Assembly were elected in 1983 by ________

A. bye-election    B. a general election     C. electoral colleges     D. indirect election

The civil service embraces all workers in ______

A. all private corporations   B. public and private companies   C. government ministries   D. public corporations

A specialized agency of the United Nations Organization is the ______

A. International Court of Justice.
B. International Olympic Committee.
C. General Assembly
D. World Health Organization

Which former Head of State of Ghana was executed during the rule of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC)?

A. General J.A. Ankrah
B. General A. A. Afrifah
C. Flight Lieutenant Jerry Rawlings
D. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

A party system made up of more than two parties may not qualify for the title of a multi-party system when ______

A. the country in question has a unitary form of government
B. the country in question has a federal form of government
C. the parties are not competitive
D. different parties are supported by distinct political interests

The 1979 Nigerian Constitution is unique because it ______

A. provides for a head of government
B. introduces a participation of women in politics
C provides for a head of state who is also head of government
D provides for a House of Chiefs

Which of the following functions is performed by the electoral commission?

A. Distribution of party membership cards
B. Presenting parties manifestos
C. Delimiting the country into constituencies
D. Conducting oath of office for elected president.

President Shehu Shagari was elected _____

A. by the Election Tribunal
B. by the Supreme Court
C. on the first. ballot
D. by the Federal Electoral Commission

The name of the president of the Nigerian Labour Congress elected in 1983 is _______

A. Mr. Wahab Goodluck
B. Alhaji Shehu Kangiwa
C. Alhaji Hassan Sunmonu
D. Alhaji Ali Chiroma

Which of the following is NOT a member of ECOWAS?

A. Nigeria    B. Togo    C. Ghana    D. Cameroun

The first British West African country to practise the elective principle was _____

A. Nigeria.    B. The Gambia.     C. Sierra Leone.     D. Ghana.

Centralization of power is a feature of a _____

A. federal system    B. unitary system    C. confederal system    D. presidential system

The main constraint on Nigeria Francophone West African cooperation is ______

A. cultural difference   B. ideological difference   C. economic dependence   D. poor road network

Nigeria’s Non-Alignment Policy is constrained by her _______

A. strong ties with Western powers
B. membership of the ECOWAS
C. Afrocentric posture
D. membership of the UNO

The first Nigerian Permanent Representative to the United Nations was ______

A. Alhaji Yusuf Maitama Sule
B. General Joseph Garba
C. Professor lbrahim Gambari
D. Chief Samuel Adebo.

Which of the following is related to government as a process of governing'?

A. Implementation and adjudication of law
B. The role of pressure groups within the state
C. Disagreement between state and local- governments
D. Abrogation of Fundamental Human Rights

The recruitment of personnel into the civil service by the public/civil service commission prevents ____

A. political patronage.     B. bribery and corruption.     C. overstaffing.    D. bureaucracy.

The immediate cause of the January 15 1966 military coup in Nigeria was the _____

A. crisis aver the population census.
B. election crisis the Western Region
C. Kano Riots
D. Tiv Riots

The primary objective of the United Nations Organisation (UNO) is to _____

A. stop aggression    B. help poor countries     C. fight against injustice    D. maintain world peace

A common feature m a pie-colonial centralized state was _____

A. loyalty to one political superior.
B. absence of single superior political authority.
C. the existence of autocratic rule.
D. existence of separation of powers.

The idea of making the civil service permanent, neutral and anonymous is to ____

A. enhance efficiency is administration
B. ensure loyalty and support
C. prevent opposition to government
D. make civil servants a functional elite

The three great Nigerian nationalists between 1950 and 1966 were ______

A. Herbert Macaulay, Nnamdi Azikiwe and Obafemi Awolowo
B Ahmadu Bello, Nnamdi Azikiwe and Theophilus Danjuma
C. Obafemi Awolowo, Herbert Macaulay and Ahmadu Bello
D. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo and Ahmadu Bello

A sovereign state is one ______

A. whose constitution can only be changed by a military government
B. where its citizens can speak without fear or favour
C. in which sovereignty is invested in the military
D. whose government decisions are made independent of sovereign interference

The most active organ of the Economic Community of West African States is the ______

A. Authority of Heads of State and Government
B. Council of Ministers
C. Tribunal of the Community
D. Technical and Specialized Commission

The economic basis of feudalism is _______

A. trade   B. capital   C. agriculture   D. slavery

One of the legacies of pre-colonial Nigeria destroyed by the British was the _____

A. peace and harmony in the land.
B. indigenous cultures of the people
C. education of the local people
D. nation’s farmlands

A British colony means ______

A. a territory endowed with arable farm land
B. an area for colonial plantation
C. an area directly under the control of the traditional rulers and chiefs
D. a territory acquired by the colonialists through settlement or conquest

The late development of nationalism in French West Africa was due to _____

A. absorption of French colonial ex-service men into the French army.
B. migration of the citizenry to British West African colonies.
C. establishment of the traditional Council of Chiefs.
D. oppressive French colonial policies.

Communism is a system which recognizes ______

A. the existence of the state
B. the existence of the individual
C. the ability of the individual
D. class stratification

The first general election in Nigeria was held in _____

A. 1933    B. 1952    C. 1955    D. 1959

In order to qualify for membership of the House of Representatives in Nigeria, a citizen must have attained the age of ______

A. 21    B. 18    C. 30    D. 45

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