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In which of the following refers to a standard (blueprint) for test construction?

a. Standardized table
b. Table of content
c. Competency table
d. Table of specification

Learning in cognitive domain is measured by ______

a. aptitude test    b. Performance test    c. Achievement test    d. Intelligence test

Identity two types of evaluation which correspond with measurement of
cognitive and psychomotor materials

a. Norms referenced and criterion referenced evaluation
b. Teacher referenced evaluation
c. Norms referenced evaluation only
d. Content referenced

The major categories of tests for assessment by teachers are ______

a. application and theory
b. home and assignment
c. thesis and dissertation
d. Objective and essay

Assessment can be defined as the following except ______

a. Placing value on something
b. Judging the extent of one’s knowledge
c. The Process of obtaining information about ones abilities
d. Getting and interpreting information about a person’s knowledge

The purpose of assessment in school is _____

a. To diagnose learners problem and improve the quality of their learning
b. To differentiate between fast and slow learners
c. To ascertain suitability for admission
d. To determine suitability for employment

The criterion referenced evaluation tests the _______

a. Psychomotor components the lesson
b. Cognitive components of the lesson
c. Theoretical components of the lesson
d. All of above

JAMB examination in Nigeria is an example of ______

a. Placement evaluation
b. Formative evaluation
c. Diagnostic evaluation
d. Summative evaluation

Which of the following tests type has more validity?

a. teacher made tests
b. student made tests
c. standardized test
d. principal made test

Placement evaluation is the type of ______

a. Evaluation done to determine suitability for employment
b. Evaluation done to determine suitability for promotion
c. Evaluation done to determine what stream a student should be
categorized into
d. Evaluation done to determine level of work

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