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The Blooms taxonomy of learning objectives intends to produce _______

a. All rounded, educated and functional individual
b. Excellent and functional individuals
c. Individuals who will lead modern society in sports
d. knowledgeable technocrats

The daily routine contents of a school can be classified into the following except _____

a. Physical activities    b. Mental activities    c. Moral activities   d. Group activities

The relevance of the scheme of work to a teacher is ______

a. It reminds the teacher what to teach
b. It ensures that the syllabus is properly covered
c. It relates to lesson plan
d. It ensures that the curriculum is covered

The lesson plan format must comprise of the following except ______

a. School — date
b. Subject—topic
c. Class number .
d. Teacher period

The horizontal sub-themes of curriculum organization refers to ______

a. The division of the curriculum into grades, levels or classes
b. The division of curriculum into subjects
c. The division of curriculum into levels of school
d. The division of curriculum into content areas

What subject areas are teachers required to cover?

a. Theoretical knowledge
b. Practical skills
c. Theoretical and practical materials
d. Examination materials

What is the teacher’s duty in respect of the curriculum?

a. To assess its relevance   b. To implement it    c. To review it   d. To change it

The scheme of work is designed by _______

a. The class teacher       b. The head teacher      c. The curriculum      d. The syllabus

The scheme of work describes the syllabus broken down to subject topics on the basis of the following except ______

a. A term     b. A month    c. A week    d. A year

The following is not amongst the reason the school administrator should listen to the complaints and suggestions of a class teacher?

a. The class teachers’ efforts determine the Success or failure of the curriculum
b. The class teacher’s complaints could be an input into school curriculum review
c. Some complaints are mere agitations
d. Such complaints could form part of curriculum

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