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Which of the following processes reduces the diploid number of an ovum to a haploid number?

A. Cytokinesis   B. Meiosis   C. Mitosis   D. Fission

The optimum temperature for storing yam tuber under cold storage is _____

A. 7°C     B. 9°C     C. 13°C     D. 15°C

Cassava mosaic disease is transmitted by ______

A. Heteroligus meles    B. Maruca testulalis    C. Sesamia spp    D. Bemisia nigerensis

Oil palm trees do well in soils with pH level of _____

A. 2.5 - 3.5    B. 3.5 - 4.5    C. 5.5 - 6.5    D. 6.5 - 7.5

Soil water that is available for root absorption at field capacity is ______

A. capillary water    B. hygroscopic water    C. gravitational water    D. superfluous water

Tsetse flies are of economic importance in livestock production because they transmit _____

A. coccidis     B. trypanosome     C. brucella    D. mycobacterium

From the curve above, at what point is it advisable for the farmer to stop further addition of input?

A. I    B. II    C. III    D. IV

The type of energy obtain from the sun is ______

A. hydro energy    B. solar energy    C. thermal energy    D. wind energy.

A variety of oil palm is _____

A. Amelonado     B. Acuminata     C. Tenera     D. Trinitario

The major reason which necessitates the expansion of agriculture is the increase in ______

A. rainfalls    B. population    C. manpower    D. animal power

A castrated cockerel is called _____.

A. Boiler     B. Pullet     C. Capon     D. Hen

A soil may be called as alkaline when the pH of the soil is more than _____

A. 6.5     B. 5.5     C. 7.0     D. 5.0

Which of the following nutrient is highly immobile in plants?

A. B     B. Mg     C. K     D. P

The following are the features of subsistence agriculture except ______

A. subsistence agriculture is mostly practised by peasant farms
B. It requires the use of family labour
C. Pests and diseases are not really controlled
D. It requires the use of both skilled and unskilled labour

The major reason which necessitates the expansion of agriculture is the increase in _____

A. rainfalls    B. population    C. manpower    D. animal power

This type of root is associated with ______

A. nitrogen fixation
B. photosynthesis
C. storage of organic acids
D. storage of minerals.

One major difference between disc plough and disc Harrow is _____

A. Disc plough is used to create wider ridges on the field than disc Harrow
B. A disc plough can have up to 54 discs on it at once whereas a disc harrow can have up to 6 disc
C. Disc plough is used to tilled the disc harrowed land
D. The disc part of plough is notched while that of harrow is round

An advantage of weeds is that they are used to ______

A. control insect pest
B. check grazing by animals
C. check erosion
D. control diseases.

Which of the following farm animals is considered as monogastric?

A. Goat.    B. Pig.   C. Cow.   D. Sheep.

A farmer who notices that his maize farm has been infected by fungi and bacteria should employ the services of _____

A. a veterinarian
B. an entomologist
C. a pathologist
D. an agricultural economist.

Fertilizers are applied to fishponds to serve as _____

A. bait for fish     B. food for fish     C. nutrients for plankton     D. water purifier

Ideal pH for coffee cultivation is _____

A. 4.0 - 4.5     B. 5.0 - 5.5     C. 6.0 - 6.5     D. 6.5 - 7.5

The most devastating agent of erosion is _______

A. wild wind    B. slope    C. run-off water    D. rodents.

Jute and kenaf thrive well in a soil that is ______

A. clayey   B. sandy loam    C. clayey loam   D. humus.

New Zealand is a breed of which animal?

A. Goat     B. Cattle     C. Rat     D. Rabbit

Agriculture contributes to the economy of West African Countries through the following means except ______

A. reduction of poverty through job creation
B. supply of armaments for territorial defence
C. provision of foreign exchange
D. supply of raw materials to industries

Which of the following statement is a disadvantage of human power? it _____

A. controls other sources of farm power
B. brings about least damage
C. is easily available and controlled
D. has low output

The relative humidity in an incubator is usually set at ______

A. 10% - 30%   B. 40% - 60%    C. 70% - 80%    D. 90% - 100%.

Which of the following is not a part of the reproduction system of a hen?

A. Funnel     B. isthmud     C. ovary     D. ureter

Limitations of farm mechanization in West Africa do not include ______

A. land fragmentation
B. high capital investment
C. availability of spare parts
D. high level technical know-how

The kind of tillage method most suitable for maize is _____

A. zero tillage    B. minimum tillage    C. maximum tillage    D. contour ridges.

Which of the following statements about agricultural development is true? It leads to

I. increased processing of produce
II. increased food production
III. high productivity
IV. increased agricultural labour force

A. I, II and III only     B. I,II and IV only     C. I,III and IV only     D. II,III and IV only

Which of the following is not a branch of agriculture?

A. Forestry     B. Fishery     C. Kidding     D. Agricultural economics

A good silage should be free of _____

A. moulds     B. nutrients     C. moisture     D. fibre

If the recommendation spacing for planting plantain is 4m by 4m, calculate the plant population per hectare of farmland.

A. 16    B. 63    C. 625    D. 1000

The most unreliable source of power on the farm is _____

A. heat engine     B. wind     C. electricity    D. animal

Rural farmers mostly obtain loans from ______

A. Government    B. International Monetary Fund    C. Merchant Banks    D. Money Lenders

The instrument which enables a surveyor to find the direction of a base line is _____

A. abney level    B. ranging pole    C. plumb bob    D. magnetic compass

In farm animals, gonads are organs associated with _____

A. circulation   B. excretion    C. respiration    D. reproduction

In farm animals, gonads are organs associated with ______

A. circulation    B. excretion    C. respiration    D. reproduction.

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