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The major reason which necessitates the expansion of agriculture is the increase in _____

A. rainfalls    B. population    C. manpower    D. animal power

New Zealand is a breed of which animal?

A. Goat     B. Cattle     C. Rat     D. Rabbit

A fermented product of green fodder is _______

A. hay    B. silage   C. soilage   D. forage

Which type of loan should a farmer obtain to start an oil palm plantation?

A. short-term loan     B. long-term loan     C. non-institutional loan     D. operational loan

Which of the following statements about soil organisms is false?

A. soil pH will attack population of soil organisms
B. population of soil living organisms is increased with increase in soil organic matter
C. soil with good texture and structure cannot harbour soil microbes
D. soil temperature affects the activities of soil organisms

Agriculture contributes to the economy of West African Countries through the following means except ______

A. reduction of poverty through job creation
B. supply of armaments for territorial defence
C. provision of foreign exchange
D. supply of raw materials to industries

When farmers engages in both plant and animal husbandry, he is practising ______

A. lay farming    B. mixed framing   C. mixed cropping    D. crop rotation

The most devastating agent of erosion is _______

A. wild wind    B. slope    C. run-off water    D. rodents.

Soil texture can be referred to as _____

A. distribution of soil particles in a given sample
B. movement of water through the soil
C. Distribution of the different sizes of soil particles
D. The degree of soil aeration

Which of the following groups of rocks is formed as a result of volcanic eruption?

A. limestone, basalt and shale
B. basalt, granite and pumice
C. sandstone, granite and quartzite
D. marble, gneiss and shale

Which one of the following is not a target group of an agricultural Extension agent?

A. Non-governmental organisation
B. Commercial farmers
C. Bee keepers
D. Political parties

The relative humidity in an incubator is usually set at ______

A. 10% - 30%   B. 40% - 60%    C. 70% - 80%    D. 90% - 100%.

Which of the following is not a source of farm power?

A. wind     B. Bull     C. Tractor     D. Plough

Examples of crops that require nurseries are ______

A. cotton, sorghum and tomato
B. oil palm, cocoa and pepper
C. cocoa, maize and rice
D. banana, coffee and tomato.

A cowpea farmer obtained a loan of D 50,000.oo from his co-operative society at an interest rate of 5%. Calculate the interest to be paid on the borrowed capital after one year?

A. D 2,500.00     B. D 5,000.00     C. D 7,500.00     D. D 10,000.00

Rejuvenation of soil fertility was carried out by early farmers through ______

A. the application of fertilizer
B. bush clearing
C. bush fallowing
D. the application of manure.

In farm animals, gonads are organs associated with ______

A. circulation    B. excretion    C. respiration    D. reproduction.

Which of the following crops has a fibrous root system?

A. cotton    B. coffee    C. cowpea    D. sugarcane

Which of the following statements about agricultural development is true? It leads to

I. increased processing of produce
II. increased food production
III. high productivity
IV. increased agricultural labour force

A. I, II and III only     B. I,II and IV only     C. I,III and IV only     D. II,III and IV only

The maturity period of groundnut in month is _____

A. 1 - 2     B. 2 - 3     C. 4 - 5     D. 6 - 7

The part labeled I is made of ______

A. wood    B. iron    C. aluminium    D. lead.

Selection based on the performance of ancestors is referred to as _______

A. family selection    B. pedigree selection     C. progeny selection     D. line selection.

Which of the following factors does not influence the distribution of cattle in West Africa?

A. pastures    B. light    C. diseases    D. rainfall

The weight of a sheep increased from 25 kg to 45 kg in two months. If the total consumption during the period was 60 kg,determine the feed conversion ratio.

A. 1:1     B. 1:2     C. 3:1     D. 4:1

Which of the following parasites lives inside the body of its host?

A. mite    B. louse    C. ascaris    D. tick

Which of the following groups of crops are mostly cultivated in the rainforest zone of Nigeria?

A. Millet, yam and coconut
B. Maize, cocoyam and cassava
C. Sorghum, sweet potato and date
D. Wheat, Irish potato and groundnut

A piece of information contained in payroll record of farms is _______

A. date of employment   B. equity    C. income generated    D. total credit.

Retailers may create artificial scarcity of goods by ______

A. price hiking   B. hoarding    C. under producing    D. processing.

If the recommendation spacing for planting plantain is 4m by 4m, calculate the plant population per hectare of farmland.

A. 16    B. 63    C. 625    D. 1000

Jute and kenaf thrive well in a soil that is ______

A. clayey   B. sandy loam    C. clayey loam   D. humus.

If T represents the gene for tallness while t represents dwarfness. The genotypic ratio of the second filial generation will be _____

A. 3:1     B. 1:2:1     C. 2:2    D. 4:0

The fertility of soils under forest is sustained mainly by ______

A. nutrient recycling
B. rodent activities
C. being protected from direct rays of the sun
D. preventing raindrops from directly hitting the soil.

Which of the following required daily checking in a tractor?

A. spark plug     B. Engine oil     C. Air cleaner     D. Battery

A hypothesis can be described as ______

A. predictive statement relating to experimental variables
B. a postulate of general acceptance
C. a research reasoning based on an accurate statement about the population
D. a postulate based on experimental samples.

In farm animals, gonads are organs associated with _____

A. circulation   B. excretion    C. respiration    D. reproduction

The following are the features of subsistence agriculture except ______

A. subsistence agriculture is mostly practised by peasant farms
B. It requires the use of family labour
C. Pests and diseases are not really controlled
D. It requires the use of both skilled and unskilled labour

One major difference between disc plough and disc Harrow is _____

A. Disc plough is used to create wider ridges on the field than disc Harrow
B. A disc plough can have up to 54 discs on it at once whereas a disc harrow can have up to 6 disc C. Disc plough is used to tilled the disc harrowed land
D. The disc part of plough is notched while that of harrow is round

The instrument which enables a surveyor to find the direction of a base line is _____

A. abney level    B. ranging pole    C. plumb bob    D. magnetic compass

This type of root is associated with ______

A. nitrogen fixation
B. photosynthesis
C. storage of organic acids
D. storage of minerals.

Fertilizer application in maize should be completed before ______

A. Tasseling    B. Silking    C. Riponing    D. Knee high stage

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