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Factors that determines the character of a nation includes the following except

a. geographical factors   b. historical factors   c. racial factors   d. family factors

Which of these are not factors affecting educational system of a country

(a) language    (b) aptitude    (c) geography    (d) social factors

Pioneers of comparative education exclude the following

(a) John Griscorn    (b) Victor Cousin    (c) Michael Sadler   (d) Tai Solari

Comparative education in particular seeks to know the following except

(a) Similarities of educational practices
(b) differences in educational practices
(c) types of educational practices
(d) weakness of educational practices

The following defines comparative education except

(a) The study of educational systems of two or more countries
(b) How educational philosophies, policy and practice in other countries influence practice in a particular country
(c) a study of how past educational practices influence development of education in a particular country
(d) a study of early Christian and Islamic scholars contribution to education

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