TRCN PQE Syllabus: Use of the Library – PQE 021

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NCE Teachers Graduate Teachers Master Teachers Doctoral Teachers
Effective use of
the library for
academic and
The concept and
use of virtual
Objectives and functions of
the library; types of library; types of library materials; organizational structure of the library; bibliography, cataloguing and classification; management of the library; basic library automation; virtual and e- library.
Functions and types of
Types of library materials Organisational structure of the library.
Library classification systems, bibliography, catalogues, etc. Computerized library operations.
Concept and origin of
libraries: definitions of the library, types of library, library rules and regulations and units of the library. Library resources and services: formats of library resources, library services, information resources and their handling. Organisation of library
resources: classification systems, the library catalogue and using the OPAC.
Using data based resources: AGORA, EBSCO Host, HINARI and JSTOR, searching electronic resources.
Examination of the
nature and operations of specific Library services. Bibliographic searching. Objectives, characteristics and operations of the e- library. Online search of materials and information on the various educational disciplines.

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