TRCN PQE 014 – Educational Management – Practice Test

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The responsibility of ensuring that schools comply with curriculum and educational policy set by government at the senior secondary schools lies with

a. Local inspectorate of education
b. Education secretary
c. Education officers
d. principals

Administration is a management process of _______

a. Coordinating people to attain goals
b. Coordinating human and material resources to achieve organizational goals.
c. Coordinating materials resources to achieve organizational goals
d. controlling activities of an organization

The appointment of vice chancellors, rectors and provosts of federal institutions is the responsibility of ______

a. State governments of where they are located
b. Federal government
c. Senate of the institutions
d. Vote of entire staff

Components of educational management can be summarized as:

a. Curriculum studies    b. resources    c. Formation of educational policies   d. Utilization of natural and human policies

Which of this is not a regular problem identified with school supervision?

a. Laxity of education policy makers
b. quacks doing the jobs of educationists
c. lack of instructional resources
d. poor cooperation between teachers school and supervisors

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