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An industry is optimally located where ____

A. profit is minimized   B. cost is maximized   C. revenue is minimized   D. profit is maximized

A situation in which the bulk of the urban population in a country is concentrated in one town is best described as ______

A. urban primacy   B. urbanization   C. conurbation   D. urban explosion

Which of the following features affects intervisibility between two settlements?

A. Deep trench   B. Broad valley   C. High hill   D. Wide river

The method used for coal mining in Nigeria is ______

A. resurgence   B. open cast   C. mechanized   D. adit

The port at the Lower Niger Valley that once served as a major gateway to Nigeria's export—import trade was ______

A. Aboh   B. Asaba   C. Forcados   D. Warri

Which of the following rock types is formed through the ejection of magma onto the surface of the earth?

A. Lignite   B. Granite   C. Slate   D. Basalt

The mean annual rainfall in the shaded area is

A. 1600 mm — 3200 mm   B. 800 mm — 1600 mm    C. 400 mm - 800 mm   D. above 3200 mm

Which of the following is mainly associated with tourism?

A. Rural settlement   B. Commercial settlement   C. Holiday resort   D. Confluence town

The leading trading regions of the world by volume of import and export trade are _______

A. Western Europe and Canada
B. Western Europe and Russia
C. Western Europe and the U.S.A
D. Western Europe and Anglo—America

Which of the following factors discourages population concentration in an area?

A. Grasslands   B. Frozen soils   C. Mineral deposits   D. Alluvial plains

The landform marked X is a ______

A. gap   B. valley   C. saddle   D. trough

The direction of flow of ocean currents is determined mainly by the _______

A. prevailing winds and the rotation of the earth
B. salinity of the ocean and the amount of freshwater inflow
C. rotation of the earth and land and sea breezes
D. shape of the continents and the temperature of the continental interior

The major economic activity in the area is likely to be ______

A. fishing   B. lumbering   C. farming   D. pastoralism

Economic activities in tropical Africa largely depend on _______

A. primary production   B. secondary production   C. tertiary production   D. quaternary production.

Which of the following areas in the world has the highest population density?

A. Singapore Island   B. The Amazon Basin   C. inland Niger Delta   D. The Nile Valley

The feature marked N is the _____

A. down-faulted block   B. lagoon   C. continental shelf.   D. deep sea

One of the most hazardous types of tropical cyclones is the ______

A. Chinook   B. hurricane   C. tsunami   D. thunderstorm

Which of the following sources of power supply is renewable?

A. Solar    B. Coal   C. Gas   D. Nuclear.

Global warming directly result in ______

A. melting ice cap and rising sea Level
B. corrosion of roofing sheets
C. increase in atmospheric pressure
D. population explosion and rapid urbanization.

The two most important factors which account for the pattern of population distribution in West Africa are

A. historical antecedence and regional migration
B. economic prosperity and regional migration
C. favourable physical conditions and human inertia
D. economic prosperity and favourable physical conditions

A tremendous pressure or temperature change may lead to the formation of ______

A. limestone    B. granite    C. gneiss    D. clay.

The two major plantation crops in West and East Africa respectively are _______

A. cocoa and coffee   B. cotton and coffee    C. cocoa and groundnut   D. rubber and cotton

Which of the following crops are likely to do well in the south west?

A. Cocoa and cassava   B. Maize and cocoa   C. Rice and sugarcane   D. Sugarcane and coffee

Petroleum is extracted in, Nigeria by _____

A. drilling   B. refining   C. mining   D. dredging

Open traverse method is most suitable for ______

A. boundary lines   B. rugged terrains   C. steep slopes   D. marshy areas.

The shaded area is the ______

A. Niger-Benue syncline   B. Niger-Benue Confluence   C. Niger-Benue Basin   D. Niger-Benue trough

Lumbering activities thrive very well in Cote d’lvoire because of good

A. waterways for transporting logs and good lumber lorries
B. stands of timber and good indigenous methods
C. stands of timber and good waterways for transporting logs
D. road networks and expert lumbermen

Plants that are highly tolerant of drough and can survive in dry habitats are referred to as _____

A. hydrophytes   B. mesophyles   C. tropophytes   D. xerophytes

The texture of the soil depends on the constituent of ____

A. sand, silt and humus   B. sand, clay and stones   C. sand, silt and clay   D. sand, clay and quartz.

Fertile plains are usually characterized by a pattern of settlement referred to as ______

A. nucleated and concentric   B. nucleated and elongated   C. dispersed   D. nodal

The most densely population river delta in Africa is the _______

A. Niger   B. Chari-Lagone   C. Nile   D. Zambezi

An African city located within the Mediterranean climatic zone is _____

A. Dakar   B. Addis Ababa   C. Cape Town   D. Mombasa.

The climate that is noted for its summer dryness is the _____

A. Equatorial climate   B. Tropical monsoon climate   C. Cool temperate climate   D. Mediterranean climate

The Enugu—Nsukka plateau in Nigeria is an example of _______

A. volcanic plateau   B. dissected plateau   C. tectonic plateau   D. inter-montane plateau.


Spruce, pine and fir are trees associated with _______

A. Savanna grassland   B. Coniferous forest   C. Mediterranean woodland   D. Tropical evergreen-forest

Trees in the mangrove forest have aerial roots because they ______

A. have to absorb water
B. need more air than water
C. have to absorb nutrients
D. do not require much water.

An area in Shaba province in the Democratic Republic of Congo, known for the production of copper, is

A. Ndola   B. Nchanga   C. Lubumbashi   D. Chibuluma.

The Francophone countries in Africa include

A. Benin Republic, Algeria, Cote d'lvoire and Chad
B. Libya, Burkina Faso, Angola and Namibia
C. DR. Congo, Algeria, Cote d'lvoire and Mozambique
D. Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Sudan

If the time in New York (75°W) is 5:00 pm, the time in Nigeria (15°E) will be ______

A. 11:00 am   B. 11:00 pm   C. 9:00 pm   D. 9:00 am.

Lowland areas are most suited for a wide range of crops which includes _______

A. wheat, banana and coffee
B. rubber, sugarcane and rice
C. coconut, rubber and tea
D. sugarcane, rice and sorghum

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