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The most important factor which determines the demand for cowpea by consumers is the _____

A. income of consumers     B. price of cowpea     C. supply of cowpea     D. taste of consumers

Which of the following nutrient is highly immobile in plants?

A. B     B. Mg     C. K     D. P

Examples of crops that require nurseries are ______

A. cotton, sorghum and tomato
B. oil palm, cocoa and pepper
C. cocoa, maize and rice
D. banana, coffee and tomato.

The conditions favourable for continuous cultivation are found in ______

A. mountainous areas
B. animal routes
C. the river banks
D. farmsteads.

If the recommendation spacing for planting plantain is 4m by 4m, calculate the plant population per hectare of farmland.

A. 16    B. 63    C. 625    D. 1000

The kind of tillage method most suitable for maize is _____

A. zero tillage    B. minimum tillage    C. maximum tillage    D. contour ridges.

The device which would help to stabilize heat in an incubator is the _____

A. thermometer    B. hygrometer    C. barometer    D. thermostat

The introduction of proper planktons species into the pond is referred to as ______

A. fertilization   B. innoculation    C. stocking    D. liming.

An example of igneous rock is ______

A. marble    B. basalt    C. slate    D. dolomite.

Which of the following diseases commonly occur during brooding?

I. yolk sac infection      II. coccidiosis      III. fowlpox      IV. pullorum

A. I, II and III only     B. I, II and IV only     C. I, III and IV only     D. I, II, III and IV

Fertilizers are applied to fishponds to serve as _____

A. bait for fish     B. food for fish     C. nutrients for plankton     D. water purifier

Stems act as storage organs in _______

A. sweet potato, cassava and yam
B. melon, irish potato and ginger
C. yam, cocoyam and irish potato
D. groundnut, cocoyam and cassava

Ideal pH for coffee cultivation is _____

A. 4.0 - 4.5     B. 5.0 - 5.5     C. 6.0 - 6.5     D. 6.5 - 7.5

The storage facility that is not suitable for grains is the ______

A. silos    B. rumbus    C. barns    D. sacs.

The most effective method of disseminating information among farmers is through ______

A. individual method
B. group method
C. mass method
D. cooperative method

Which of the following parasites lives inside the body of its host?

A. mite    B. louse    C. ascaris    D. tick

The process of mating in sheep is termed _____

A. treading     B. courting    C. tupping    D. servicing

Dura, Tenera and Pisifera are all cultivated varieties of ______

A. coconut     B. oil palm     C. rubber     D. banana

Selection based on the performance of ancestors is referred to as _______

A. family selection    B. pedigree selection     C. progeny selection     D. line selection.

Which one of the following is not a target group of an agricultural Extension agent?

A. Non-governmental organisation      B. Commercial farmers     C. Bee keepers      D. Political parties

The instrument which enables a surveyor to find the direction of a base line is _____

A. abney level    B. ranging pole    C. plumb bob    D. magnetic compass

A good silage should be free of _____

A. moulds     B. nutrients     C. moisture     D. fibre

The most unreliable source of power on the farm is _____

A. heat engine     B. wind     C. electricity    D. animal

Which one of these is not part of a disc plough?

A. Planter     B. Furrow wheel     C. Coulter     D. Disc scraper

In which layer of the soil profile do most biological activities occur?

A. D-horizone     B. C-horizone    C. B-horizone    D. A-horizone

The process of grafting in crop production involves ______

A. the fusion of gametes of two crops
B. indicating rooting from stems
C. the transfer of a bud from one crop to another
D. the joining of two parts from related crops

In order to eliminate food shortage, farmers should ______

A. cultivate more varieties of crops
B. practise land tenure by inheritance
C. shift from crop to animal production
D. construct farm buildings

Which of the following parts of plants are normally used for vegetative propagation?

A. Fruit, leaf and root.
B. Stem, root and leaf.
C. Fruit, leaf and flower.
D. Leaf, flower and stem.

The main mode of infection of rinderpest disease in cattle is through ______

A. grazing     B. drinking     C. contact     D. inhalation

Tomatoes are staked in order to ______

A. accelerate their growth
B. induce flowering
C. accelerate fruit ripening
D. prevent rotting of fruits

An advantage of weeds is that they are used to ______

A. control insect pest
B. check grazing by animals
C. check erosion
D. control diseases.

Which of the following processes reduces the diploid number of an ovum to a haploid number?

A. Cytokinesis   B. Meiosis   C. Mitosis   D. Fission

Which of the following factors does not influence the distribution of cattle in West Africa?

A. pastures    B. light    C. diseases    D. rainfall

Agriculture contributes to the economy of West African Countries through the following means except ______

A. reduction of poverty through job creation
B. supply of armaments for territorial defence
C. provision of foreign exchange
D. supply of raw materials to industries

The texture of an igneous rock is determined by ______

A. the composition of the magma
B. the rate at which the magma solidifies
C. the effect of heat on molten magma
D. changes in the structure of existing rock

Self-pollination takes place when grains are transferred from the _______

A. stigma to the anther of another plant
B. stigma to the anther of same plant
C. anther to the stigma of same plant
D. anther to the stigma of another plant.

Tsetse flies are of economic importance in livestock production because they transmit _____

A. coccidis     B. trypanosome     C. brucella    D. mycobacterium

Which of the following statements is correct about micro-nutrients? They_____

A. promote formation of only root nodules
B. are required by plants in very small quantities
C. are fixed into the soil through microbial activity
D. increase crop tolerance to pest attack

Which of the following crops has a fibrous root system?

A. cotton    B. coffee    C. cowpea    D. sugarcane

Which of the following statements about agricultural development is true? It leads to

I. increased processing of produce
II. increased food production
III. high productivity
IV. increased agricultural labour force

A. I, II and III only     B. I,II and IV only     C. I,III and IV only     D. II,III and IV only

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