TRCN PQE 023 – Micro-Teaching – Practice Test

Hello and Welcome to TRCN PQE 023 – Micro-Teaching Practice Test

  1. You are to attempt 5 random objectives questions ONLY.
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  3. You can attempt as many times as possible

In microteaching simulated condition refers to ______

a. artificial teaching of the student teacher
b. creation of the micro teaching environment
c. use of classmates of student teacher as students to teach
d. use of class teacher of student teacher as external supervisor.

Team teaching aims to improve ______

a. the student
b. the teacher
c. teaching and learning
d. The school

In the teaching practice the student teacher embarks on preliminary visit to ______

a. Know school physical feature and layout
b. To know the number of students in the class he will teach
c. To obtain permission for teaching practice
d. Know the rules guiding the class he is to teach.

Some of the Micro teaching skills include the following except _____

a. set induction
b. questioning
c. stimulus variation
d. stimulus response

In preparation for micro teaching the student teacher is expected to _____

a. Plan for all skills at a time
b. Plan for a skill at a time
c. Capture all the skills at a time
d. Use only non-verbal cue


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