TRCN PQE Syllabus: Curriculum Studies – PQE 012

TRCN PQE Syllabus: Curriculum Studies – PQE 012

PQE 012. Curriculum Studies
Category D: Category C: Category B: Category A:
NCE Teachers Graduate Teachers Master Teachers Doctoral Teachers
Meaning and scope of
curriculum; basic curriculum concepts; the curriculum as a teaching plan; types of curriculum; typology based on design – broad fields/integrated curriculum, core curriculum, single subject/discrete subject curriculum; typology based on official recognition – official or formal curriculum, informal or hidden curriculum; typology based on teacher-learner perspectives – teacher
centred curriculum, student centre curriculum; history of primary and junior secondary school curriculum in Nigeria; curriculum development centres in Nigeria such as NERDC, NCCE, NUC, etc.
Key concepts of
curriculum development to
include objectives,
contents, learning
opportunities and evaluation; Knowledge and skills on curriculum development; Relating instruction (lesson objectives, learning experiences, learning materials, methods and media of instruction, etc.)
to curriculum.
Relating curriculum to national goals; Overview of curriculum innovations in Nigeria with respect to specific subject areas.
The concept and scope of Curriculum; Curriculum as a teaching plan.
Curriculum types/design: integrated, core, single subject, etc curriculum typologies/design; formal/official and informal/hidden
curriculum, etc; student-
centred and teacher-centred curriculum, etc. Components of Curriculum Implementation
i. Curriculum content
ii. Resources
iii. Methods
Domains of learning and
implications for curriculum development:
i. Cognitive
ii. Affective/moral
iii. Psychomotor
Assessment of learning
Indices of curriculum non- implementation
i. High drop-
out/failure rates
ii. Examination
iii. Cultism and other
iv. Poor job
Concepts and processes
of curriculum planning. The meaning and definition of
curriculum. The history of curriculum development efforts in Nigeria.
Models of curriculum development.
Factors influencing the Nigeria School curriculum.
The procedure for developing the components of the curriculum. General methods of teaching. Procedure for selection
and utilisation of resources. Classroom experimentation,
curriculum evaluation and curriculum innovation.
Models of curriculum
development and design; organisation, selection and evaluation of curriculum. Principles of supervision, visitation, and accreditation. Preparation of relevant reports.Basic principles of
curriculum implementation; Curriculum innovations and change; Factors
that trigger curriculum reforms; Supervisory roles in the implementation of the curriculum; Patterns and strategies of contemporary curriculum supervision and inspection; Performance indicators in curriculum
implementation: quality assurance, quality control and quality management.

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