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The major and most effective way of controlling pollution is to

A. improve machinery so that the substances released from combustion are less harmful.
B. pass strict laws against it by individuals and companies.
C. educate people on the causes and effects of pollution.
D. convert chemical wastes to harmless substances before releasing them into the environment.

PCl5(l) ↔ PCl3(l) + Cl2(g) ΔH = +ve

In the reaction above, the forward reaction is favoured by

(a) increasing the size of the containing vessel
(b) increasing the pressure
(c) adding a catalyst
(d) increasing the temperature

What is the percentage of sulphur in sulphur(IV)oxide? [S = 32, O = 16]

A. 66%    B. 25%    C. 40%    D. 50%

In the redox reaction 2Fe2+ + Cl2 → 2Fe3+ + 2Cl-  

A. Cl2 is reduced because it has lost electrons
B. Cl2 is reduced because its oxidation number has decreased
C. Cl2 is reduced because its molecule is changed to two ions
D. Fe2+ is reduced because it has lost electrons

Five compounds R, T, W, X, and Y form the following compounds:  

i. a basic hydride R.H,
ii. anacidic hydride YH,
iii. amphoteric oxide W2O3, XO2.

Which of the elements is an alkali?  

A. R    B. T   C. W   D. X

Calculate the molecular formula of a compound with empirical formula CH2O and relative molecular mass 120 [C = 12, O = 16, H = 1]

(a) C2H4O2   (b) C4H8O4   (c) C8H16O8   (d) C3H6O3

From the diagram above, an deal gas can be represented by

A. M     B. N    C. K     D. L.

The empirical formula of an oxide of nitrogen containing 30.4 per cent of nitrogen is _____ (N = 14.0, O = 16.O). 

A. N2O   B. NO    C. NO2    D. N2O

How many faraday of electricity is required to produce 0.25 mole of copper?

A. 1.00F    B. 0.01F   C. 0.05F.   D. 0.50F

The dispersion of a liquid in a liquid medium will give ________

A. an emulsion.    B. a fog.    C. a gel.    D. an aerosol.

Bronze is an alloy of ______ 

A. copper, zinc and nickel
B. aluminium and copper
C. copper and zinc
D. tin and copper

2H2(g) + O2(g) → 2H2O(g)

In the reaction above, what volume of hydrogen would be left over when 300 cm3 of oxygen and 1000 cm3 of hydrogen are exploded in a sealed tube?

A. 200 cm3.    B. 400 cm3.    C. 600 cm3.    D. 700 cm3.

If the elements X and Y have atomic numbers 11 and 17 respectively, what type of bond can they form?

A. Dative.   B. Covalent.    C. Ionic.   D. Metallic.

How many protons, neutron- and electrons respectively are present in the element

A. 27, 33 and 33.    B. 33, 27 and 27.    C. 27, 33 and 27.    D. 60, 33 and 60.

From the diagram above, find the amount of solute deposited when 200 cm3 of the solution is cooled from 55°C to 40°C. is _____

A. 0.10 moIe    B. 0.20 mole    C. 0.01 mole    D. 0.02 moIe

50 cm3 of hydrogen are sparked with 20 cm3 of oxygen at 100°C and 1 atmosphere. The total volume of the residual gases in ______ 

A. 50 cm3    B. 10 cm3      C. 40 cm3       D. 30 cm3

Carbohydrates are large molecules with the molecular formula Cx(H2O)y . In which of the following pairs is x not equal to y?

A. Glucose and starch.   B. Maltose and fructose.   C. Sucrose and fructose.   D. Maltose and starch.

The colour of litmus in a neutral medium is

A. purple   B. pink   C. yellow   D. orange

Ethanol reacts with concentrated tetraoxosulphate(VI) acid at a temperature above 170oC to form

A. ethanone    B. ethene    C. ethyne    D. ethanal.

The oxidation state of manganese in potassium permanganate is _____ 

A. +7    B. +5    C. +3    D. +2

Bronze is preferred to copper in the making of medals because it ______

A. is stronger    B. can withstand low temperature     C. is lighter     D. has low tensile strength.

A sample of hard water contains some calcium sulphate and calcium hydrogen carbonate. The total hardness may therefore be removed by _______

A. boiling the water
B. adding excess calcium hydroxide
C. adding a calculated amount of calcium hydroxide
D. adding sodium carbonate

A salt that loses moisture on exposure to the atmosphere is said to be

(a) effervescent    (b) hygroscopic    (c) deliquescent    (d) fluorescent

Which of the following substances would you see as an indicator in the titration of sodium carbonate solution against hydrochloric acid (complete neutralisation)?  

