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Output devices in a computer are those devices that send _____

A. results to the memory of the computer.
B. processed data and instructions into the computer.
C. in data and instructions into the computer.
D. data and instructions into the memory of the computer.


The main difference between a laptop and a desktop is that, a laptop _____

A. does not have mouse while a desktop has.
B. uses USB port while desktop uses parallel port,
C. can be connected to the internet while desktop cannot.
D. contains high capacity battery that powers for extensive period while desktop does not.


Which of the following is employed in transfer of data between computers and a network?

A. Fiber optics.    B. Male connector.    C. Female connector.    D.USB Port.


What is the other word used to describe browsing?

A. Cyber cafing    B. Pinging    C. Searching    D. Surfing


The symbolic representation of hard disk is ______

A. B:    B. B:l     C. C:     D. C:l


Which of these is note is not a logic comparison symbol in computer studies?

A. =     B.      D. A


The shortcut command used in restarting a computer is ______

A. Ctrl+S.   B. Ctrl+O.    C. Del+Alt+S.    D. AIt+Ctrl+Del


The use of electronic systems to send an unsolicited e-mail to someone’s address is known as _____

A. hacking     B. spamming     C. internet fraud     D. piracy


The hardware of a computer does not consist of ______

A. casing.    B. mouse.    C. peripherals.    D. windows.


The logical unit of transfer between the backing storage and main memory in file organization is called ______

A. block    B. bucket    C. hash    D. hit


ln order to find and load a file that has been saved, you need to select the ....... command.

A. close    B. new    C. open    D. recycle


An advantage of sequential access over serial access is that _______

A. sequential file is slow.
B. sequential tile is detailed.
C. sequential file does not use key.
D. individual records can be located more quickly.


We can improve computer security by the use of ______

A. account number        B. ID number       C. layout       D. Password


If P =1 and Q = 1, find the value of NOT(P and Q).

A. 0    B. 0 and 1    C. 1    D. 1 and 0


A/An ...... ......... is a virus program that copies and multiplies itself by using computer networks and security flaws.

A. Asimov.1539    B. Elkern    C. Polyboot.B    D. Worm


When browsing on the Internet, a possible reason for the message “page nor found” is that ______

A. the weather is hot.
B. the web browser is fast.
C. multiple web pages are loading at the same time.
D. a connection between the client and server has been lost.


The transaction file can also be described as _______

A. master file.    B. movement file.    C. reference file.    D. historical file.


In a computer, the sets of instruction that direct it in performing a particular task is called ______

A. information.    B. program.    C. data.    D. file


X, Y and Z respectively, represent ______

A. input, output and input signals.
B. output, output and input signals.
C. output, input and output signals.
D. input, input and output signals.


The fourth generation programming language includes the following except _____

A. Borland Delphi    B. Java    C. Oracle reports    D. Postscript


Which of the following devices is not a micro computer?

A. Desktop    B. EDVAC    C. Laptop.    D. Notebook


Which of the following statement is not true about a computer file?

A. lt is very fast to access any record within a file
B. lt is creates electronically
C. Initial setup is inexpensive
D. File creation and access are less laborious


The computer hardware can be classified into _______

A. ALU and Control Unit.
B. System Unit and Peripheral.
C. Central Processing Unit and Control Unit.
D. input and Output Units.


The speed of a processor is measured in ______

A. Kilobyte     B. Kilohertz    C. Megabyte    D. Megahertz


By default in Microsoft word, your document prints in........ mode.

A. landscape    B. page setup    C. portrait    D. print view


In a computer system, SQL, simply means ….... Query language.

A. Sample    B. Simple    C. Stratified    D. Structured


Which of the following is a valid e-mail address?

A. www.itbeginswithu.org
B. [email protected]
C. www.waeconline.org
D. www.fine.gov.ng


Search engines are used for the following except ______

A. finding pages of information or data.
B. down-loading educational material.
C. displaying advertisement.
D. handling virus attacks.


The acronym HTTP stands for ______

A. HyperText Transfer Protocol.
B. HigherTransferText Protocol.
C. Hard Text Transfer Protocol.
D. Higher Text Transfer Protocol.


The term bus width hi data transfer refers to the ______

A. number of wires in the bus.
B. size of the data movement.
C. number of bits of information the RAM can send to the CPU at the same time.
D. number of wires in the bus that carry information to the processor at a time.


A similarity between data and information is that both _____

A. can be displayed on the monitor.
B. are computer inputs.
C. are processed facts.
D. are computer results.


Convert 687 in decimal to base 16.

A. 2FA16    B. 3BA16    C. 4ff16    D. CBC16


The line segment that describes the contents of the message when sending an e-mail is ______

A. Cc.    B. Contents.    C. Subject.    D. To.


Which of the following software is best suitable for keeping records during national population census?

A. Word Processing    B. Spreadfast    C. Graphic    D. Database


The application software which allows information available on the internet to be obtained is called ____

A. browser.    B. world wide web.    C. spread sheet.    D. internet protocol.


The conversion of 1101312 to base 10 equals ______

A. 30.     B. 28.     C. 25     D. 20.


The number of cells that contain data in row 1 is ______

A. 1    B. 3.    C. 4.    D. 5.


Which of the following software can be used for graphic production?

A. DOS editor    B. PC writer    C. Coreldraw    D. Acrobat reader


In Microsoft word, CTRL + ESC ......... the start menu

A. Closes    B. Cuts    C. Opens    D. Redo


The device through which the main components of the computer communicate with each other is called ______

A. keyboard.    B. memory.    C. light pen.    D. system bus.

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