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“ Take heart, it is I; have no fear.”

This statement was made by Jesus when _____

A. Mary Magdalene saw Him at the sepulchre
B. He appeared to two disciples on the way to Emmaus
C. He was walking on the sea in the night
D. the women saw Him after resurrection

According to Paul, before his conversion, he persecuted the church violently to _____

A. destroy it.   B. have it conform to the law.   C. make it desirable to the Gentiles.   D. purge it.

According to Paul, what bear witness to the righteousness of God are

A. faith and the law
B. grace and saving gift
C. faith and the prophets
D. the law and the prophets

The sins of Israel during the reign of Ahab consisted of ______

A. worship of idols.
B. desecrating the Temple.
C. worship of the King.
D. trampling upon the poor.

The resolution of the Council at Jerusalem was that the Gentiles should abstain from

A. circumcision, whoremongering, homosexuality and falsehood
B. idolatry, unchastity, strangled meat and blood
C. homosexuality, idolatry, fornication and strangled meat
D. adultery, greed, strangled meat and divination.

Hosea declares that the uprights walk in the ways of the LORD, but transgressors ____

A. stumble in them    B. flee from them    C. scorn them    D. reject them.

In Romans, Christians are admonished to put on the Lord Jesus Christ and not to _______

A. make provision for the flesh
B. rely on the law
C. judge one another
D. take advantage of one another

The young man of Egypt took David to the band of the Amalekites because _____

A. David was kind to him.
B. the spirit of God was working through him.
C. he was afraid for his life.
D. he sought revenge against his former master.

According to Peter, the genuineness of Christian faith is tested by ______

A. fire B. suffering C. temptation D. trials.

“What shall we do to these men? For, that a notable sign has been performed through them, is manifest to all…”

What was eventually done to these men?

A. They were thoroughly beaten
B. They were imprisoned
C. They were charged not to enter the city of Samaria
D. They were charged not to speak in the name of Jesus

When the glory of the LORD appeared to Moses and Aaron in the wilderness of Zin, the Lord said they should ______

A. tell the rock before their eyes to yield its water
B. strike the rock with rod to bring out water for them
C. fetch water for the people and their cattle
D. tell the people to go round the rock

According to Prophet Isaiah, the creative ability of God is likened to that of a _____

A. shepherd and his sheep
B. potter and his earthen vessel
C. ruler and his followers
D. master and his servant

Hosea accused Israel of harlotry because

A. her daughters were cult prostitutes
B. her men moved with harlots
C. the people worshipped other gods
D. the women ran after other husbands

According to Paul, spiritual gifts are for the benefit of the ______

A. individual members of the congregation.
B. edification of the Lord.
C. infrastructure of the church.
D. corporate life of the body of Christ.

The vision of the dry bones by Ezekiel portrays _____

A. judgement.    B. famine.    C. hope.    D. punishment.

God decided not to punish the people of Israel during the reign of Josiah for the sins they committed because _____

A. Josiah humbled himself before the LORD and repented
B. He was merciful to him
C. Josiah walked righteously before the LORD, his God
D. He did not want Josiah to backslide.

The order of the crucifixion events according to Luke’s Gospel is ____

A. mockery lots casting for His dress, scoffing and crucifixion
B. lots casting for His dress, mockery, scoffing and crucifixion
C. crucifixion, scoffing, mockery and lots casting for His dress
D. crucifixion, lots casting for His dress, scoffing and mockery.

Joseph's foresight as a leader was exemplified in his ______

A. storing food for the seven years of famine.
B. service to Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh.
C. managing the house of Pharaoh very well.
D. forgiving his brothers for selling him into slavery.

“Lord, if you will, you can make me clean.”

The statement above was made by the ______

A centurion servant.    B. epileptic boy.    C. leper.    D. paralytic.