A. Litmus paper      B. Phenol-phthalein       C. Methyl orange    D. Universal indicator

The electronic configuration of Mg2+ is ______

A. 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p2   
B. 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2   
C. 1s2 2s2 2p6   
D. 1s2 2s2 2p4

What is the molecular formula of a compound with empirical formula CH2 and vapour density 42? [C=12, H=1]

(a) C6H12   (b) C3H6    (c) C4H8    (d) C5H10

A common characteristic between zinc and the other transition elements is the abilìty to _____

A. have variable oxidation states
B. form complex ions
C. act as a catalyst
D. form coloured ions.

The reaction of zinc with copper (II) ions in aqueous solution can be represented as follows:  

Cu2+(aq) + Zn(s)  Cu(s) + Zn2+(aq).

Which of the following is the most complete description of this reaction?

A. Copper (II) ions are being reduced.
B. Copper (II) ions are being reduced and zinc oxidized.
C. Copper (II) ions and zinc are being reduced.
D. Copper (II) ions and zinc are being oxidized

The importance of sodium aluminate (III) in the treatment of water is to _______

A. cause coagulation    B. neutralize acidity    C. prevent goiter and tooth decay    D. kill germs.

Due to the unstable nature of ethyne, it is, stored by dissolving in

A. ethane-1,2-diol.   B. propanol.   C. ethanoic acid.   D. propanone.

Alkanals can be distinguished from alkanones by the reaction with ______

A. sudan Ill stain   
B. starch iodide paper   
C. lithium tetrahydrido aluminate(IIl)   
D. Fehling’s solution.

An element X forms the following compounds with chlorine: XCl4, XCl3, XCl2. This illustrates the ________

A. law of multiple proportions
B. law of chemical proportions
C. law of simple proportions
D. law of conservation of mass

Polystyrene is widely used as packaging materials for fragile objects during transportation because of its

A. lightness.   B. low density.   C. high density.   D. high compressibility.

The process whereby a gaseous body loses some of its kinetic energy to a colder body is referred to as _______

(a) condensation    (b) melting    (c) evaporation    (d) freezing

A piece of metal (M) is dissolved in nitric acid and the resulting solution ¡s treated with a small quantity of sodium hydroxide to produce a white precipitate (B) which re-dissolves on the addition of excess alkali. The precipitate (B) when ignited in a crucible produces the oxide of the metal (M). The metal M is ______ 

A. Zn    B. Cu    C. Al    D. Au

0.1 Faraday of electricity was passed through a solution of copper (II) sulphate. The maximum weight of copper deposited on the cathode would be ______ (Cu = 64) 

A. 3.2 g   B. 32.0 g    C. 16.0 g    D. 6.4

Which one of the following changes ¡s physical?

A. Adding iron filing to aerated water
B. Adding sodium metal to water
C. Cooling a solution of iron (II) sulphate to obtain the hydrated salt
D. Cooling water to obtain ice

Phosphorus burns in oxygen according to the equation P4 + 5O2 → P4O10 . How many litres of oxygen will be required at S.T.P. for complete oxidation of 12.4 g of phosphorus? (P = 31, O = 16 and molar volume of a gas at S.T.P. = 22.4 litres) 

A. 5.20    B. 11.20   C. 2.24    D. 20.20

If the change in free energy of a system is -899 Jmol-1 and the entropy change is 10 Jmol-1k-1 at 25°C, calculate the enthalpy change.

A. +2081 Jmol-1   B. -2081 Jmol-1   C. -649 Jmol-1   D. +649 Jmol-1

Beryllium and aluminium have similar properties because they _______

A. are both metals.
B. belong to the same group.
C. belong to the same period.
D. are positioned diagonally to each other.

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