TRCN PQE 013 – Measurement and Evaluation

Hello and Welcome to TRCN PQE 013 – Measurement and Evaluation – Practice Test

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Criterion reference evaluation refers to ______

a. Cognition skill
b. Practical skills in learning
c. Affective skill
d. Psychological skills

Assessment can be any of the following formats except _______

a. Formal
b. informal
c. Direct
d. Judgmental

The purpose of assessment in school is _______

a. To diagnose learners problem and improve the quality of their learning
b. To differentiate between fast and slow learners
c. To ascertain suitability for admission
d. To determine suitability for employment

Learning in cognitive domain is measured by _________

a. aptitude test
b. Performance test
c. Achievement test
d. intelligence test

In which of the following test is objectivity a key factor in its scoring and administration?

a. Ability test
b. Achievement test
c. Standardized test
d. Teacher made test



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