TRCN PQE Syllabus: Theory and Practice of Child-Friendly Schools (CFS) – PQE 011

PQE 011. Theory and Practice of Child-Friendly Schools (CFS)
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environment for
teaching and
learning in
Concept, principles and models of CFS – definition of CFS, Key generic principles of CFS based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, child-centredness democratic participation, inclusiveness; quality as holistic and multi-dimensional; characteristics of CFS – Principle 1 (child rights and inclusive education), Principle 2 (effective teaching and learning environments), Principle 3 (safe supportive and protective learning environments), Principle 4 (healthy and health-seeking learning environments), Principle 5 (gender sensitive learning environments), Principle 6 (democratic participation and partnership building); Policies in Nigeria that promote CFS; Child friendly school standards and indicators for teacher education; teacher preparation for CFS
– child centred interactive methodologies based on constructivist principles and activity based learner centred approach; facilities and resources required for CFS; Assessment of teaching in a CFS; Technology on a CFS learning and teaching; strategies for mainstreaming CFS concepts and principles in Nigeria.

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