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At the centre of all elements of curriculum and all efforts in school environment is _____

a. teaching   b. learning   c. examination   d. professionalism

The curriculum is designed primarily for _______

a. Society to achieve its objectives
b. Learning experience in school
c. Teachers to experience
d. Attaining school’s programme

Which of these is not among the guiding philosophical goals of National Policy on education?

a. To inculcate national consciousness and unity
b. To inculcate right attitudes and values for survival
c. To imbibe religious ethics
d. Training of the mind to understand the world

What is the determining factor in quantity of time allocated to teach each subject?

a. Teacher’s interest   b. Equality and fairness   c. School’s interest   d. Student’s interest

The importance of a lesson plan to a teacher excludes which of the following?

a. it helps save time
b. it helps the teacher know what to deliver
c. it helps the teacher acquire necessary resources
d. its acts as a note to the class

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