TRCN PQE Syllabus: Philosophy of Education – PQE 002

PQE 002. Philosophy of Education
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NCE Teachers Graduate Teachers Master Teachers Doctoral Teachers
Thought that
and practices
around the
world and in
Relevance and importance of
Philosophy of Education to the student teacher; Schools of Thought in Philosophy; some leading philosophers and their contributions and implications for primary and junior secondary education – Naturalism, Idealism, Realism, Pragmatism, Existentialism, Africanism, etc; Philosophy of Nigerian Education – Evolution and tenets of developmentalism; Goals, Aims and Objectives of Nigerian Education; Philosophical examination of the following concepts in relation to primary and
junior secondary education in Nigeria – rationality, justice, responsibility, creativity, self-reliance, life- long education, freedom, democracy, equality of educational opportunities, etc.
Philosophy and education.
Various schools of thought in philosophy and their impact on education. The philosophical bases for primary, secondary,
tertiary and teacher education. Educational issues and problems as they relate to the philosophy of education in Nigeria.
Nature of philosophy
and nature of
education; The essence of philosophy of education; An examination of philosophical ideas that have influenced the development of education throughout the world; Schools of Philosophical thought such as idealism, realism, naturalism and pragmatism and their contributions to educational development; Issues arising from the philosophy of Nigerian education with due regard to concepts such as: education, equality and opportunity, democracy, aims and objectives of education, reward and
punishment, teaching, indoctrination and training, nature of knowledge, values and the individual; Ancient and contemporary philosophers; Their
impacts on education systems and usefulness in the classroom environment; The curriculum and philosophy; The problem of truth; Transfer and application of knowledge.
Basic philosophical
thoughts in education.
Educational ideas and
practices from ancient
times and their influence
on modern practices.
Philosophical thoughts
underlying Nigerian
Appraising Nigeria‟s
general educational
challenges and proposing
remedies in the context plausible philosophical thought around the world and Nigeria.


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