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Learners can identify indoctrination when ____

a. knowledge is presented with intention to prevent learners from asking questions or considering alternatives
b. knowledge Is not practical
c. knowledge is not from teachers
d. knowledge is moral instructions

Select which of these is a correct goal of teaching and training

a. teaching is long term
b. training is long term
c. teaching Is short term
d. both have long term goals

Why is play the teaching method in early childhood education?

a. Play is a child’s natural inclination
b. Play is a part of learning
c. Play is adventurous
d. Play and exercise keeps the child healthy

In leaner friendly schools, which of the following relationship pattern exist in class?

a. There is a master-servant relationship In teaching and learning
b. There is a measure of equality in expression of views
c. The teacher should not challenge the students’ views and vice versa
d. Learners views are paramount

The preferred population of children in class for early childhood education is _____

a. 20    b. 40    c. 50    d. 60

A teacher’s lesson plan will fail especially at what stage if not properly handled?

a. Preparation stage
b. Implementation stage
c. Introduction stage
d. Examinations state

Early theories of learning present the child as _____

a. filled with knowledge    b. Blank slate    c. empty    d. unlearnable

Which of these is not an attribute of a good teacher?

a. Neat personal appearance
b. Comportment
c. Commitment to teaching
d. Over zealous to teaching

Sesame street refers to……………

a. American television programme for early childhood education
b. A name of a street
c. A community of sesame trees
d. A Nigeria television programme

Which of the following is not a limitation of the lecture method?

a. The lecture method involves a one way communication
b. Information received from lecture fades away rapidly if not rehearsed
c. Students perception of what is said, from their lecture notes is often inaccurate
d. It gives a large body of information in a short time.

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