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According to Paul in his letter to Philemon, forgiveness should not be by compulsion but by ______

A. free will.    B. His grace.    C. justification.   D. faith.

"Behold, you are old and your sons do not walk in your ways ...".

The Israelites made the statement above to Samuel because his sons

A. took bribes and perverted justice.
B. considered themselves above the people.
C. had immoral dealings with women.
D. disregarded the advice of Israel's elders.

How did Joshua react to the defeat of the Israelites by the men of Ai?

A. He prayed to God
B. He rent his clothes
C. He consulted the priest
D. He fasted all day.

According to Paul, before his conversion, he persecuted the church violently to _____

A. destroy it.   B. have it conform to the law.   C. make it desirable to the Gentiles.   D. purge it.

King Josiah defiled Topheth which was in the valley of the sons of Hinnom during his reform in Israel so that _____

A. no one might sacrifice human beings again to Molech.
B. he might pull down Topheth and break Molech into pieces.
C. he might revive the worship of the sun god.
D. no one would worship Molech.

"You have nothing to do with us in building a house to our God ..."'

The statement above by Zerubbabel and others resulted in ______

A. inciting the Judeans against their leaders.
B. the people disobeying King Cyrus' orders.
C. the delay in building the Temple.
D. the people rising against their leaders.

Paul taught the Romans that while they were yet enemies of God, they were reconciled to Him by the ______

A. death of Jesus Christ
B. suffering of Jesus Christ
C. resurrection of Jesus Christ
D. ascension of Jesus Christ.

According to Mark, the young man that the women saw in Jesus tomb told them to go with the disciples and wait for Him in ______

A. Bethany.    B. Galilee.    C. Bethlehem.    D. Jerusalem.

In Thessalonians, Paul advises believers awaiting the coming of the Lord to put on the _____

A. armour of hope
B. helmet of righteousness
C. breast plate of faith
D. breast plate of salvation

“…Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations”

The statement above was made by God during the ______

A. call of Prophet Ezekiel
B. dry-well experience of Prophet Jeremiah
C. consecration of prophet Isaiah
D. call of Prophet Jeremiah

The Angel of the Lord told Zachariah that a son would be born to him and that the son would ______

A. go before God in the spirit and power of Elijah
B. turn the hearts of the children to their fathers
C. make the disobedient repent of their sins
D. turn many of the sons and daughters of Israel to God

According to John, Jesus said the work of God is ______

A. preaching the gospel
B. healing the sick
C. feeding the hungry who are in need
D. believing in Him who he had sent

According to David in the Psalms, God forgives sin so that ..........

A. He may be feared.   B. the sinner may not perish.   C. the unrighteous may know Him.   D. He may be praised.

In interpersonal relationships, Paul advises believers to ______

A. emulate his good gesture
B. obey the law of Moses
C. think with sober judgment
D. think of others first

Peter became frightened as he walked on the sea because ____

A. of the wind   B. he saw a ghost   C. it was dark and cloudy   D. he doubted Jesus.

Paul admonished the Romans to live a new life in Christ by yielding themselves to God as men who

A. have been brought from death to life
B. will receive judgement in the last days
C. will meet Christ in God's kingdom
D. have suffered for the sake of the gospel

Paul described the gifts he received from the Philippians as ______

A. peace offering    B. pleasing to God    C. treasure in heaven    D. free-will offering.

Paul teaches that the exercise of spiritual gifts by individual believers should be used to promote ______

A. co-operation    B. knowledge    C. faith    D. competition.

"Lord, who knowest the hearts of all men, show which one of these two thou has chosen to take the place…..from which Judas turned aside..."
Who were the two men referred to in the statement above?

A. Justus and Matthias
B. Joseph and Barsabbas
C. Justus and Barsabbas
D. Joseph and Justus

King Josiah ordered an inquiry about the words of the book that was found in the Temple because _______

A. he realized that God was angry with Israel
B. the people demanded a prophetic interpretation of the book
C. he was very excited about the discovery
D. no one was able to read the words of the book

Why did Saul tell the Kenites to go away from among the Amalekites?

