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Which of the following required daily checking in a tractor?

A. spark plug     B. Engine oil     C. Air cleaner     D. Battery

The most effective method of disseminating information among farmers is through ______

A. individual method
B. group method
C. mass method
D. cooperative method

The use of animal traction is limited in the forest zones of West Africa because of the ______

A. topography of the forest land
B. presence of tsetse flies
C. high amount of rainfall
D. culture of the people

The breed of sheep that can be found throughout Nigeria is _____

A. Yankasa   B. Uda    C. West Africa dwarf sheep    D. Balami.

The greatest advantage of vegetative propagation is ______

A. an improvement in genetic characteristics of plants
B. a rapid increase in plant population
C. the maintenance of genetic constitution
D. the development of resistance against pests and diseases

The following are advantages of sub-surface irrigation except that _____

A. it is suitable for soils with low water holding capacity
B. it can be used only for specific types of crops
C. the rate of evaporation is greatly reduced
D. it reduces the incidence of pests

Close to the time of harvesting of cotton, sunshine is needed to ensure the production of boils that are _____

A. big    B. light    C. not mouldy    D. not open

Which of the following is not a branch of agriculture?

A. Forestry     B. Fishery     C. Kidding     D. Agricultural economics

The main mode of infection of rinderpest disease in cattle is through ______

A. grazing     B. drinking     C. contact     D. inhalation

In crop production, ginger is propagated by _____

A. seed    B. bulb    C. rhizome    D. corm

The factor of production whose reward is profit is _____

A. land     B. labour     C. capital     D. entrepreneurship

Stems act as storage organs in _______

A. sweet potato, cassava and yam
B. melon, irish potato and ginger
C. yam, cocoyam and irish potato
D. groundnut, cocoyam and cassava

A castrated cockerel is called _____.

A. Boiler     B. Pullet     C. Capon     D. Hen

Which of the following routine maintenance in a tractor is necessary on daily basis?

A. Draining of the gear box oil.
B. Removing and cleaning of engines air filter.
C. Replacing of the fuel filter element.
D. Checking of the oil level in the engine.

The fertility of soils under forest is sustained mainly by ______

A. nutrient recycling
B. rodent activities
C. being protected from direct rays of the sun
D. preventing raindrops from directly hitting the soil.

This type of root is associated with ______

A. nitrogen fixation
B. photosynthesis
C. storage of organic acids
D. storage of minerals.

A young female cattle which has never calved is known as _____

A. bullock    B. steer     C. yearling    D. heifer

Which of the following groups of crops are mostly cultivated in the rainforest zone of Nigeria?

A. Millet, yam and coconut
B. Maize, cocoyam and cassava
C. Sorghum and sweet potato 
D. Wheat, Irish potato and groundnut

Fertilizers are applied to fishponds to serve as _____

A. bait for fish     B. food for fish     C. nutrients for plankton     D. water purifier

If the recommended spacing for a tree crop is 2.5 cm by 4.0 m.determine the number of seedlings required to plant a 2 hectare farmland.

A. 1,000    B. 2,000    C. 10,000    D. 20,000

New Zealand is a breed of which animal?

A. Goat     B. Cattle     C. Rat     D. Rabbit

Which one of the following is not a target group of an agricultural Extension agent?

A. Non-governmental organisation
B. Commercial farmers
C. Bee keepers
D. Political parties

The farm machinery used to sow seeds and apply fertilizer at the same time is _____

A. land clearing     B. threshing     C. ploughing     D. harrowing

The most suitable planting pattern for a mechanized farm which is mono cropped is ______

A. band placement    B. drilling    C. top dressing    D. side dressing.

A soil may be called as alkaline when the pH of the soil is more than _____

A. 6.5     B. 5.5     C. 7.0     D. 5.0

Which of the following properties of soil determines its water-holding capacity?

I. Texture
II. pH
III. Colour
IV. Structure

A. I and II only    B. I and IV only    C. II and III only    D. III and IV only

The basic agricultural resources include ______

A. industries, fibres and drugs
B. biogas, crops and feeder roads
C. livestock, crops and forest
D. fish, natural gas and vegetable

A detrimental effect of bush burning is that it ______

A. destroys soil organic matter
B. destroys weed seeds
C. sterilizes the soil
D. adds potash to the soil

The process by which pollen grains are transferred from the anther to the stigma of a flower on different plants but of the same species is referred to as ______

A. self fertilization
B. cross fertilization
C. self pollination
D. cross pollination

Blast of rice is a ______

A. Viral disease     B. Bacteria disease     C. Fungal disease     D. Deficiency of zinc disease

If T represents the gene for tallness while t represents dwarfness. When a tall (TT) crop is crossed with a dwarf (tt) crop, the resultant crop will be _____

A. 100% dwarf     B. 100% tall     C. 50% tall and 50% dwarf     D. 75% tall and 25% dwarf

A female cattle which has not had a calf or developed into the mature form of a cow is referred to as ______

A. stag   B. yealing   C. heifer   D. vealers

Which of the following is not a part of the reproduction system of a hen?

A. Funnel     B. isthmud     C. ovary     D. ureter

Which of the following cereal crops most requires nursery practices?

A. Maize     B. Rice     C. Millet     D. Guinea corn

Piglet anaemia can be controlled by using ______

A. sulphur drugs    B. iron drugs    C. anthelmintics    D. antibiotics

Cassava mosaic disease is transmitted by ______

A. Heteroligus meles    B. Maruca testulalis    C. Sesamia spp    D. Bemisia nigerensis

Corms,rhizomes and tubers are examples of ______

A. underground stems     B. underground roots     C. modified leaves     D. aerial stems

Under the commercial land tenure system, farmers find it difficult to secure loans because ______

A. land holdings are small and fragmented
B. they are poor
C. land holdings cannot be used as security
D. they are mostly illiterates

The classification of soils into sand, loam and clay is largely determine by the percentage of ____

A. mineral matter
B. organic matter
C. soil water
D. soil air.

A farming practice that encourages the depletion of soil fertility is ______

A. planting of cover crops
B. crop rotation
C. manual weeding
D. continuous cropping

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