TRCN PQE Syllabus: Guidance & Counseling – PQE 005

PQE 005. Guidance & Counseling: Theory & Practice
Category D: Category C: Category B: Category A:
NCE Teachers Graduate Teachers Master Teachers Doctoral Teachers
organisation of
Concept of Guidance and
Counseling (G&C), distinctions and goals; history and development of G&C practices in Nigeria;
theories of counseling; ethics of the counseling profession; guidance services in schools; communication skills in guidance; study skills; health counseling – HIV/AIDS,
drug abuse, alcoholism, etc;tests in G&C; career
education and development; sex education and marriage counseling; organisation and administration of G&C.
TO BE CAT B The history, development and trends
in Guidance and Counselling. C
General principles, techniques and essential components of guidance and counselling. C
The relevance of guidance and counselling to the
National Policy on Education. C Multicultural aspects of counselling. Assessment in Counselling.
Ethical issues and therapeutic processes in relation to unemployment, career choice, abuse, peer influence, sexuality, social relations, drug abuse etc. BTO BE CAT C The concept, scope and goals of
Guidance and Counseling in schools. C Theories of Counseling.
Guidance and Counseling tests. C
Ethics of Guidance and Counseling services in schools. C
Cases: Studies of specific learner/learning problems that require good knowledge of psychology, guidance and counseling and applicable strategies; Problem- solving techniques, etc. C
Rationale, scope and
nature of Guidance and Counseling services in educational and community settings. Multiple approaches of such services with emphasis on role of counselors in needs assessment programme planning, consultation and coordination of services for diverse
populations. Study of problems, issues, trends and ethical responsibility in the field of Guidance and Counseling. Principles and methods of developing and administering guidance programmes in the school setting – at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Practical programmes and issues in Nigeria, e.g.
problems connected with testing programmes, inter- personal relationships, finance, etc.

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