TRCN PQE 018 – Educational Statistics – Practice Test

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Convert 3210 to a binary number

a. 10002    
b. 10002    
c. 100002    
d. 1000002

Methods of data collection are three.

a. True   
b. false    
c. uncertain    
d. To some extent

Graphical representation includes the following except _______

a. Pie chart   
b. Histogram    
c. Bar chart   
d. Data

In society, the functions of statistics exclude which of the following?

a. It helps students to graduate
b. It helps in decision making
c. It helps in the study of large populations
d. It can be used to approximate a large sample

The following are different methods of graphic representation of data except

a. Histogram    b. Frequency polygons    c. The ogive    d. Sample size

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