TRCN PQE Syllabus: Micro Teaching Theory – PQE 023

TRCN PQE Syllabus: Micro Teaching Theory – PQE 023

PQE 023. Micro Teaching Theory
Category D: Category C: Category B: Category A:
NCE Teachers Graduate Teachers Master Teachers Doctoral Teachers
Principles and
practices of
micro teaching;
Peer teaching
Concept and process of micro teaching; relevance of micro
teaching to teacher education; Set induction; Stimulus variation; planned repetition; reinforcement; non-verbal communication; questioning; closure; evaluation; merits and demerits of micro teaching.
Origin, development, meaning, aim and scope of
Basic principles and phases.
Components of micro-teaching and their values. Techniques/skills of micro-teaching.
Functions of the student in a micro-teaching situation as a teacher, a learner, a source of feedback, an evaluator, a video operator, and an organiser of a micro-lesson session.
The use of the micro-teaching laboratory. Merits and demerits of micro-teaching. Sessions of supervised micro-teaching.

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