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The Organization of African Unity was established for the main purpose of ______

A. opposing imperialism in all its forms and manifestations
B. establishing an African High Command
C. protecting the human rights of all Africans wherever they may live
D. encouraging cooperation and unity among African States

Under the 1999 Constitution, the power to declare war is vested in the ________

A. National Security Council.   B. legislature   C. executive   D. National Council of States

The name of the president of the Nigerian Labour Congress elected in 1983 is _______

A. Mr. Wahab Goodluck
B. Alhaji Shehu Kangiwa
C. Alhaji Hassan Sunmonu
D. Alhaji Ali Chiroma

The transfer of authority to local government council is known as ______

A. demarcation     B. delegation     C. fusion     D. fragmentation

In pre-colonial Igbo society, decisions on public issues were reached mainly through _____

A. majority votes   B. imposition   C. consensus   D. the oracles

The activities of Nigeria in the international community are primarily influenced by ______

A. propaganda   B. national interest    C. military power   D. diplomacy

The emirate system of administration can be likened to a ______

A unitary system of government
B. federal system of government
C. constitutional monarchy
D. confederal system of government

A person who is disenfranchised is ______

A. allowed to be voted for
B. allowed to exercise his voting right
C. not permitted to vote
D. allowed to nominate a candidate

The pre-colonial Yoruba political system as a whole can best be described as a ______

A. federation of chiefdoms and localities
B. confederation of chiefdoms and localities.
C. confederation of monarchies and chiefdoms
D. highly centralized kingdom

Local Government Reforms were carried out by the Federal Military Government in ______

A. 1970    B. 1976    C. 1979    D. 1967

The leading agent in the expansion of British influence in Northern Nigeria in the 1890s was the ____

A. Royal West African Frontier force
B. British Consul in Lagos
C. Royal Niger Company
D. British Consul in Calabar

The tenure of the President of the UN Security Council is ______

A. two years   B. one month     C. six months     D. one year

Nigeria’s relation with black political communities outside Africa is built an ______

A. shared political aspirations
B. expectations of political support from them.
C. economic considerations
D. perceived cultural affinities

A problem of Nigerian federalism that was resolved by the Supreme Court between the federal government and the littoral states centered on resource ______

A. maximization   B. generation   C. derivation    D. control

Nigeria’s membership of the ECOWAS is informed by her desire to ______

A. become a sub-regional power
B. promote economic integration
C. form a sub-regional high command
D. Develop a market in the sub-region

The decision of the Supreme Court of Nigeria is _____

A. subject to appeal    B. subject to judicial review     C. final     D. B and C

Which of the following nations does not have veto power in the Security Council of the UNO?

A. Britain    B. China    C. France    D. Germany

One major factor that differentiates the presidential from the parliamentary system is _____

A. judicial independence   B. party system   C. separation of powers   D. passage of bills

Under the constitution of the Second Federal Republic of Nigeria, statutory allocation of revenue to local government councils is the responsibility of the _____

A. President    B. Governor    C. National Assembly    D. House of Assembly

The structure of the civil service is based on _____

A. hierarchical organization   B. lateral organization   C. merit system   D. patronage system

The Second Republic, the ruling National Party of Nigeria form an alliance with the _____

A. Great Nigeria People’s Party
B. Nigeria Advance Party.
C. Unity Party of Nigeria
D. Nigeria People’s Party

The constitution that introduced restricted franchise into Nigerian politics was the

A. Clifford Constitution
B. Richards Constitution
C. Lyttleton Constitution
D. Independence Constitution

The Guggisberg Constitution of 1925 in Ghana _____

A. strengthened the authority of natural rulers
B. weakened the authority of natural rulers
C. enhanced the status of the educated elite
D. abolished the post of colonial governor

The Nigerian Youth Movement was founded in _______

A. 1920    B. 1922    C. 1936    D. 1937

Lagos became a Gowon Colony in ______

A. 1900    B. 1914    C. 1886    D. 1881

The two military coups that toppled civilian regimes in Nigeria were those of ______

A. July 1966 and August 1985
B. January 1966 and December 1983
C. February 1976 and December 1983
D. January 1966 and July 1975.

Public corporations are set up to _____

A. make profit
B. compete with the private sector
C. cater for those businesses that cannot be left entirely to private enterprise
D. gets Board appointments for politicians

In a presidential system of government, the president checks the legislature through ______

A. executive review   B. executive order   C. exercise of veto   D. legislative order.

An election conducted to fill a vacant post in a legislature is known as _______

A. a primary election    B. a general election    C. a by-election    D. a referendum

Nigeria adopted a republican constitution on ______

A. October 1, 1960
B. October 1, 1963
C. October 1, 1966
D. May 1, 1967

The citizenship of a country could be acquired through ______

A. parliamentary legislation
B. birth and naturalization
C. registration and arbitration
D. presidential proclamation

The 1976 Reforms have been most beneficial to the ______

A. Nigeria Police.   B. federal government   C. local government   D. civil service

The principle of checks and balances reinforces separation of powers in order to _____

A make the legislature more powerful
B. prevent the emergence of dictatorship
C. protect the powers of the executive
D. prevent an unconstitutional change of Government

Some pre-colonial Nigerian societies are described as stateless because _____

A. they had no formal governmental institution
B. they had no definite political boundaries
C. their population was too small
D. they were not independence

The fundamental assumption on which the idea of the rule of law is based is ______

A. supremacy of the constitution
B. rationality of human beings
C. equality of human beings
D. love for social justice

The first political party in Nigeria was formed after the introduction of the _______

A. Richards Constitution
B. Clifford Constitution
C. Bourdillon constitution
D. Macpherson Constitution

The non-permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations Organisations (UNO) are elected for _____

A. 5 year terms    B. 4 year terms    C. 3 year terms    D. 2 year terms

The first military government in Nigeria was headed by _____

A. General Yakubu Gowon
B. General Aguiyi Ironsi
C. General M.Mohammed
D. General O. Obasanjo

The 1958 Constitutional Conferences responded to the fears of minorities by recommending the ______

A. creation of the Mid-Western Region
B. formation of a national government
C. regionalization of the public service
D. entrenchment of fundamental human rights

The first restructuring of the Nigerian federation took place with the ____

A. creation of the Mid-West Region in 1963
B. abolition of federalism in 1966
C. military counter-coup of 1966
D. creation of states in 1967

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