TRCN PQE 023 – Micro-Teaching – Practice Test

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Which of these is true of microteaching?

a. It can be a substitute for real teaching
b. It is a substitute to practical teaching
c. It has all the ingredients of normal teaching
d. It is complete teaching

Objectives of teaching practice is to enable the student-teacher fulfill the following except

a. Earn some little money as a part time teacher
b. Teach any subject with competence and zeal
c. Present lessons according to approved format
d. Manage class effectively with interaction

The aim of microteaching include the following except

a. Offers student teacher first hand teaching experience under guidance
b. Gives a platform for student teachers to showcase mastery of subject and methodology of teaching
c. Offers professional development opportunity to the would be teacher
d. Creates learning platform to support the main teachers lessons

Microteaching serves as a ______

a. window to teaching activities
b. guide to all involved in teaching
c. smallest unit of teaching
d. a summary for all Involved in teaching

The external moderators for teaching practice are

a. The heads of institution hosting the student teacher for the teaching practice
b. The subject teachers assigned to moderate the student teacher in the cooperating school
c. Appointed professional chosen from parent institution to assess and grade the student teacher
d. Any external assessor for the teaching practice

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