TRCN PQE 014 – Educational Management – Practice Test

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Identify which is not among the philosophical goals of the National Policy on Education?

a. To inculcate National Consciousness and unity
b. Inculcation of right values and attitude for survival
c. Training of the mind to understand ethic dichotomy
d. Acquisition of skills mental, physical and social abilities

Which of these is a continuous process aimed at maintaining teaching and improving quality?

a. School inspection
b. School supervision
c. Curriculum development

Elements of management include the following EXCEPT ____

a. Organizing   b. Administration   c. Planning   d. commanding and controlling

The chief executive of primary school administration in Nigeria are called _______

a. Education secretaries
b. Headmasters/mistresses
c. School proprietors
d. School managers

The following are characteristics of bureaucracy except ______

(a) Division of labour
(b) impersonality and hierarchy of authority
(c) employment based on technical competence
(d) written rules and regulations

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