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Testing refers to _______

a. Use of sensory organs to obtain information
b. The administration of measuring instrument on learners
c. Trial of a thing for compliance
d. Laboratory combination of chemicals for reaction

This Question is COMPULSORY!

Evaluation refers to ____

a. Examination of a process or task to see whether they are satisfactory with
reference to stated objective
b. Inquiry to determine work done
c. Inquiry to determine truthfulness
d. Examination of moral rectitude

Assessment can be any of the following formats except

a. Formal    b. informal    c. Direct    d. Judgmental

Test refers to the following EXCEPT ____

a. A measuring instrument in education
b. A kind of measurement device used to find out something about a person or group
c. An instrument used to obtain data by which an individual is judged
d. Questions and answers to be administered to pupils

The purpose of assessment in school is _____

a. To diagnose learners problem and improve the quality of their learning
b. To differentiate between fast and slow learners
c. To ascertain suitability for admission
d. To determine suitability for employment

The following are types of evaluation EXCEPT ____

a. Placement evaluation   b. Formative evaluation   c. Diagnostic evaluation   d. Remedial evaluation

Measurement in education determines the following except

a. Scholastic abilities    b. Aptitude    c. Achievements    d. Hyperactivity

Evaluation in education involves the following processes except

a. Identifying and defining the intended outcome
b. Constructing or selecting test and other evaluation tools
c. Using evaluation result to improve learning and teaching
d. ascribing value to educational phenomena

Assessment refers to the following EXCEPT ____

a. A device to judge the extent of learners understanding
b. A conscious design used for obtaining and interpreting data
c. A Periodic test before main examination
d. Quantifying one’s ability by sight

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