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The carbon cycle is more prevalent in the ______

A. hydrosphere   B. ionosphere   C. lithosphere   D. atmosphere

The temperature at which condensation occurs when air is saturated is the ________

A. freezing point   B. dew point    C. atmospheric point   D. boiling point.

Which of the following areas in the world has the highest population density?

A. Singapore Island   B. The Amazon Basin   C. inland Niger Delta   D. The Nile Valley

Lowland areas are most suited for a wide range of crops which includes _______

A. wheat, banana and coffee
B. rubber, sugarcane and rice
C. coconut, rubber and tea
D. sugarcane, rice and sorghum

Wheat is cultivated through irrigation in Nigeria in _____

A. Kano state   B. Kogi state   C. Kaduna state   D. Nasarawa state.

One operation common to all survey methods is ______

A. the determination of coordinates
B. reconnaissance
C. the use of aerial photography
D. triangulation

The first petroleum refinery in Nigeria is located at _____

A. Kaduna   B. Ekpan   C. Warri   D. Port Harcourt

The major factors that account for the pattern of population distribution in West Africa are:

A. transportation and communication   B. physical and economic   C. historical and social   D. social and political

The two most important factors influencing the evolution of a climax vegetation are _______

A. soil and topography   B. soil and time   C. climate and time   D. climate and topography

A tremendous pressure or temperature change may lead to the formation of ______

A. limestone    B. granite    C. gneiss    D. clay.

The phenomenon of change in direction of wave fronts as they approach the sea shore is known as ____

A. wave refraction   B. tidal wave movement   C. wave drifting   D. retrogradation

The method used for coal mining in Nigeria is ______

A. resurgence   B. open cast   C. mechanized   D. adit

Which of the following features affects intervisibility between two settlements?

A. Deep trench   B. Broad valley   C. High hill   D. Wide river

A process that creates deep gorges on the land surface is ______

A. sheet erosion   B. splash erosion   C. gully erosion   D. wind erosion.

The feature marked Q is a ___

A. sandpit    B. headland   C. valley   D. spur

ln developed countries, a greater percentage of the working population are engaged in _______

A. tertiary activity only
B. primary and tertiary activities
C. secondary and tertiary activities
D. primary and secondary activities

In Nigeria. the major products that are taken to the markets from the south to the north are ____

A. beef, onions, groundnuts and grains
B. plantains, garri, kolanuts and palm oil
C. oranges, vegetables and beef
D. potatoes. rice and onions.

Limestone and clay metamorphosed into ______

A. marble and gneiss   B. marble and slate   C. graphite and quartzite   D. graphite and gypsum.

Which of the following sources of power supply is renewable?

A. Solar    B. Coal   C. Gas   D. Nuclear.

The major primary activity in a coniferous forest is _______

A. paper manufacturing   B. lumbering   C. hunting   D. furniture making.

Shifting cultivation in agriculture involves ______

A. intensive cultivation in a highly populated region
B. cultivating alternative plots to allow natural regeneration
C. cultivating food crops on subsistence basis
D. cultivating cash crops principally for export.

The Horn of Africa is relatively dry owing to ______

A. the presence of warm ocean currents in the region
B. its distance from the belt of tropical cyclones
C. the dominance of cold ocean currents in the region
D. its proximity to the high ranges of East Africa

The main factor that is responsible for the relatively cool temperatures in East Africa is _______

A. ocean current   B. latitude    C. altitude   D. air mass.

Which of the following is mainly associated with tourism?

A. Rural settlement   B. Commercial settlement   C. Holiday resort   D. Confluence town

The Dakolori, Kachera and Goronyo irrigation projects are found in the ________

A. Sokoto plains   B. North-eastern highlands   C. Plateau of Hausaland   D. Chad Basin

The Nigerian river with the longest distance of internal waterways is _____

A. River Osun   B. River Ogun   C. River Benue   D. Cross River.

Lumbering activities thrive very well in Cote d’lvoire because of good

A. waterways for transporting logs and good lumber lorries
B. stands of timber and good indigenous methods
C. stands of timber and good waterways for transporting logs
D. road networks and expert lumbermen

The low level of economic development in the Chad Basin of Nigeria is owing to its ______

A. rugged topography    B. overpopulation   C. altitude   D. harsh climate.

The surface zone of the earth that is occupied by living organisms is referred to as the _______

A. atmosphere   B. lithosphere   C. biosphere   D. hydrosphere.

The percentage of diamond produced by ‘Other’ is approximately ___

A. 5.38%   B. 9.80%   C. 10.00%   D. 10.26%

The arid regions of Africa have great potentials for ______

A. nuclear energy   B. hydro energy   C. solar energy   D. chemical energy.

The tropical maritime and the tropical continental air masses in Nigeria are responsible for the ______

A. increasing humidity during the seasons
B. increasing pressure during the seasons
C. alternating wet and dry seasons
D. alternating dry and wet seasons

The shaded area is the ______

A. Niger-Benue syncline   B. Niger-Benue Confluence   C. Niger-Benue Basin   D. Niger-Benue trough

Spruce, pine and fir are trees associated with _______

A. Savanna grassland   B. Coniferous forest   C. Mediterranean woodland   D. Tropical evergreen-forest

Huge masses of coarse-grained igneous rock solidifying in depth in the crust are best described as ___

A. plutonic rocks   B. volcanic rocks   C. metamorphic rocks   D. sedimentary rocks

Global warming directly result in ______

A. melting ice cap and rising sea Level
B. corrosion of roofing sheets
C. increase in atmospheric pressure
D. population explosion and rapid urbanization.

The major difference between communication and transportation is that transportation ________

A. involves physical carriage of things while communication involves transmission of information
B. requires good infrastructure on the ground while communication requires a system of satellites in space
C. is land—based while communication is air-borne
D. involves the use of vehicles while communication involves the use of cables

Which of the following minerals is produced in Niger Republic?

A. Copper   B. Iron ore   C. Crude oil   D. Uranium

The lack of access to food in some parts of the world emanates from ______

A. low development of natural resources
B. educational inequality
C. poor transport system
D. economic inequality

The world’s busiest seaport is ______

A. Kobe   B. Rotterdam   C. Bombay   D. London.

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