TRCN PQE 015 – Special Education – Practice Test

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The care, special provision and education of the disabled children began in the following phases

(a) Pre Christian era    (b) scientific era    (c) Christian era    (d) post Christian era

The first school for the disabled in Nigeria was found in _______

(A) 1914 in Gindiri    (b) 1951 in Gindiri    (c) 1960 in Gindiri    (d) 1976 in Gindiri

Early schools for the disabled in Nigeria was established by ______

(a) British government   (b) Christian Missionaries   (c) Federal government   (d) Islamic Missionaries

Inclusion in education refers to the process of _______

a. including deficient students in some classroom activities
b. including disabled students in activities designed for them
c. allowing all students fully participate in classroom regardless of race or disability
d. separating learners according to ability

Special education is ______ centred in approach

a. methodology    b. child    c. subject    d. teacher

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