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Categories of social stratification excludes which of the following?

(a) marriage     (b) power    (c) class     (d) status

Human beings are defined as social products because _____

a. They live as a family   b. They live in villages    c. They go to schools    d. The take care of themselves

Social stratification are societal ranking according to the following except

(a) Income    (b) Height    (c) Age    (d) Education

Conflict theories hold that social stratification is based on ______

a. age    b. power     c. economy     d. education

Which of the following factors does not stimulate social change?

(a) discovery and invention
(b) population change and diffusion
(c) inactivity
(d) physical environment

Sociology deals with the following except

a. The totality of man’s interaction in society
b. Systematic and scientific study of social behaviours and human groups
c. The influence of social conditions or human relationship
d. A totality of man and animal interaction in society

Conflict theory is associated with the following

(a) Abraham Maslow    (b) Karl Max    (c) Weber    (d) Sigmund Freud

Which of the following factors does not determine acceptance or resistance to changes

(a) use and purpose of change
(b) societal attitude
(c) cost and compatibility of change
(d) population

Socialization helps society do the following except

(a) helps ensure stability
(b) provides platform for interaction
(c) helps individuals identify their roles in society
(d) helps individual to be different from groups

Karl Max in his theory views class as a group of people in common relationship to ______

(a) power    (b) means of production    (c) religion    (d) education

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