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The “Median” most serious defect is that  _______

a. It is infraction    b. It is difficult     c. It is skewed     d. It is simple

The following are different methods of graphic representation of data except

a. Histogram    b. Frequency polygons    c. The ogive    d. Sample size

In society, the functions of statistics exclude the following?

a. It helps students to graduate
b. It helps in decision making
c. It helps in the study of large populations
d. It can be used to approximate a large sample

The measure of central tendency (which refers to middle value) can be measured using the following except?

a. Median      b. Variance     c. Mode     d. Mean

Identify which of the following is not and inferential statistics?

a. Chi-square     b. Spearman iho     c. Skewness     d. Simple regression

A good set of records requires the following except

a. for gathering of data
b. a set of educational objectives
c. enables staff determine their achievement
d. The promotion of academic discipline

Frequency polygon consists of lines joining the points of the tops of histogram bars

a. True     b. false     c. uncertain    d. To some extent

An example of inferential statistics in which of the following?

a. chi square    b. Variance    c. Mode     d. Kurtosis

Frequency distribution is summarized as the following except:

a. Mean    b. Central tendency     c. Mode     d. The coefficient

Statistics is important in the following areas except

a. Sports planning    b. Educational planning    c. Prophetic planning   d. Geographic planning

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