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The scientific approach to problem solving involves the following steps except?

a. Problem identification and definition
b. Formulation of hypothesis
c. Studying hypothesis
d. traditional knowledge

The systematic approach to solving educational problems include the following except?

a. scientific method    b. laid down procedure    c. controlled   d. personal interest

In the past human beings found solutions to their problems using the following approaches except

a. Traditional knowledge of truth
b. Learned authority
c. Personal experience
d. Scientific investigation

A common trend in the definition of research excludes which of the following?

a. It is controlled    b. empirical    c. hypothetical propositions    d. undisputable

The following are acceptable research processes except

a. Problem Identification and statement
b. Hypothesis
c. Review of literature
d. problem solution

Research classification according to Forms is not which of the following?

a. Historical     b. descriptive     c. experimental     d. social

Aristotle’s doctrine of reasoning used in educational research does not include which of the following structure?

a. general assumption
b. particular instances of the assumption
c. conclusion
d. methodology

The doctrine of reasoning which laid foundation to all researches is associated with?

a. Aristotle    b. Plato    c. John Locke    d. Maslow

A common trend in good Research include the following except

A. Logical    B. Systematic    C. specific objective    D. unverifiable

Objectives of research are these except

a. To analyze events and identify the cause and effect relationship.
b. To fulfill educational certification needs
c. To find solutions to scientific and non scientific social problems
d. Overcoming problems occurring In everyday life

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