TRCN PQE 012 – Curriculum Studies – FREE Practice Test

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The traditionalist view curriculum as _______

a. Organized knowledge that learners must learn
b. Innate knowledge learners should be guided to bring out
c. Societal expectations to acquire
d. Societal needs to learn

The vertical sub-themes of curriculum refers to _______

a. The division of the curriculum into grades, levels or classes
b. The division of curriculum into subjects
c. The division of of curriculum into levels of school
d. The division of curriculum into content areas

The points of implementation of the curriculum include the following except _____

a. Use of syllabus, subjects and scheme of work
b. Physical demonstrations
c. Completion of topics expected per term or semester
d. Setting examination papers

Lesson plan can be referred to as ______

a. Lesson guide    b. lesson topic   c. Lesson note   d. Lesson jotter

Which of these are curriculum sub-themes?

a. Vertical subthemes
b. Horizontal subthemes
c. Diagonal subthemes
d. Vertical and horizontal subthemes

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