TRCN PQE 021 – Use of Library – Practice Test

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The charging system used in the library exclude the following

a. Newark   b. Bookmark     c. Token     d. Browne

Which section of the library can one find reserved books?

a. Cataloguing section    b. Reference section    c. Periodic Section    d. Circulation section

A library mainly concerned with the bibliographic control of publications can be referred to as ______

a. Special library    b. Academic library    c. National library    d. state library

The following comprises of features of serials, except

a. They are published    b. They have ISSN    c. They come at intervals    d. They are only acted

Which of the following is an example of the new book of knowledge (NBK)?

a. Specialized Encyclopedia (for primary children)
b. Dictionary
c. General Encyclopedia
d. Subject dictionary

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