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Some of the challenges besetting Nigeria Education excludes which of the following

a. Falling education standards
b. Moral decadence
c. Increasing vices
d. Increasing I.T use

This Question is COMPULSORY!

The universal Basic Education (UBE) was launched in the year _____

a. 1999    b. 1980    c. 2007    d. 1976

The main objectives of the UBE excludes the following

a. Poverty eradication
b. Eradication of illiteracy
c. To increase political consciousness and integration
d. Technological development

The global education policy of the U.N Universal Declaration of Fundamental Human Rights excludes the believe that education should be ______

a. Human right    b. A privilege    c. Accessible    d. Free

Pre school education in Nigeria excludes which of the following

a. Crèche
b. Play group or Day care
c. Home education
d. Pre primary education
e. Home lessons

Under the UPE mandate, the benchmark to consider a person literate in Nigeria he/she must...

a. Be able to read and write
b. Have completed the primary school
c. Have completed nine years of primary and junior secondary school
d. Be a graduate from higher institution

Which of the following is the process of education not involved in ______

a. Knowledge acquisition
b. Acquiring certain behaviour norms
c. Indoctrinating the future generations
d. Acquiring technical skills and competencies

Education for all (EFA) declares that learning begins at _____

a. 6 years    b. 1 year    c. Both    d. none of the above

The total years of basic education in Nigeria is _____

a. 6 years    b. 9 years    c. 3 years    d. 12 years

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Scoreboard for TRCN PQE 007 – Teacher Education - Practice Test (FREE Access)

  1. Za - 100%
  2. A - 100%
  3. MARYAM NA\'ALLAH - 100%
  4. Muhammad samira sani - 100%
  5. Waya Adam Sani - 90%
  6. Ilyasu Ahmed - 80%
  7. Nn - 80%
  8. ISMAIL - 77%
  9. Waya Adam Sani - 70%
  10. Amn - 70%
  11. Samvo - 70%
  12. Nn - 70%
  13. Muhammad samira sani - 55%
  14. Na Allah - 50%
  15. Shamsiya - 40%
  16. Shamsiya - 30%
  17. Auwalu Haruna - 30%
  18. ISMAIL - 30%
  19. MARYAM NA\'ALLAH - 20%
  20. SABO AKILU UMAR - 20%
  21. Kb - 20%
  22. Amn - 10%
  23. Ilyasu Ahmad Balarabe - 10%
  24. Muhammad Maryam - 10%

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