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Learners with special need education are not among which of the following groups?

a. very fast learners
b. very slow learners
c. learners with difficulties
d. average learners

Disability in special education means which of the following

(a) any form of inability
(b) any form of disability in any part of the body
(c) any loss of part of the body which does not prevent the community functions part
(d) Any loss of part of body which prevents the carrying out of that part

The care, special provision and education of the disabled children began in the following phases

(a) Pre Christian era    (b) scientific era    (c) Christian era    (d) post Christian era

The historical age that emphasized “love and charity” for fellow human beings whether able bodied or disabled can be summarized as ______

(a) Pre Christian era    (b) scientific era    (c) Christian era   (d) post Christian era

Which of the following would not be used for teaching visually impaired learners?

a. Braille    b. Talking calculator     c. Hearing aid     d. Tape recorder

To be effective which of the following must’ individualized educational programme not consider?

a. goals    b. current performance    c. procedure    d. nationality

lndividualised education programme is designed to meet the needs of ______

a. all disabled learners
b. inclusive education
c. special need education
d. technical education

A neurological disorder often found in the first two years of life which affects the functioning of the brain leading to delayed social interaction and speech disorder is called?

a. social disability     b. Mental retardation     c. autism     d. learning disability

The philosophy guiding adults and special need education in Nigeria is ______

A. restricted education    B. inclusive education     C. different education    D. affordable education

Individualised family service plan (IFSP) are tools suitable for which of the following range of learners?

a. young learners    b. adolescents    c. infants    d. adult learners

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