The Macedonians who travelled with Paul to Ephesus were

A. Demetrius and Alexander
B. Alexander and Gaius
C. Demetrius and Aristarchus
D. Gaius and Aristarchus

The disciples celebrated the Passover with Jesus because ______

A. He was going to be betrayed by one of them
B. it was the first day of unleavened bread
C. they had sacrificed the Passover lamb
D. they wanted to keep the Passover feast with Him

When the Babylonians captured King Zedekiah, they _____

A. killed him immediately
B. put out his eyes
C. assaulted his wives in his presence
D. took his sons to Babylon.

“To you I will give all this authority and their glory; for it has been delivered to me, and I give it to whom it will……”

This statement was made during the ______

A. ascension of Jesus
B. triumphal entry into Jerusalem
C. sermon on the mount
D. temptation of Jesus

God exalted the name of Jesus above every other name in heaven and on earth because ______

A. in humility, he counted others better than Himself
B. He humbled Himself to be born in human form and was obedient to death
C. as Son of God, He counted equality with God a thing to be grasped
D. Jesus was born in the likeness of man.

Paul teaches that the exercise of spiritual gifts by individual believers should be used to promote ______

A. co-operation    B. knowledge    C. faith    D. competition.

King Nebuchadnezzar assembled the satraps, the prefects and the governors to ______

A. tell him his dream
B. send them to the provinces
C. interpret his dream.
D. the dedication of the image

“Lord, I have heard from many about this man, how much evil he has done to thy saints at Jerusalem...”

Ananias’ response above to God’s request for him to meet Saul shows that he _____

A. was not interested in meeting Saul.
B. was afraid to meet Saul.
C. felt that Saul should not be forgiven.
D. felt that Saul should be punished.

According to Galatians, Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by ______

A. dying on the cross
B. becoming a curse for us
C. resurrecting from the dead
D. ascending into heaven

The angel told Zachariah that John the Baptist would drink no wine nor strong drink because he would _____

A. only eat locusts and wild honey
B. be the forerunner of Jesus
C. baptize sinners who would come too Him
D. be filled with the Holy Spirit.

According to Hosea, God's people are destroyed for lack of _____

A. faith.    B. knowledge    C. patience.    D. wisdom.

Joseph was made prime minister in Egypt because he _____

A. interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh’s servants in the prison
B. resisted the temptation by Potiphar’s wife
C. was a faithful and upright man
D. interpreted Pharaoh’s dream and counselled him on what to do

The reward for total obedience to the commandments of God is _____

A. material possessions B. wisdoms C. life and length of days D. knowledge

Paul teaches that believers have been buried and raised with Christ so that they
Might _____

A. grow in the knowledge of Christ
B. walk in liberty
C. adhere to the law
D. walk in newness of life.

According to Romans, justification is by faith through ______

A. works of righteousness
B. redemption in Christ
C. being filled with the Holy Spirit
D. obedience to the law.

"Son of man, can these bones live?"'

What was God's purpose in asking Ezekiel the question above?

A. To show His supremacy.
B. To express faith in man's ability.
C. To bring to bear the disobedience of Israel.
D. To test Ezekiel's obedience.

“…. O faithless and perverse generation, how long am I to be with you and bear with you…?”

Jesus’ statement above was addressed to _____

A. the Pharisees because of their hypocrisy
B. the Jews because of their unbelief
C. His own people because they did not give Him honour
D. His disciples because they could not heal.

‘They have no wine”.

Jesus’ immediate response to the statement above was _____

A. “… draw some out, and take it to the steward of the feast”
B. “…O woman, what have you do to with me?
C. “… Do whatever he tells you”
D. “ … fill the jars with water.

Who are referred to as the salt of the earth by Jesus in His teaching on the Mount?

A. His disciples.   B. Those who are meek.   C. The Scribes.   D. Those who are condemned for His sake.

"....Hosanna to the Son of David !.....”

The statement above indicates Jesus'

A. power   B. priesthood    C. kingship   D. exaltation.

According to Paul, Christians should forgive one another so that _____

A. Satan may not gain advantage over them
B. their prayers may be heard
C. God may forgive them
D. they may not perish in sin

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