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Varninsh is essential for the protection of _______

A. water colour painting     B. pastel painting     C. oil painting     D. gouache painting

The use of lines to describe an object is known as ______

A. drawing    B. pottery    C. painting    D. graphics

The first tertiary institution in Nigeria to have an art curriculum was ______

A. Yaba College of Technology, Lagos
B. Institute of Management Technology, Enugu
C. University of Nigerua, Nsukka
D. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

Literary art involves ______

A. poetry and prose     B. drama     C. architecture     D. painting and sculpture

In lettering one of the principles is that round characters are placed ______

A. apart     B. closely     C. at an angle     D. overhead

Byzantine art emerged in the 4th century in ______

A. Constantinople     B. Crete     C. Rome     D. Paris

An armature is essential to the artists in executing large works in ______

A. ceramics    B. craft    C. sculpture    D. carving

A work of art is successful if the ______

A. elements are well organized     B. colours are sharp     C. surface is bright     D. work is monumental

In computer graphics the name given to a device used in navigating the window environment is _____

A. pencil     B. ruling pen     C. keyboard     D. mouse

The annual Igwe Festival is celebrated in _____

A. Benin     B. Akure     C. Ondo     D. Warri

In the pictorial composition given, the eye level is represented by line _____

A. GH     B. KL     C. EF     D. IJ

Which of the following supports was used by Roman painters for expression?

A. Walls     B. Canvas     C. Metal panels     D. Wooden panels

Prehistoric cave paintings reflected ______

A. animals     B. building     C. plants     D. people

Plasticine is an art medium that can be used in place of _____

A. wood    B. ivory     C. mud    D. clay

Which of the following does a textile artist use to form patterns?

A. motif     B. posters     C. yam     D. logo

Calligraphy pen can be preserved after use by ______

A. steaming in hot water     B. oiling     C. greasing    D. rinsing in cold water

Artworks that are produced to serve a utilitarian purpose are classified as?

A. theatre arts     B. liberal arts     C. applied arts     D. fine arts

Which of the following grades of pencils is good for making marks?

A. 4B     B. 2H     C. 4H     D. HB

Captions used to enhance television announcements would be more understandable if produced as ______

A. collage     B. graphics     C. painting     D. mosaics

Which of the following is regarded as the founder of Nigerian museums?

A. Kenneth Murray     B. William Faggs     C. Jimoh Akolo     D. Ben Enwonwu

Dyes are colourants most suitable for ______

A. printing on fabrics     B. painting on walls     C. drawing on canvas     D. printing on papers

In Nigerua, thorn carving is practised in ______

A. Shagamu and Oshogbo    
B. Owo and Ado -Ekiti    
C. Ado-Ekiti and Ilesha    
D. Owo and Shagamu

A spatula can be inprovised using  _______

A. feather     B. wood     C. charcoal     D. clay

Wood carving in Yorubaland was primarily meant for ______

A. royalty     B. economic purpose     C. ceremony     D. religious purpose

The design above is composed of ______

A. elliptical forms     B. elliptical shapes     C. basic shapes     D. basic forms

Ikogosi Warm Spring is described as a natural phenomenon because it _____

A. occurs naturally in the wet season
B. occurs naturally
C. is artificially kept warm
D. is naturally warm in the dry season

From the diagram above, the effect of solidity is best exhibited in?

A. iii     B. i     C. iv     D. ii

The starch used for designing in adire-eleko is boiled with ______

A. indigo dye and white alum
B. yellow dye and white alum
C. red dye and white alum
D. green dye and white alum

Dogo of Mali is renown for its _______

A. textile    B. masks    C. engravings    D. decorations

Emphasis in a composition, means that attention is drawn to ______

A. the entire surface of the composition
B. certain parts than others
C. colour harmony
D. colours predominantly used

Mosaic art of decoration was introduced during the _______

A. Romanesque period     B. Gothic period     C. prehistoric period     D. Medieval period

Which of the following are characteristics of Egyptian arts?

A. Rigidity and frontality
B. use of bright and raw colours
C. short feet and small thighs
D. roundness of shoulder

A permanent pattern made on the skin is called ______

A. graffito     B. body painting     C. body design     D. tatoo

An atomizer is most ideal in the application of _______

A. fixative    B. polymer    C. linseed oil    D. poster colours

In traditional Nigerian art, there is a cultural and artistic connection between ______

A. Nok and Ife     B. Benin and Igala     C. Nok Benin     D. Ife and Benin

Which of the following pigments can be obtained locally from clay?

A. lemon yellow     B. yellow ochre     C. green     D. blue

The effect produced by the combination of light, shape and colour is _____

A. shading     B. painting     C. plating     D. serigraphy

Which of the following is best arranged in order of softness?

A. 2B, H and 3B
B. 3B, 2B, H and HB
C. H, HB, 2B and 3B
D. 3B, HB, H and 2B

Pointillism become more popular during ______

A. the Renaissance    B. Modern Art     C. Classicsm     D. Impressionism

An abstract art is a realistic representation of _____

A. distorted representation of an art
B. still life drawings
C. drawing of human figures
D. nature

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