TRCN PQE 019 – Educational Research Methods – Practice Test

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Research classification according to kinds of information they provide include the following types except ______

A. Developmental
B. Historical
C. Correlational
D. Experimental

The systematic approach to solving educational problems include the following except?

a. scientific method    b. laid down procedure    c. controlled   d. personal interest

Education research uses the following approach in Investigation.

A. Informal approaches
B. formal approaches
C. Scientific approach
D. informal and formal approaches

The deductive reasoning popularized by Aristotle follows this sequence EXCEPT ____

A. General to general
B. particular to general
C. general to Particular
D. Particular to Particular

Education is Multi-disciplinary because _______

A. It teaches all discipline
B. Other Disciplines enrich it.
C. it is a pedestal to teach other disciples.
D. It Informal, semi formal and formal

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