TRCN PQE Syllabus: Educational Statistics – PQE 018

PQE 018. Educational Statistics
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foundations for
research and
Basic statistics – collection,
presenting and displaying data; statistical description of data – measures of central tendency, spreads, dispersion or variability;
statistical inferences including estimating population values, testing hypothesis, correlation, etc.
Statistics and its functions.
Statistical distributions and their properties. Measurement levels and applicable statistics.Organization of data
(ordinal, simple, frequency distribution, grouped and cumulative, etc.). Graphic representation of data – Pictogram, Pie chart. Bar chart and histogram, Frequency polygon
Ogive. Measures of central tendency – Mode, Median, Mean, etc.
Measures of dispersion, Range, Standard deviation, etc.
Decision making; types of errors. Various statistical instruments such as the Normal Distribution curve, Student‟s t-test, Stanine Scores, t-test, Analysis of
Variance, Coefficient of
Correlation, etc.
Concepts and process
in statistics.
Purpose of Statistics, descriptive and inferential statistics, parametric and non-
parametric statistics, estimate error in measurement, nominal scale, ordinal scale, interval scale, ratio scale, statistical notation, organisation of data, classification of data, representation of data, transformation of scores, measures of central tendency,
measures of variability, measures of
association. Inferential statistics used in educational research.
Basic statistical
methods in Education.
Hypothesis formulation
and testing. Non-
parametric analysis.Analysis of variance
and covariance in educational experiments. Regression analysis, correlation and other measures of
association. Use of ICT
tools in data analysis.

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