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The classification of clouds is based on a combination of form, height and ______

A. colour   B. width    C. movement   D. appearance.

The movement of people from a village to an irrigation project area may be described as _______

A. urban-urban migration  B. rural-urban migration   C. urban-rural migration   D. rural—rural migration.

The most sparsely populated areas of the world include ______

A. Canada and Eurasia    B. China and Japan   C. Japan and Indonesia   D. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Flooding in coastal areas can best be checked by ______

A. terracing   B. tree planting   C. channelization    D. contour ploughing.

Which of the following sources of power supply is renewable?

A. Solar    B. Coal   C. Gas   D. Nuclear.

A major physical factor restricting the cultivation of perennial crops in the Sudan savanna of Nigeria is

A. seasonal regime of the streams
B. menace of pests
C. seasonal pattern of rainfall
D. sandy nature of the soil.

The phenomenon of change in direction of wave fronts as they approach the sea shore is known as ____

A. wave refraction   B. tidal wave movement   C. wave drifting   D. retrogradation

The most critical element in an ecosystem is the _______

A. number of species within the system
B. area covered by the system
C. energy flow within the system
D. rate of growth of species within the system.

Chain survey is most convenient for measurement on _______

A. rocky environments   B. plains   C. embarkments   D. irregular slopes

The two major plantation crops in West and East Africa respectively are _______

A. cocoa and coffee   B. cotton and coffee    C. cocoa and groundnut   D. rubber and cotton

The best way to promote industrialization in Nigeria is through the development of _______

A. iron and steel processing
B. automobile manufacturing
C. textile manufacturing
D. cassava processing.

The major economic activity in the area is likely to be ______

A. fishing   B. lumbering   C. farming   D. pastoralism

The length of River Tere from the edge of the map to the confluence with River Epe is approximately ____

A. 3.70km   B. 4.70km   C.5.70km   D. 6.70km.

Which of the following areas in the world has the highest population density?

A. Singapore Island   B. The Amazon Basin   C. inland Niger Delta   D. The Nile Valley

Industrial location can be influenced by _______

A. transportation, raw materials and migration
B. capital, raw materials and population growth
C. raw materials, energy and market
D. market, emigration and labour.

The storm which occurs over the China Sea between latitudes 8° and 15° N and S of the equator is a ____

A. tropical thunderstorm   B. tornado   C. typhoon   D. temperate thunderstorm

The feature marked Q is a ___

A. sandpit    B. headland   C. valley   D. spur

The rotation of the earth on its own axis results in ______

A. the four seasons
B. varying lengths of day and night at different times of the year
C. changes in the altitude of the midday sun at different times of the year
D. day and night.

More than half of the world’s trade is ______

A. among developing countries
B. among developed countries
C. between developed and developing countries
D. between Asiatic and African countries

The rapid growth of cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama in Japan can be attributed to _______

A. the increase in international trade
B. immigration from neighbouring countries
C. the rejection of family planning methods
D. large-scale industrialization

Zuma rock, Zaria and Kano inselbergs in Nigeria are within the confines of the ______

A. Western uplands   B. Eastern highlands   C. North central highlands   D. North—east highlands.

The elevation of the point marked Z is approximately _______

A. 500 m   B. 525 m   C. 550 m   D. 575 m.

Which of the following is mainly associated with tourism?

A. Rural settlement   B. Commercial settlement   C. Holiday resort   D. Confluence town

The relief pattern on the map reveals ______

A. a dissected plateau   B. a marshy land   C. an undulating lowland   D. an old river valley

The landform is the result of _______

A. compressional faulting and erosion
B. tensional faulting only
C. compressional faulting only
D. tensional faulting and erosion

Hygrometer is used to measure ______

A. rainfall   B. wind direction   C. relative humidity   D. sunshine.

Inter-regional trade in Nigeria has mostly been promoted by the fact that ______

A. different regions have different ethnic groups
B. there is improved inter-regional transportation
C. different regions produce different commodities
D. there is improved internal security

The Nigerian river with the longest distance of internal waterways is _____

A. River Osun   B. River Ogun   C. River Benue   D. Cross River.

The population pyramid for a developed country has a narrow base which indicates _______

A. low birth rate   B. high birth rate   C. more females than males     D. high fertility ratio.

The texture of the soil depends on the constituent of ____

A. sand, silt and humus   B. sand, clay and stones   C. sand, silt and clay   D. sand, clay and quartz.

The total length of River Maya is approximately

A. 7.5 km   B. 5.5 km   C. 8.5 km   D. 6.5 km

Global warming directly result in ______

A. melting ice cap and rising sea Level
B. corrosion of roofing sheets
C. increase in atmospheric pressure
D. population explosion and rapid urbanization.

The most important use of rocks in Nigeria is for ______

A. revenue generation   B. building   C. export   D. tourism.

The arid regions of Africa have great potentials for ______

A. nuclear energy   B. hydro energy   C. solar energy   D. chemical energy.

Industrialization mostly helps developing countries to ________

A. diversify their economy   B. acquire greatness   C. put their resources together   D. develop infrastructure

Lumbering activities thrive very well in Cote d’lvoire because of good

A. waterways for transporting logs and good lumber lorries
B. stands of timber and good indigenous methods
C. stands of timber and good waterways for transporting logs
D. road networks and expert lumbermen

An example of mechanically formed sedimentary rock is ______

A. chalk   B. dolomite   C. coal   D. conglomerate

A mineral that is essential in cement production is _______

A. talc   B. coal   C. gypsum   D. quartzite

The coral deposits marked M are called _____

A. barrier lakes   B. barrier reefs   C. barrier shelves   D. barrier islands

The landform marked X is a ______

A. gap   B. valley   C. saddle   D. trough

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