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Which of the following is not included in the strategies and principle of non-formal education in Nigeria.

a. Provision of adult literacy
b. meeting the learning needs of adults and young people
c. provision of quality in the educational system
d. bridging the gap between the poor and the rich

Which of the following is not included in the objectives of (NOUN)

a. To award certificates to their graduates
b. To relate its activities to the social. cultural and economic needs of the people of Nigeria.
c. To encourage the advancement of learning throughout Nigeria.
d. To provide courses of instruction and facilities for the pursuit of learning

Which of the following types of education is most flexible and available to anyone who is interested no matter the age or occupation?

a. Formal education
b. Non formal education
c. Informal education
d Semi formal education

In which year was the National open university of Nigeria (NOUN) established?

a. 1979     b. 1983      c. 1975     d. 1960

Which of the following is not an aim and objective of adult and distance Learning education

a. Reduction of child mortality
b. Reduction of poverty
c. Attainment of equal political consciousness
d. achieving gender equality

Which of the following is not included among special need educators in Nigeria?

a. disadvantaged children
b. gifted children
c. disabled group
d. academically deficient students

Which of the International intervention in the education of special needs in Nigeria is not among the following?

a. ILO     b. UKAID     c. WHO     d. UNOP

Which of these is a form of educational process involving the study of technologies, skills and general understanding in various sectors of economy and social life.

a. Vocational education
b. polytechnic education
c. Agric and economic education
d. Technical college of education

Which of the following is not a target group for adult literacy programme?

a. school drop outs
b. higher school drop outs
c. girl child and victims of teenage pregnancy
d. nomadic communities

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