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Khartoum in Sudan is located ______

A. between two lakes   B. at the confluence of two rivers   C. at the lowest bridge points   D. at the bends of rivers.

Which of the following minerals is likely to be absent in a region consisting mainly of igneous and metamorphic rocks?

A. Tin    B. Coal    C. Gold   D. Diamond

In the pie chart, Zaire accounts for about _____

A. 105°   B. 107°   C. 108°   D. 111°

Trees in the mangrove forest have aerial roots because they ______

A. have to absorb water
B. need more air than water
C. have to absorb nutrients
D. do not require much water.

The shaded area is the ______

A. Niger-Benue syncline   B. Niger-Benue Confluence   C. Niger-Benue Basin   D. Niger-Benue trough

Which of the following factors discourages population concentration in an area?

A. Grasslands   B. Frozen soils   C. Mineral deposits   D. Alluvial plains

Which of the following river basins is most densely populated?

A. The Ganges   B. The Amazon   C. The Niger   D. The Zambezi.

The Algeria’s oil fields are located in ____

A. Hassi Messaoud   B. Touggourt   C. Marsa el Brega   D. Gulf of sirte

The main mineral composition of lateritic soils are ______

A. sodium and nickel.    B. magnesium and zinc   C. potassium and calcium   D. iron and aluminium.

Hygrometer is used to measure ______

A. rainfall      B. wind direction      C. relative humidity      D. sunshine.

The two most important factors which account for the pattern of population distribution in West Africa are

A. historical antecedence and regional migration
B. economic prosperity and regional migration
C. favourable physical conditions and human inertia
D. economic prosperity and favourable physical conditions

The process of Landform development illustrated is

A. folding   B. volcanic eruption   C. faulting   D. mass movement.

Rocks often develop cracks when they are exposed to _______

A. compression and movements   B. joints and faults    C. compression and tension   D. Joints and cracks.

A soil that is composed mainly of iron and aluminium compounds is _______

A. brown soil   B. laterite .   C. chernozem   D. podzol

The landform marked S is a ______

A col   B. spur   C. plateau   D. knoll.

A settlement that derives its domestic water from a waterfall in Nigeria is ______

A. Bida   B. Jos   C. Erin-Ijesa   D. Omu-Aran.

The relief pattern on the map reveals ______

A. a dissected plateau   B. a marshy land   C. an undulating lowland   D. an old river valley

The most sparsely populated areas of the world include ______

A. Canada and Eurasia    B. China and Japan   C. Japan and Indonesia   D. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

The average elevation of the eastern scarpland of Nigeria ranges from ____

A. 300 cm – 400 cm   B. 400 cm – 500 cm   C. 500 cm – 600 cm   D. 600 cm – 700 cm

Sedimentary rocks are distinguished from other rocks by their ______

A. strata   B. joints   C. compact nature   D. crystalline nature.

Which of the following statements about the diagram is true?

A. The number of albida in site 1 is the same as that of seyal in site 4
B. The number of seyal in site 1 is the same as that of albida in site 4
C. The number of albida in site 1 is the same as that of albida in site 4
D. The number of seyal in site 1 is the same as that of seyal in site 4

One direct adverse environmental effect of deforestation is ______

A. escalated soil erosion
B. reduced forest income
C. increased farmer-herder conflicts
D. ozone layer depletion.

The total length of river Yalen from the boundary at ljer to its confluence with river Ayila is approximately _____

A. 8.8 km   B. 7.8 km   C. 5.7 km   D. 3.3 km.

The phenomenon of change in direction of wave fronts as they approach the sea shore is known as ____

A. wave refraction   B. tidal wave movement   C. wave drifting   D. retrogradation

The state in Nigeria most vulnerable to drought and desertification is _______

A. Kaduna    B. Niger    C. Adamawa    D. Yobe.

An area in Shaba province in the Democratic Republic of Congo, known for the production of copper, is

A. Ndola   B. Nchanga   C. Lubumbashi   D. Chibuluma.

The mean annual rainfall in the shaded area is

A. 1600 mm — 3200 mm   B. 800 mm — 1600 mm    C. 400 mm - 800 mm   D. above 3200 mm

The main factor that is responsible for the relatively cool temperatures in East Africa is _______

A. ocean current   B. latitude    C. altitude   D. air mass.

The landform is the result of _______

A. compressional faulting and erosion
B. tensional faulting only
C. compressional faulting only
D. tensional faulting and erosion

The likely human activity in the northern part of the map is ______

A. lumbering    B. fishing    C. mining    D. quarring.

The major primary activity in a coniferous forest is _______

A. paper manufacturing   B. lumbering   C. hunting   D. furniture making.

The ratio of registered births to the population of women of child-bearing age is known as the _____

A. fertility rate   B. mortality rate   C. growth rate   D. morbidity rate

The rapid growth of cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama in Japan can be attributed to _______

A. the increase in international trade
B. immigration from neighbouring countries
C. the rejection of family planning methods
D. large-scale industrialization

Chain survey is most convenient for measurement on _______

A. rocky environments   B. plains   C. embarkments   D. irregular slopes

The Sahel region of Africa is prone to be ____

A. drought   B. flooding   C. earthquakes   D. volcanoes

The Dakolori, Kachera and Goronyo irrigation projects are found in the ________

A. Sokoto plains   B. North-eastern highlands   C. Plateau of Hausaland   D. Chad Basin

Open traverse method is most suitable for ______

A. boundary lines   B. rugged terrains   C. steep slopes   D. marshy areas.

Many important ancient settlements in the Middle East developed as a result of the ______

A. Trans-Saharan slave trade
B. existence of oases in the deserts
C. presence of large quantities of crude oil
D. emergence of important trading routes

The most densely population river delta in Africa is the _______

A. Niger   B. Chari-Lagone   C. Nile   D. Zambezi

The slope identified as X is ______

A. a rising limb   B. an escarpment    C. a fault scarp    D. a fault-line scarp

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