TRCN PQE 014 – Educational Management – Practice Test

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All personnel involved in teaching management/resources can be referred to as

a. human resources    b. teachers    c. administration    d. education officers

According to the National Policy on Education (NPF) the nature and purpose of education is?

a. A tool for excellence
b. A tool par excellence
c. A tool for development
d. tool for learning

The following are levels of educational administration in Nigeria EXCEPT______

a. Local       b. State       c. Federal       d. Municipal

Select the best leadership style in education administration.

a. Authoritarian    b. laisser-faire   c. Democratic   d. Bureaucratic

Which of these factors does not enhance optimum learning conditions?

a. Availability of favorable physical environment appropriate
b. good learning environment
c. cooperation among teachers and supervisors
d. complex learning environment

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