A. God did not tell him to destroy the Kenites
B. Saul married from the Kenites
C. The Kenites showed kindness to Israel.
D. The Kenites had blood covenant with Israel

According to Luke, Jesus’ last words on the cross were _______

A. “Woman, behold your Son!”
B. “Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit!”
C. “I thirst”
D. “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do”.

“…. I send you to people of Israel, to a nation of rebels…”

The statement above was God’s message to ______

A. Prophet Ezekiel    B. Prophet Isaiah    C. Prophet Jeremiah    D. Prophet Amos.

Saul disobeyed God's command through Samuel because ______

A. he feared the people and obeyed their voice.
B. the people wanted to desert him.
C. he was misled by the people.
D. Samuel did not come early for the sacrifice.

Joseph’s brothers decided not to kill him because he _______

A. pleaded with them
B. was their brother and their flesh
C. was loved by their father
D. was the first son of his mother

King Nebuchadnezzar assembled the satraps, the prefects and the governors to ______

A. tell him his dream
B. send them to the provinces
C. interpret his dream.
D. the dedication of the image

The resolution of the Jerusalem council was that the Gentiles should abstain from food offered to idols,

A. unchastity, lying, and what is strangled
B. blood, what is strangled and strong drinks
C. what is strangled, blood and unchastity
D. lying, unchastity and strong drinks

‘“It is necessary to circumcise them, and to charge them to keep the law of Moses.”’

In response to the Pharisees’ statement above, Peter rebuked them by saying that God has ______

A. cleansed the Gentiles’ heart by faith.
B. put the yoke upon the Gentiles’ necks.
C. made circumcision for only those in leadership.
D. chosen the Israelites among other people.

According to Amos, the type of famine God said He would send upon the people of
Israel was _____

A. hunger for baskets of summer fruits
B. not hearing the word of the LORD
C. thirst for water
D. that of bread.

The declaration by God that He would make a nation of the son of the slave woman
meant that He _____

A. did not like the way Ishmael was sent out by Abraham
B. was responsible for sending Ishmael out of Abraham’s house
C. was not partial towards Isaac and Ishmael
D. recognized Ishmael as Abraham’s descendant.

The parable which teaches the need for love for one's neighbour is that of the _____

A. wheat and tares.    B. mustard seed.    C. good Samaritan.    D. sower.

"Son of man, can these bones live?"'

What was God's purpose in asking Ezekiel the question above?

A. To show His supremacy.
B. To express faith in man's ability.
C. To bring to bear the disobedience of Israel.
D. To test Ezekiel's obedience.

“ It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him”

After this statement, the first thing God did was to ______

A. make a rib into a woman and bring her to the man
B. take one of the man’s ribs and close up its place with flesh
C. form beasts and birds and bring them to the man
D. cause a deep sleep to fall upon the man

The Christian concept of justification is that _____

A. by his natural wisdom, a sinner could be reconciled to God.
B. through faith in Christ, the sinner is regarded as guiltless before God.
C. by one's efforts in keeping the Law, man is perfect before God.
D. through his own knowledge, man can do what is pleasing to God.

“Hear this word, you cows of Bashan …who oppress the poor, who crush the needy …”

Cows of Bashan in the statement above refers to the ____

A. women of Samaria      B. wicked kings      C. false prophets      D. judges in Israel

According to Galatians, judgement is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy, yet mercy triumphs over ______

A. judgement.   B. punishment.   C. tribulation.   D. the Law.

“What have you to do with us O son of God? Have you come here to torment us before the time?”

This statement reveals that the demoniacs in the country of the Gadarenes ______

A. recognized the supreme power of Jesus
B. wanted to question Jesus’ authority
C. were threatened by the power of Jesus
D. did not expect Jesus to come to them at that time

According to Luke, Jesus healed the epileptic boy by ______

A. touching the boy.
B. binding the evil spirit in him.
C. rebuking the unclean spirit.
D. telling the boy to have faith.

After Nebuchadnezzar had destroyed Jerusalem, he took the inhabitants into exile but left behind the _____

A. temple guards    B. poorest people    C. noblemen    D. priests

In the account of John about the resurrection, Mary was first asked why she was weeping by

A. Jesus   B. two angels    C. the guard    D. Salome

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