TRCN PQE Syllabus: Comparative Education – PQE 017

PQE 017. Comparative Education
Category D: Category C: Category B: Category A:
NCE Teachers Graduate Teachers Master Teachers Doctoral Teachers
system with the
education systems in other
drawing from the best practices
Factors that influence the character and nature of
educational systems of countries. Patterns of educational
thought as reflected in some systems. Traditional
educational issues and contemporary problems in
education affecting technological and other aspects of development.
Analysis of the Structure of education and schooling processes in selected foreign countries, e.g. one country each selected from Africa, Asia, Europe and America.
A comparism of the Nigerian Education system with the selected countries.
Outline of the best practices and strengths of the foreign education systems that Nigeria needs to emulate.
Meaning and scope of comparative education.
Methods appropriate to its study.
The relationship between the state and education. Factors that influence the character of any educational system.
Aspects of systems of education from Nigeria.
1-6-3-3-4 Education system in Nigeria: principles, Guidelines and implementation. EFA and the MDGs in education.
Education in other countries of the world (a study of good programmes in selected countries in Africa, Asia, America and Europe); Post 2015
Development Agenda.

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